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Gonzo Defenestrater tells all!

As Promised: Hard-Hitting, Shocking Expose Sheds Light on Real Story in CD Race That Wasn't!


In the interest of full-disclosure, I almost never write about anything that can even remotely be considered "serious journalism". Well, that's about to change, fellow truth-seekers!

This is the story of a certain nameless campaign has painfully tortured and deliberately distorted "truth" in a struggling and desperate attempt to be - what's the word - maybe, relevant? Truthfully, I don't know what they're attempting to be.

Since we have a hard and fast rule here about not making cheap personal attacks on individuals - except occasionally at each other - attacking the stupidity, nope, that's cheap, the ineptitude of this certain nameless campaign doesn't seem to violate that rule. So here we go ... fasten your seat belts, hipsters!

(Warning: Mothers, you may want to send the children outside to play or turn the computer around so they can't see.)

The whole thing starts with a reasonable and well-written article on Saturday (Feb 23, 08) by the Greenfield Reporter's Erin Meyer (although I have a couple of small disagreements with the story). The issue is that this certain nameless campaign takes three or four paragraphs out of the rather lengthy article, blogs it, takes a comment wildly out of context, and then links to a partial or "teaser" print of the article on the GR website. (For and excellent commentary on this piece of the pie, see Scott Fluhr's post on Hoosier Pundit entitled "I Feel Sorry for Dr. John McGoff")

Of course, that's to be expected. It's what nameless campaigns do. Especially when they don't have any real issues to talk about and nobody's paying any attention.

They also know that most people will not take the time and effort to get a copy of the paper and actually read the whole story. If they did, they'd find this quote, on page 8A, that puts the comment quoted on their blog into some context: "The reality of John's campaign doesn't measure up to his rhetoric," Wilson said in response to McGoff's jabs. "This is all he can do." Wilson's right. These are desperate folks. (Fear not, I am not afraid to include the whole article verbatim at the end of this post so you can read it for yourself.)

My point is that this particular nameless campaign can't run on issues, can't articulate a conservative vision for the district, is running out of money, and their real problem isn't being just stunningly naive or mind numbingly stupid (whoops, there I go again, I mean inept), it's that they're deliberate, methodical, and untruthful in trying to smear the Congressman, and distort his record, in the desperate hope that they can get somebody - anybody - to listen to them. This is like your three-year-old daughter throwing a tantrum to get some attention when she can't get her way. This campaign is now so far down in the polls that it's been written off by every serious political insider, and what's worse, by primary voters. The campaign is on no one's radar. (They held a fundraiser a few days ago and three people showed up? Give me a break.)

Stay tuned for more hard-hitting facts and in-depth insider coverage in the coming days - you'll be able to say "you heard it here, first" - and I shall be vindicated in my sincere belief that this nameless campaign doesn't want to be something, it just wants to get elected to something.

Tragic, isn't it, that the resources (from both camps) which could have been directed toward real races - oh like, the Special in CD7, or winning back the Majority at 200 West Washington Street are being squandered on this yawner?

(see another hard-hitting piece on the HRCC Conference Call for just how close they are at:

This is important stuff. If you don't believe me, ask some of the County Party Chairs and down-ballot candidates. To her credit, Ms. Meyer's also notes this in the article (see the last paragraph).

So, there you have it. To paraphrase Paul Harvey, you have now "the rest of the story" and you can decide.

Note to you, Gentle Reader:

Coming soon I am going to start posting a Truth-o-Meter. I am going to post a lie or distortion of the record, the truth, the facts that support the truth, the evidence to support the facts, and I will not be using speculation and assumption. I will have documentation. Stay tuned, 'cause "I'm mad as hell and I ain't gonna take it anymore."


Entire Article from the Greenfield Reporter:

Another note to you, Gentle Reader:

While I disagree with Ms. Meyer that this is a serious campaign, this is a very reasonable article. I did want to point out two things she didn't get quite right. The CQ MONTH Report she cites was from last year and is a little dated, but that's no biggie. Of more import, she seems to infer that the nameless campaign rasised $246,000 in the 4th quarter. In fact, they raised $56,383 (and spent $52,280 of that! Net Gain: about $4K.) The 246 number she uses is for the whole cycle, the majority of which came in the first quarter. They had less than $86K cash on hand on Dec 31 according to the report they filed with the FEC. -GD.

Burton has 5th District seat; McGoff wants it

Erin Meyer
Staff Writer

U.S. Rep. Dan Burton reached out to Greenfield residents this week as he campaigned here to influence voters before the May primary election. One of the reasons for the congressman’s attention is to parry a challenge from GOP rival John McGoff, who is first serious primary challenger of Burton’s 13 congressional elections. “John is forcing us to work a little harder,” said Rick Wilson, Burton’s deputy chief of staff who has worked for the congressman for 15 years. “We’re obviously taking it seriously.”

Burton lunched Wednesday at the Bread Ladies in downtown Greenfield and dined at Jim Dandy’s Family Restaurant Thursday evening. “Most astute politicians will observe that the voters are really paying attention this year”. Hancock County Republican Chairman John Willey said. “It creates a scenario that we haven’s seen in a long time.” Being a bastion for the GOP, the only race that likely matters in the 5th District is the primary. But Burton has had few worthy Republican foes in the last decade. The last was C.L. “Jim” Alfred, who lost in 2006 with 2,023 votes to Burton’s 16,284.

This year, a landslide victory might not be as likely. Friday was the deadline for political hopefuls to file to run in the May 6 primary election, but McGoff has been trying to woo voters in 5th District for the last year. Since announcing his candidacy, the former Marion County coroner has made headlines by calling on Burton to answer for missed votes, government spending and what he characterized as a lack of action on immigration. McGoff’s campaign is not unique in that political challengers often gain momentum by attacking the incumbent officeholder. But McGoff said it wasn’t opportunism that drove him to run. “To be honest with you, it’s fortuitous,” McGoff said. “But in February of last year when I decided to run, the anti-incumbent fervor wasn’t there.” Still, he admits that it doesn’t hurt. “Can I ride a wave of people who are upset with Congress? I hope so,” McGoff said.

The reality of John’s campaign doesn’t measure up to his rhetoric.” Wilson said in response to McGoff’s political jabs. “This is all he can do.”

