Thursday, February 28, 2008

Independent Confirmation: "the ol' Gonzo ain't so crazy after all"

See, I told you so. Your humble dumpster diver is not the only one who thinks a certain congressional campaign is in the tank. I'll even go a step further and tell you that if you read the entire print article from Saturday's GR, you'll see that they even took this quote out of context.

(More on that later in my hard-hitting post assessing the whole of this issue in some detail.)

One of the much more serious bloogers out there, Scott Fluhr at the Hoosier Pundit blog, posted the following:

I Feel Sorry for Dr. John McGoff

Straight from the horse's mouth: John being taken "seriously" by Burton

From the
Greenfield Daily Reporter:U.S. Rep. Dan Burton reached out to Greenfield residents this week as he campaigned here to influence voters before the May primary election.One of the reasons for the congressman’s attention is to parry a challenge from GOP rival John McGoff, who is first serious primary challenger of Burton’s 13 congressional elections.“John is forcing us to work a little harder,” said Rick Wilson, Burton’s deputy chief of staff who has worked for the congressman for 15 years. “We’re obviously taking it seriously.”

When you have to cite the words of your opponent's staffers in order to try to be taken seriously, your campaign might (maybe, just maybe) have a problem. (Emphasis added)

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Special Thanks to The Hoosier Pundit

H/T Scott Fluhr.

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