Thursday, February 7, 2008

McCain's Problem

I only have a few minutest to post, but I thought I would discuss the events of today (in an abbreviated fashion).

VP Dick Cheney spoke this morning at 11AM. Best line: "The fact that there has not been another 9-11 is not an accident. It's an accomplishment."

Mitt Romney was accepted enthusiastically. After multiple standing ovations, he announced he was withdrawing from the Presidential race. The crowd loudly booed the decision.

McCain was not accepted in the same way. Despite introductions from two conservative heroes, Sen. George Allen and Sen. Tom Coburn, John McCain came to the podium to a mixture of applause and boos. He didn't get any kind of universal standing ovation at any point. However, he seems to have scored points by admitting that he wasn't always in agreement with Conservatives.

About 35% or so of my section never stood or clapped for McCain. One of the ladies held a Romney sign. She was told that if she did it again she would be asked to leave.

Reviews afterwards seem to be fairly positive. But it's clear that McCain has work to do to get the universal support of his party.

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