While both candidates work to secure a spot on the November ballot, the Democrats historically haven’t been a serious threat. Burton, for example, won re-election by hefty margins in the last three election cycles against Democrat challenger Katherine Fox Carr. With a hefty 65 percent of the vote, Burton triumphed in 2006 with his smallest margin in more that 10 years. The Democrats have three candidates vying for the party’s spot for the 5th District race in November. They are Chester Kelsey, Mary Etta Ruley and Kenny Stall.

Burton concedes that mounting concern among voters about gas prices, the softening U.S. economy and the war in Iraq have put some incumbents on the hot seat. “There’s so much focus on the problems right now that some people are saying we should just get rid of (current office holders),” he said between handshakes at Jim Dandy’s in Greenfield Thursday night. “I’m glad people are paying attention. The bad ones should be held accountable.” Burton said he will not allow McGoff to draw him into a fight. “What I have always done and what I intend to do in the future is focus on the issues,” Burton said, challenging voters to judge him on his record. His platform calls for pro-life legislation, protection of the Second Amendment and Americans’ right to bear arms, as well as tighter boarder controls to stem illegal immigration. These issues resonated with the Hancock County residents who came out to meet the congressman Thursday. “I like what I’m hearing,” Greenfield resident Charles Hull said. “I want to see more of it.” With 11 counties in the 5th District, Burton and McGoff’s campaigns have a lot of ground to cover.

To help give his on-the-ground campaign a boost, Burton hired a consultant company for the first time. “Our focus is grassroots campaigning,” said Matthew Stutzman of Maverick Strategies, while checking on the congressman’s next engagement Wednesday. “What our clients are looking for is the biggest bang for their buck.”

With 26 years to build relationships with campaign contributors, Burton has a solid funding base. Since 1989, he has collected almost $7 million in donations from individual donors, special interest groups and other contributors, according to the Web site According to his most recent campaign finance disclosures, Burton raised more that $852,116 to fund his campaign in 2008. On that front, too, McGoff is making more waves that Burton’s past rivals. According to a MONTH report in Congressional Quarterly, McGoff is one of the best-funded candidates challenging an incumbent in the primary this year. Finance disclosures from the last quarter of 2007 indicate that McGoff has collected more that $246,000. “What all this is telling me is it’s time for (Burton) to go,” McGoff said. If McGoff had not filed to run, Burton’s fellow conservatives might be benefiting. Since 2000, Burton and his committee have donated roughly $535,000 to Republicans running in more competitive gubernatorial, state and local races. “I’m spending so much time and money on my campaign, I won’t be able to do that this year,” he said.

Saturday, February 23, 2008
(c) Greenfield Reporter

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Why Republicans Matter

Given the current enivronment, I thought that this letter from Leader Boehner might be interesting to some of our readers. There are still those ready to fight the "Good Fight." Despite the odds, we can still win. Whether in local races. the CD7 Special, or the POTUS race, we can recommit to GOP principles and win. (I know this letter was written to support Congressman Burton, but the principles Leader Boehner lays out are transferable ... and action-oriented Republicans can take back our party!)

An Open Letter By Republican Leader John Boehner

This summer I had the chance to hit the road, traveling from state to state in support of fellow Republicans and friends like Dan Burton. While in Indianapolis we had a good conversation about the four things Republicans need to do to earn back the majority in Congress.

Note that I said “earn” back the majority. Dan has been a key ally in this effort and for good reason: he’s committed to our core principles of freedom and security. A proud veteran of the United States Army and Army Reserves, he knows the importance of a robust national defense – and how important defeating al Qaeda is to our safety and security. And he’s avid about fiscal discipline and making the tax cuts permanent.

The first step in earning back the majority is recommitting to those principles embodied by Dan Burton. This year I can say we’ve done just that. We’ve beaten back attempts to choke off funding for our troops. We exposed plans to keep billions of dollars in spending off the books in secret slush funds. And at every opportunity we’ve offered common sense alternatives like new health care options for small businesses, a plan to balance the budget without raising taxes, and our anti-crime agenda.

Second, we need to embark on a nationwide effort to develop new Republican solutions, rooted in our principles, to the problems facing Americans. The best ideas come from the experiences of everyday Americans. We need to identify and develop these solutions, and craft a strategy for acting on them.

Third, we need to keep holding the Democrats accountable. We’ve forced Democrats to take a lot of tough votes – for them. We voted to expand and improve American missile defense systems; keep decisions about school curricula on the local level; and protect John Does who report suspicious activity at airports. We’ll need to take these victories and hold Democrats to account on the campaign trail.

Finally, we need to show we can change the tone in politics. There’s a healthy appetite for change around the country, and the bitter divisiveness in Washington is one of the causes. We can’t – we won’t – just talk about what we’re against. All of us need to tell our friends, neighbors, and other voters what it is Republicans stand for."

Ultimately, we’re for reform.

We have a long way to go. But if successful we can accomplish a lot, and can deliver a government that is limited, accountable, and responsive to the needs of the American people.

We’re for freedom and security, whether it is in healthcare, retirement, education, or energy policy. We’re for growing the economy, lowering taxes, and a ensuring a smaller, more accountable government.

Sometimes, we just have to "Ranger Up" and fight. Now is that time.

H/T to Whitaker Askew.

Yes, Indianpolis, Washington Can Find a Way to Screw Up even the Best Ideas

Leave it to our pal, Sir Hailstone, to point out the obvious. So obvious that when I first read his post I thought he was kidding.

(See the entire post here:

Citing local cage liner, The Indianapolis Star, who (as usual) cited a Press Release from IndyGo's website (do they do any original reporting there anymore?), The Digital Farmer blog reports that the ever popular Park and Ride Shuttle Service between off-site parking and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway will be discontinued in 2008.

Why? Because your friends here in Washington at the FTA... said so.

Yes, Sir Hailstone, there is truth in Clare Boothe Luce's immortal quip that "no good deed goes unpunished" and certainly no public service for events with such tremendous economic impact on the local community should be allowed to get in the way of a federal bureaucracy! Nothing like supporting the local economy out there in "fly-over" country, eh fellas. (Especially with gas expected to be at $4/gal. Good move there FTA, let's really encourage the use of public transit.)

Kudos to the Digital Farmer. But this is symptomatic of a bigger problem.

