Saturday, February 2, 2008

No, it's not the Hunter S. Thompson quote.

Live from the bar at an undisclosed location... Your humble
correspondent explains the whole argument so we only have to do it

Yes, the blog title looks like the HST quote but we changed a word so
that we would not be shamelessly ripping off the Father of Gonzo
Journalism. (And, we were not sure about the whole fair use doctrine
thing and we don't have enough money to hire a lawyer.)

Yes, I did rip off my screenname. But, that was in college before I
got a job and actually had to pay taxes. Ask rudgeinindy about the
dumb stuff we did in college (back before you actually got in trouble
with law enforcement). I am not alone.

So, the crux of the biskit is: (a) get over it, (b) shut up, and (c)
drink your beer.

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