This supposes that the "brain trust in DC" knows best what works in Indianapolis. Why the FTA couldn't possibly be wrong and not do something good with the tax-payer's buck? It must be a cataclysmic breech of the public trust to offer a service that actually accomplishes something at, as an example, the largest single-day sporting event in the WORLD? Nay! Perish the thought! That would mean that government actually works in the best interest of the people they're supposed to serve and we couldn't have that.

Note to lawmakers: Ummm, think this one is worth a call to the FTA for a do-over? How 'bout we get together and give Gil a hand here? Maybe you'll get lucky and FTA will throw you a bone. (In fact, if you invite the FTA brass to the race, I bet you can get it done by the end of next week. Just a thought, but somebody might want to give Tony a call. Being the generous corporate citizen he is, I bet he'd pop for a few tickets to the Hulman Suite.)

Independent Confirmation: "the ol' Gonzo ain't so crazy after all"

See, I told you so. Your humble dumpster diver is not the only one who thinks a certain congressional campaign is in the tank. I'll even go a step further and tell you that if you read the entire print article from Saturday's GR, you'll see that they even took this quote out of context.

(More on that later in my hard-hitting post assessing the whole of this issue in some detail.)

One of the much more serious bloogers out there, Scott Fluhr at the Hoosier Pundit blog, posted the following:

I Feel Sorry for Dr. John McGoff

Straight from the horse's mouth: John being taken "seriously" by Burton

From the
Greenfield Daily Reporter:U.S. Rep. Dan Burton reached out to Greenfield residents this week as he campaigned here to influence voters before the May primary election.One of the reasons for the congressman’s attention is to parry a challenge from GOP rival John McGoff, who is first serious primary challenger of Burton’s 13 congressional elections.“John is forcing us to work a little harder,” said Rick Wilson, Burton’s deputy chief of staff who has worked for the congressman for 15 years. “We’re obviously taking it seriously.”

When you have to cite the words of your opponent's staffers in order to try to be taken seriously, your campaign might (maybe, just maybe) have a problem. (Emphasis added)

Posted by Scott at 7:26 AM Labels: , ,

Special Thanks to The Hoosier Pundit

H/T Scott Fluhr.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Republicans, get off your dead asses

I have now decided that Rep. John Boehner is the coolest Republican Leader we've had since Newt Gingrich. WP Blogger Central, shouldn't there be an award for this kind of blunt kick your butt honesty from an elected official?

House Minority Leader John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) challenged Republicans on Tuesday to get off their “dead asses” and start raising money for the National Republican Congressional Committee.

And the Republican leader wasn’t the only lawmaker berating his GOP colleagues to raise more money for the committee’s March 12 fundraising dinner: According to sources in the room, NRCC Chairman Tom Cole (R-Okla.) and Minority Whip Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) also used a closed-door session at the Capitol Hill Club on Tuesday to challenge Republicans to raise more campaign cash.

The normally upbeat Cole told Republicans that if they don’t start raising more money for the committee, they should get used to life in the minority. Blunt told his colleagues that Sen. John McCain’s spot atop the ballot should give Republicans the opening they need to regain their majority.

Charlie Wilson's War

Man, I should get sick more often. I have been flippin' around the blogs today and I keep running up on all this really cool stuff that really just gets me all worked up. Besides, when I get stuck in bed, I get way to serious about stuff. (Must be the drugs - it's hard to be me when I feel like I've been hit by a bus.)

Anyway, enough about my pathetic, miserable existence today.

I was looking around at some movie reviews (I get bored easily) and I stumbled on this from a piece by Michael Johns about "Charlie Wilson's War". It's a really long piece, but it is really well written and spelled out the Reagan Doctrine perfectly (Ronald Reagan was just a brilliant guy). Imagine my surprise when I read this:

Under this background, every vote on aid to UNITA, the contras, and other resistance movements was a huge political ordeal, with the vast majority of Congressional Democrats seeking to defeat the measures. Sometimes they won. But more often, because of extraordinary efforts made by Reagan to verbalize the importance of the policy, and the leadership of many Congressional Republicans who had the vision to fight for it, they lost.

While Wilson was one, many other Congressional names, most Republicans, deserve a rightful place as part of the Reagan army who fought for this critical support, including some who did so despite a lack of solid political support for it in their own districts: Congressmen Dan Burton (R-IN), Jim Courter (R-NJ), Newt Gingrich (R-GA), Duncan Hunter (R-CA), Jack Kemp (R-NY), Don Ritter (R-PA), E. Clay Shaw (R-FL), Chris Smith (R-NJ), Bob Walker (R-PA), Senators Steve Symms (R-ID), Don Nickles (R-OK), Malcolm Wallop (R-WY), and dozens of others. Sadly, history has not yet properly recorded the role of these brave elected U.S. leaders, many of whom sacrificed political popularity to fight these battles and who articulated the case for this important doctrine that ultimately ended the Soviet empire. (emphasis added)

Courage in the face of political adversity? "Brave elected leaders"? Now there's a couple really novel ideas.

Thankfully we still have a few in the midst of these spineless flacks for the MoveOn/Code Pink crowd. (The Nancy Pelosi crew just nauseates me.)

Some of these genuine leaders are still around to carry on the Reagan legacy. There's a few left to continue the fight, to lead the conservative movement. There are some like Mike Pence (R-IN) and Jeff Flake (R-AZ), among others, who are picking up that mantle and we are the better for it. The Conservative Movement lives.

If we can ever start acting like real GOPers again, we'll win. If we continue offing ourselves in these monumentally stupid circular firing squads ... (I can just hear the Gipper, "well, there you go again ...")

I have been thinking alot about the former President today, with the passing of my other conservative hero, William F. Buckley, Jr. (I am really gonna miss him, almost as much as I miss President Reagan). I know Ronnie was right. America's best days are still in front of her, if we are willing to work at it.

America is still the "shining city on a hill" and the last best hope for the free world.

We have these guys to thank for it.

See the whole story here:

Breaking News from The Hill

House leaders picking their primary favorites

Burton highlighted in The Hill today.

A Page One story in today's edition of The Hill talks about the scratch Leadership and Members are giving to their colleagues.

The Hill's Aaron Blake reports that "Reps. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.), Leonard Boswell (D-Iowa) and Dan Burton (R-Ind.) have banked tens of thousands from leaders and members."

Burton's campaign has the most support from the Leadership and other Members of any Member of Congress with a Primary Election challenge.

Insiders see this as a sign that Burton has both the support and confidence of his fellow Members, local politicos and elected officials. Minority Leader John Boehner headlined a very successful fundraiser for Burton in Indianapolis this summer. His campaign website lists numerous endorsements and testimonials from elected officials, party officials and constituents.

"In the end," said one house staffer, "this is just another sign that Burton is going to win this thing in a walk. The people that watch the polling and the fundraising numbers have all written this one off." he said, concluding "You never take anything for granted, but any serious read of this race will tell you it's solid Burton."

See the entire article here:

UPDATE: See coverage on Hoosier Access Here:

There Are Polls, and Then There Are Polls

News of Howey's latest poll regarding the 7th District race have shot across the blogosphere, an unstoppable force much like Ted Kennedy rushing towards an open bar.

To recap, Howey is showing Andre "I was a Muslim before I wasn't a Muslim" Carson with a seemingly insurmountable 18 point lead over our guy Jon. But being that we are (ahem) accomplished and experienced flacks here with "the right kind of experience" required to read these things, a couple of things jumped out at me:

First off, this poll only sampled 300 people. Hmmm... that's about as many people as attend my church on a Sunday, and I attend a very small church in a very small town.

Secondly, 28% of the respondents were Black, which if my memory serves, is a much higher percentage than there are Black voters in this district. I haven't looked at the Demos for this district for quite some time, but I think that's probably double the actual percentage of Black voters in this district 9assuming you don't include the voters who reside in Crown Hill Cemetery, of course).

Thirdly, the margin for error was a stunning 5.7%. Those of us who have seen a few polls in our day know that a three percent margin is ideal, four to four and a half acceptable. Frankly, a 5.7% margin makes this poll about as accurate as this particular statement by a certain former President: "I did not have..." Well, you remember the rest.

Listen, I have a great deal of respect for Brian Howey and have long been an avid reader of his. I am not trying to attack him or his methods in any way whatsoever.

But to put this kind of a poll out there as something that is definitive or accurate in any way does a gross injustice to Jon and his campaign, not to mention that it isn't even close to the numbers shown by the campaign's own internal polling. Frankly, Brian is better than this and his readers deserve better.
Hey, I'm not the only one in the Blogosphere that never learned how to win friends and influence people. Whilst perusing the sites of some of our co-conspirators I checked out this post from our pals at Circle City pundit.

Given that we pioneered the idea of "Fill-in-the-blank" Free Zones - we were the first News Alert Free Weblog - I was excited to see Brian make Circle City Pundit "A 2008 Andy Horning Free Zone" (even if he's undecided on 2009).

So, in an effort to show some solidarity and empathy with the CCP guys, I am declaring a "Horning Free Gonzo Posts Zone" and pledge the Gonzo Defenestrater posts will be 100% Andy Horning Free from here on out.

Power to the People!

On a sad note, our pals and fellow dumpster divers at Hoosier Access informed us that Conservative writer and thinker, William F. Buckley, Jr. has passed away. I remember reading God and Man at Yale as an undergraduate Political Science major. It formed my opinions early in my career and probably saved me from the clutches of a youthful embracing of liberalism.
Rest in Peace Mr. Buckley. Well done.

BULLETIN: Columnist William F. Buckley Jr. has died
Banner posted to and announced on G. Gordon Liddy’s radio show (XM-166) that columnist William F. Buckley Jr. has died at age 82.
From Hoosier Access, Feb 27, 2008.

There's a reason why some bloggers are taken more seriously than others. Here's an example why.

We usually don't repost the stuff our colleagues write for their blogs and elsewhere, but this time we will make an exception.

Some of us, well, all of us, make a mistake. In our line of work we generally make them in print. I just hope that the next time we screw up, this space will have the class that our friend Jacob Perry over at CCP blog has. His post is provided below. You can see the original post by clicking on the hyperlinked title. Congratulations buddy. You're a "Class Act" and we're proud to be associated with you.

The Misunderestimation of Jon Elrod

If anyone can provide me with the name of a good crystal ball repair person, I'd greatly appreciate it. It would appear that mine is not working very well.Want proof?How about my post stating that Greg Ballard wouldn't win? Of course, I wasn't exactly the only one who said it, but it sure looked foolish.I also stated (offline) that the D's would be smart enough to pick David Orentlicher. They, of course chose instead to ride the hoopty over the cliff with Andre "I'm not a Nation of Islam member" Carson.

This past weekend, I told a number of people that the Libertarian Party of Marion County would have enough sense to pick Tim Maguire (their best option in years) over Melyssa Donaghy to be their Candidate for the 7th District Special Election. It would appear I gave them way too much credit. They, of course proved why they are completely irrelevant by selecting local "activist" and "entrepreneur" Sean Shepard instead (you know, if I went around referring to myself as the King of England, would that make it so?). Good luck LPMC, you Detroit Lions of Indiana Politics.But my best prognostication of the past year has been my (and to be fair, Brian's) pieces regarding Jon Elrod, who as everyone knows by now, is the Republican candidate in the 7th District Special.

To recap:
I have a real problem with career candidates. They get elected to a position to use it as a stepping stone for another one (yeah, Andre Carson, I am addressing you as well...)"Because maybe next year, he'll want to run for the US Senate."
People don't want another career politician.
And you are definitely headed in that direction.

And my personal favorite:
If Henry announces, he'll be the first Republican candidate in the race who is old enough to shave.So, in other words, we were concerned with Jon's age, lack of experience, and seeming desire to run for every office this side of dogcatcher, not to mention the fact that the D's would eat this kid alive.


As I had the opportunity to tell Jon personally on Sunday evening, I severely underestimated him. By a mile. And I know from conversations and emails I've received, so have many of you.Folks, be assured that Jon is capable, not just of being a credible candidate, but of being our Congressman. This young man (definitely the first time I've worked with a candidate younger than me, that's an unusual experience) has a poise and presence that belies his age. He knows how to carry himself, and most definitely has the intestinal fortitude to handle himself in what will surely be a tough race. Just ask the party establishment he dissed during his speech Sunday evening.So Jon, as I told you Sunday night, I'm sorry. You are an impressive candidate who can win this thing, and I'm proud to have the opportunity to get to know you.

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Posted by Jacob Perry at 4:38 PM
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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Most Comments Posted to a WP Article in Blogs History

It's official. FTNC, with a huge assist from Kristen Luidhardt and Gonzo, takes the first WP "Big Weenie" Award for his hard-hitting post on earmarks which actually drew a series of back-and-forth comments from a Democrat Congressional Candidate from Arizona.

We were so impressed with this serious guy's willingness to engage Gonzo (of all people) that we have actually invited him to be a guest conspirator ... stay tuned to see if he accepted the our humble invitation.

Hey, coming on the heals of our last three exclusives, we're beginning to get an attitude. So far, your humble dumpster divers have scooped the open wheel racing crowd with our story on the new IRL/National Guard deal, the insider's scoop on the HRCC Victory '08 call, and the USG cave-in on the Vaccine lawsuit ... and who can forget our coverage of the MCRCC Slating Convention and the LTRC Judicial Forum?

All the more reason to stay tuned, huh kids? And we are the only Blog that is certified "news alert free!" What more could you ask for?

Coming next: Our exclusive insider dish on a certain congressional candidate who recently held a fundraiser at an establishment for wagering on games of chance and large animal contests ... to which, shockingly, (to paraphrase Claude Raines: "I'm shocked, shocked, I tell you, to discover there is gambling going on here!") nobody came! The juicy details are more than delicious!

And, this just in, an exclusive interview with an insider on the CD7 special ... breaking news you will not want to miss ...

What's a nice Republican girl to do?

It's no secret, I love Ron Paul. He is extremely intelligent, aware of the issues, and has strait forward solutions to some of our nations biggest problems. I also feel that he truly embodies the most basic Republican principles, those of low taxes and small government.
That being said, he hasn't a chance of being our next president. His delegate counts are in the double digits while all the other candidates are in triple digits, the national news stations don't give him any air time, let alone invite him to debates, and many think he's crazy. He's way too extreme to be elected, but I contend he has the best message.
So after the primary what am I supposed to do? I'm really not that fond of McCain and it looks like he's going to be our nominee. I sorta like Huckabee, but he's so far behind I don't really think he's going to come through. There's no way in hell I'm voting for Hilary. That leaves Obama on the Democrat side, who really doesn't have any experience but seems like able enough.
I'm presented with quite the predicament. The whole reason I have interest, and started to get involved in politics is because I am a firm believer in the Constitution and that our elected officials are in Washington to represent our best interests, yet I'm considering not voting. I'm really at a loss when it comes to the general election. I want to send someone to Washington that will lead our great nation in the right direction, but I'm not seeing anyone in this race whom I trust with that responsibility. I think I'm turning into one of those politically apathetic Americans. Quite a shame since I'm barely old enough to vote. All the more reason to become an anarchist I guess.

Being a County Party Chairman Sucks

No really I mean it, the job sucks. What is really funny it is completely bi-partisan in its suckage as I am sure many on the Democrat side would agree. I was the St. Joseph County GOP Chair from 2005 to 2007.

A long time ago in a blue hair's fuzzy memory there was time when County Chairman were mighty figures in local and state politics. It actually was not that long ago the job had some decent $ incentive thanks to the License Branches. That all ended with Gov Evan Bayh (another reason not to like him) in 1989. Gone where the days when a County Party Chair could hand out jobs and favors like candy.

Today we are left with a job that has limited stature, almost no perks and little or no funding. Worse still is the outright contempt that so many elected officials seem to hold their own party in. Most officials ignore their County Party completely and sometimes will actively undermine it. It is a sad state of affairs and only a few of us who have walked in those shoes know how tough it is.

In 2007 Allen Co. Indiana witnessed a tumultuous and strange Mayoral election where an upset winner in the GOP Primary was not embraced by the Party "establishment", some would argue for good reason. Regardless of personal feelings, personal hardship or even odds on who would win Chairman Steve Shine did his job. He was probably as surprised as most on who his party handed him for its GOP nominee but he did not ask for a do over or even to be excused...he did his job. His job as county chair was to back his party's nominee, no matter what the odds or circumstances because that is what the job means.

The job is a lot of things. Some of the things it is not are policy maker, outreach coordinator or band leader it is pure sausage grinder and leg breaker.

You are the coach which means you don't always get to pick your players but you have to take the field and do whatever it takes to win. Steve made tough decisions which cost him most if not all his political capital. You can argue all day if Steve made the right choices but you can not argue that Steve sucked it up and did his job. Kevin Leininger of the News Sentinel in Ft. Wayne has this to say.

I salute Steve Shine, Butch Morgan and every other County Chair out there for either party who labors for their cause. You are undervalued but do an important job.

Ralph Nader and the Brighter Side of Politics

I love Ralph Nader. Really, I do. I love America too.

Only in America can Ralph Nader still get a gig with Russert. Uncanny, really.

The guy has not had an original idea since 1963 and yet he manages to get on MTP with Russert Sunday last and announce that he's going to, once again, wait for it ... wait ... "Run for President of the United States! (Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!) But wait, there's more!

Naderites around the world unite! The old guy actually says he's running on clean water, safe food, and to break the corporate stranglehold on Washington. So, what else is new?

I can't help but quote Ralphie's own website, "It's all about the mood, Dude!" Who the hell is going to vote for that? I mean, does anybody seriously think that the water is not potable? Aside from a couple of anomolies in the food distribution system (that we're recalled at tremendous expense to the companies involved) we have the best, most plentiful, and largest selection of foodstuffs on the planet! Not to mention the whole Free Range and Whole Foods industry ... Granola munchers and Health Food devotees have everything from Trader Joe's to organic garden/farm markets to choose from.

As for the corporate stranglehold on Washington, what do you freakin' want? Code Pinkies running amok on K street? The friggin' "big business" crowd is fighting for self preservation. And let me just ask you, "When was the last time you got a job from a tree-hugging leftie protester, huh? Even Nader makes his scratch from extorting donations from the disillussioned and getting people to buy his books (which is the closest thing to legit entrepreneurism that he's ever done. Except for the early years as a practicing attorney back in Hartford).

But still, you just have to love this guy and admire his willingness to tic-off the Dems and be the butt of every cocktail party joke on the planet. The Dems still blame him for Gore's defeat in 2000 - notwithstanding the absolute loathing of the Left for Bush - even as they complain that Bush "stole the election".

So we are left with one candidate who is "ready to lead on day one" yet, knowing what we know, we are left wondering where; another candidate who is all about "change", which could mean anything from clean underwear to nuclear policy; and Ralph. Things are looking pretty good for McCain, huh?

Why we insist on picking the leader of the free world this way is the stuff of doctoral theses. That and the fact that it keeps a whole bunch of my fellow hacks and flacks employed ... which, come to think of it, isn't really such a bad thing. Back on the bus, y'all. It's Tuesday, must be Ohio.

So, join me in the quadrennial pursuit of sitting back, cranking up the blender, and watching these folks in the ceremonial cannibalism that is the POTUS election cycle. We may only have another week to enjoy it. Things are so dull with the GOPers that I almost forgot "My-Man-Mike" was still in the race. The Huckster has been thrown onto the ash heap of SNL, and a sad fate that was. I'm reminded of HST's lament: "How low do you have to stoop in this country to become president?"
Apparently, you have to stoop low enough to do NBC late night comedy shows and soil yourself in front of that small portion of Amrica that actually tunes in ... and the continuing debasement of the news cycle for the next 36 hours.

The Dems will likely have their contender by early morning hours of March 5. So it's up to you, Ralphie. We don't care about all those quirky little NFPs and all those mindnumbingly boring tomes of potifications. We just want you to get in there and make things interesting so we all have something to write about. You're a freak of nature, Ralphie, but we luv ya! Hang in there, baby.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Purple states grow deep grassroots

The benefits of being a targeted "battle ground" state are many.

Grassroots grow deep in Ohio - Jeanne Cummings - "As the White House organized churches and gun owners, Democrats were steeped in the tools and tactics of organization by party nominee John F. Kerry’s campaign and the independent organization America Coming Together, which was fueled by millions donated by wealthy liberals such as George Soros. The Kerry camp and ACT produced historic Democratic turnout but still not enough to best the Bush-Cheney reelection machine."

Your Tax Dollars At Work

This week’s egregious earmark:

$123,000 for the International Mother’s Day Shrine in Grafton, West Virginia.

Better than the Hippie Museum in Woodstock, New York but still?


According to the RSC the five-year cost of authorizations passed by the US House Representatives so far this year (and it's only February!):

(That's billion, with a "b", in new spending friends!)

Tax cuts are fine, but let's do something about the spending too. It's pretty simple, spend less money!

H/T - Rep Jeff Flake (AZ) and the RSC

Breaking News! from

Breaking News! Huffington Post reports USG conceded defeat in Autism Vaccine case.
Details to follow ... Stay tuned!

See the whole story here:

Insiders Tell All During Exclusive Conference Call

House GOPers Ready to Rumble across the State in '08

Several Bloggers from across the state joined in on an HRCC-led conference call this afternoon and your intrepid dumpster divers were there in force. Along with yours truly, our humble hack, Rich Wilson and both Kurt and Kristen Luidhardt were listening in.

Since all of the real bloggers on the call were interested in the serious stuff, like polling data and candidate profiles, head-to-heads and all the "nut-and-bolt" 411 , we mostly just sat quietly with the mute button on and listened in ( largely due to the racket that our blender makes spinning up a fresh batch of Margaritas! )

WPer Wilson did ask one interesting question of HRCC's Mike Gentry about the climate statewide and his thoughts on their opportunity to take back the majority down on West Washington Street. Not suprisingly, they feel pretty good about where they're starting from.

In reality, Gentry has a point. If you count the seat being vacated by Jon Elrod, who is running for Congress in CD 7, the HRCC is starting out at 48 seats. The GOPers are defending fewer seats than the Dems who have three open in what HRCC's Gentry terms "Republican districts" and, he said, fundraising "never skipped a beat". Traditionally, the GOPers have a better go of it in POTUS years and, considering the Dem Tsunami of '06, the Dems are playing defense all over the place this cycle.

"What's the number?" we asked. "... there's a distict possibility of 52 ... on a good day 54," said Gentry. WP also thinks that much will be depending on POTUS turnout ( and, perhaps, the Gov's popularity? A strong showing by the GOP POTUS candidate and a big win by the Mitch-ster could prove beneficial for the good guys and return Rep. Bosma to the Speaker's Chair in January '09 ). Still, at least one of us wonders what the dynamic is if a certain Jr. Senator is on the ticket? There's also the Property Tax problem that's still hanging around out there with no real solution in sight ( ... and if nothing gets done, who gets the blame? the "Gov" or the "Rug"? ) Hoosiers are going to take out their ire on somebody ... maybe the incumbant, regardless of party ... and the GOPers in both Chambers need to work with the Gov to get a real solution. WP believes that (to paraphrase Thomas Paine) they'll either all hang together, or, most assuredly, they'll all hang seperately.

There's a long way to go but you have to give the HRCC guys credit. Getting the blogosphere in and letting them have the inside skinny this far out is encouraging. Spin it however you will, but we thought it was a pretty straight forward and honest assessment of what they're thinking and where they see the opportunities.

So there you have it. No dish. No juicy little tidbits. Still, it was an interesting call and we were happy to be included. Hopefully, this isn't a sign that we have gained some kind of "legit status" with the these guys!

More later on the really good stuff we've been working on over the weekend. Look for our exclusive and hard-hitting inside story on a certain candidate fundraiser at an establishment known for wagering on games of chance and large-animal contests ... What if you threw a fundraiser and nobody came? The inside dish, later on these pages. Don't miss it!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

NADER: "I'm running for President ... and nobody really gives a $h*t"

Dateline CNN: Ralph Nader is entering the presidential race as an independent, he announced Sunday, saying it is time for a "Jeffersonian revolution."

You just got to have the most painful and sustained gut-wretching belly laugh over this one friends. Ralph, the "I-never-met-a-corporation-that-I-didn't-like-and-wouldn't-try-to-screw-perennial-candiate", Nader announces today (where else but on Russert) that he is going to run for POTUS, once again, and do everything he can to bring "about stricter protection for food and water and fighting corporate control over Washington."
What the hell, it's only Leader of th Free World. Why not?

Wondering What Other People Do?

Jeez, I need a drink.

I just filled out the little thing that my accountant sends me every year before we sit down and he delivers the good news about how much I have to bend over for the various units of goverment for the priv ... er, no, ... the ability to be a productive and contributing member of society.

Does it bother anybody else that unless you make Warren Buffet-type money that you get hosed every April? I mean, c'mon, unless you get the whole itemized decutibility thing going for you ... you just pay through the nose. I used to think that making the kind of money that I make would put you firmly into the middle-class. Now I know why my Dad always got really irrate around this time of year. These Rat-Bastards are taking a third of my hard-earned money! This has been going on for far too long. I thought that last year (and the year before that) were just anomolies. After all, we were newly minted empty-nesters and I just assumed that we were getting clipped until we could figure out how to protect the nestegg. No such luck.

Between property taxes - income taxes - and all the other taxes - we are just getting bent over like a Bourbon Street whore on a convention-laden Saturday night (now there's a visual that describes reality, huh?) by a government that insults drunken sailors the way it spends our money. At least our roiled sailors are spending their own hard-earned cash at Madame Liu's Kimshi Cafe (trust me, it's not the only thing fermenting there).

I am actually thinking about buying a pitchfork (the symbolism excites me, don't ya know) and perhaps a large-caliber automatic weapon (is that deductible?) and leading a revolt! We (collectively, and mostly the politician-types) can't seem to find enough ways to give a freebie to every bloody nerple on the planet, but for cryin' out loud what about those of us who are trying to take care o'business without a handout? Can somebody throw us a bone here?

Given that the majority of the conspirators here on the ol'blogsite are polictical hacks, can I get ya to pitch some reality to the powers-that-be?

In the meantime, I will simply rent a movie and get hammered. At least I'll feel miserable tomorrow because of something I did to myself as opposed to being bent over (without the courtesy of a reach-around) by the government that is supposed to work for us.

Remember November!

International Disturbed People Day: A Genuine Time to Reflect

Today is International Disturbed People's Day.

Please join me in sending an encouraging message to all your disturbed friends. I feel like it's important to let these folks know that they are not forgotten. So, to all my dumpster-diving friends, colleagues and you other "special people"...

"I don't care if you lick windows, pick your nose, take the special bus or occasionally wet yourself ... You hang in there sunshine, because you're friggin' special. And don't you forget it."

Friday, February 22, 2008

Latest WP Poll Results: Dems Go Deep (So what else is new?)

The latest WP online poll results are in and it appears that our merry band of dumpster divers are all but convinced that the Dems will somehow find a way to take this thing all the way to the Convention ... by a 55/44% margin the WP poll respondents picked all the way to June.

Check out our new poll question ... Should Will Smith play the lead in "From Heartache to Hope: The Barak Obama Story?

And remember, vote early - vote often.

Can Hillary scream it any louder?

It's just a guess, but is Hillary trying to raise money right now? I have a hard time concentrating with the three large, red Contribute buttons screaming at me...

CHECK THIS: McCain, Iseman ... seperated at birth? You Decide.

Check this out from our friends at the Politico! This has just got to be our next poll question!

We gotta get this chick to be a co-conspirator ... Chris, can you give her a call!!!

Absentee vs. early voting trend in 2006

Many Eyes: Absentee/Early voting by day in St. Joseph County Indiana, 2007: ""

This is, obviously, only one county but I would imagine other counties would have a similar trend line.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

When an Elrod sign doesn't see its shadow, there's only 19 days of winter left.

Mike Huckabee's signs may survive tornados, but Jon Elrod's take a winter beating better than Tim Boyle in a Columbia parka. I just got an email forwarded to me that interested voters can pick their own salt and snow resistent signs up at 120 E. Vermont Street, logging on to, or calling 444-1902.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Big "O" ... Sixty Seconds of Exquiste Agony.

I am really disappointed.

While I am not ready to concede that the Clinton's are completely out of this thing yet, I am feeling a bit distressed that the Hil-ster is falling like the Dow Jones just when I really need the money.

Let's face it, the Clintonista's are never better than when their collective backs are up against the wall (and they have a figurative large-caliber firearm to the head ... or, in the case of Vince Foster, a literal gun to the head) ... but this ain't lookin' so good for the home team, ya know?

After the embarrassing thumpin' Obamamama laid on last night, the "O-10" Hil-ster is not looking like most other women who experience the "Big 'O' - O - O - OMG" on a Tuesday night. (Not that I have any direct experience with that whole thing, but I have heard about it.) Still, one cannot but hope that we'll have Bil-n-Hil to kick around for another 10 months.

I could not help but have a nagging feeling of inadequacy while watching Olberman and Matthews flack for two hours while we all waited for the polls to close in Wisconsin, and then, with just 1% of the vote in, literally, "gone in sixty-seconds" was any hope ... After all that foreplay - oops.

After which, we get a whopping five minutes of Hil's duck-n-dodge from OH1O, and they cut to BHO blabbering on for 45 minutes to some guy named "Huston", who clearly did not even have the courtesy to show up at the damn speech.

I am just feeling so used. You don't care about my feelings ... you're just using me for your own sick, twisted, personal gratification! OMG, it's like living the Britney Spears nightmare all over again!

You B@$t*#D!!!

Oh well, it's cocktail time. Things will be better in the morning.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Pros extol the virtues of the blogosphere and other minutae ...

Some random thoughts ...

Like anybody really cares what the delegate count was/is/might/could be if the Clintonista's and the Obama-mama-mia camps start ripping off each others delegates to get the nomination. I mean really, does anybody really think that Hil will really "be ready on day one" for anything?

Somebody sent me a joke the other day that really cracked me up ... something to the effect that Hil had told the Press that Bill would not be having extramarital affairs if she was elected POTUS ... followed by a Fox News Alert: Bill Clinton Endorses Obama!

Obama-mama-mia hasn't had an original idea yet. Even the friendly bloggers can't find anything worth writing about other that the fluff and fill that his campaign press shop spews out. Give me a break.

Does Obama seem to have a "southern accent" some of the time? I don't know anybody from Chicago that talks like that.

Is Billary, er, rather, Hillary beginning to look especially rough around the edges or is it just the harsh lighting from those TV kleig lights?

Yes We Can, Yes We Can, Yes We Can ... is anybody as sick of this chant as I am? C'mon, what the heck does that mean? How about something new and creative ... Pass That Spliff, Pass That Spliff ... did I spell Spliff right?

How does Obama-mama define "rousing speeches" ... because this one is a yawner.

Vodka or Gin Martinis? Inquiring Mind wants to know ...

Does anyone else think that Cindy McCain is on Valium? Or, perhaps its just a Botox OD ... can't really tell. Come to think of it, does anybody else think that John McCain is on Valium ...

What the heck is the "fierce urgency of now"? Is that like the "immediate necessity of the present"? Jeez, this Obama speech is beginning to look like a Universalist Unitarian Amway Convention. I think there might actually be someone going into a trance ... See the dude over Obama-mama's right shoulder in the gray suit? He's either in a trance or stoned out of his mind (or both). And who is this "Houston" person Obama keeps mentioning?

Oh, puhlleeezzzzzeeeee! Enough with the Houston thing already! I can't take it anymore. I'm going to bed.

Obama GOTV in SC

Gene Koo: Anatomy Of An Election Day GOTV Operation: A Basic Primer - Off The Bus on The Huffington Post

Great breakout of Obama's GOTV operation in SC.

Below is a snapshot of the Obama for South Carolina field operations:
Statewide HQ (both field and political staff)
7 Regions (staff: 7 Field Organizers, 7 Desks)
26 GOTV Regions (staff: 38 Organizers)
161 Staging Locations (volunteers: ~161 Staging Location Directors)
1610 Polling Sites (volunteers: ~500 Runners, ~450 Poll Watchers, ~650 Canvassing Teams)

Monday, February 18, 2008

If You're Going to Rip Off Somebody, Rip Off Something Good

Yep, this is making national news. Eventually, Obama is going to be seen as the empty suit that he is. He has to be!

(H/T to Scott at Hoosier Access)

(The Rippee - Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick in '06)

(The Ripper - Barack Obama just last week)

Update - The Drudge Report is reporting Obama's team is now saying that "...Patrick and Obama are friends who share thoughts on ideas and language." Sharing thoughts on ideas and language my a.....

Marion County GOPers Set the Slate for '08

For those of you who missed the marathon slating convention over in wonderful Wayne Township on Saturday ... and the gracious provision of Starbucks, Cappucinos, and bottled water provided by our candidates ... we thought you would like a quick recap of the festivites (and some of the good stuff the MSM failed to report) as noted by our intrepid dumpster divers and political insiders.

As is our wont, we were trolling the room looking for the real story.

The Award for Best Shirt Design ... (the envelope please) ... And the winner is, Tim Oakes. The Rugby Shirts were a light forest green, of high quality and had an elegant embroidered logo on the left breast. Quite stylish. We observed several notable GOPers sporting this fashion keeper. But, not to be outdone amongst the other candidates, Oakes was passing out some pretty impressive tee-shirts as well. Nobody's going out handcuffed by the fashion police in these stunners!

New Campaign Color for the spring season ... appears to be Yellow! Although the candidates sporting the "forget-me-not" hue were, well, shall we say, not successful in their efforts. Both Holly Davis and Mary Ann Oldham were not selected in their respective races to be the GOP standard bearer. The heck with the old Red, White, and Blue ... softer spring hues seem to have captivated the candidates this season. We're wondering what Holly's gong to do with all those yard signs? (Can you recycle those things?)

Best Line from the Media ... (the envelope please) Our own fellow conspirator, Josh Gillespie, commenting on the lack of connectivity in the venue. "It's hard to live-blog when you can not get on the internet." Insightful commentary, wouldn't you agree?

Hardest Working Candidate in the Room honors have to go to Judicial candidate Marc Rothenberg. We saw him talk to every single person in the room at least twice. Not to mention the thirteen phone calls we got from him before the convention and the treat at El Torito... This guy works so hard that we get exhausted just watching him!

Best Haberdasher Award ... definitely goes to Judge David Certo who sported a fine fidora reminding us all of how cool you can rerally be if you work at it a little.

Runner-up for the Best Haberdasher Award ... Brose McVey, who has clearly been spending to much time with Greg Garrison, sported a white Stetson. We were not quite sure if he was there for the slating or got mixed up and thought he was going to cattle auction at the Fairgrounds.

Hottest Jurist Award this year goes to Judge SK Reid who wore an impressive houndstooth jacket over a turtle neck and fitted slacks. Mr. Blackwell was no where to be found on this day!

Best After Slating Party ... The Maverick Strategies bash at Union Jack's over off Crawfordsville Road. Several "insiders" got together to share steaks, drinks and listen to Robb Greene extol the virtues of some Pennsylvania microbrew swill he's hoarding at his palacial westside estate.

Overall, not a bad day for the GOPers. We'll be back!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Obama activist meeting in Ft. Wayne

Barack Obama : : Change We Can Believe In Sofia 's Blog: Get Involved in the Campaign

I have $10 for anyone who will go to this meeting and ask them what flavor the Kool-Aid is. Any takers?

Sands of Iwo Jima ...

I'm watching the Sands of Iwo Jima.

I love John Wayne. This guy played a soldier in every war from The "Big One" - WWII, to Korea, to Vietnam (I really thought the Green Berets was a great propaganda movie).

John Wayne loved America. He really loved America . . . I wonder why there are no more John Wayne's? Why more people don't get the whole "America" thing.

We now have Code Pink.

Jeez, there's some real halls of Montezuma's revenge for ya.

Thanks, Duke. Thanks for the reminder about what the heck America has always been about. Thanks for reminding us about where pink panti-wastes really belong. Semper Fi.

Dems Get New Tools, New Talent

Dems Get New Tools, New Talent

Hat tip to Ruffini.

Great article on evolution of Democrat voter contact and field operations.

"In the post-1972 TV era, Democratic campaigns didn't have the tools or trained organizers available to direct large numbers of volunteers efficiently to where they needed to be. Now they do. And social networks like Facebook, Blackplanet, blogs and SMS, as well as basic e-mail, can be layered onto the clean new databases to reach voters wherever they are, for much less money than TV advertising. We are in the middle of a massive wave of campaign innovation, led by organizers who will eventually spread outward to every nook and cranny of progressive politics. The larger significance of this architectural revolution in progressive politics isn't clear, but it is the first sustained challenge to the dominance of television and direct mail in the political system since those media displaced urban party machines in the 1960s. For now, it's working against Republicans:"

Democrats should enjoy their lead for now...we won't behind for long.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

We support the troops...really we do

So the liberal wackos at Berkeley are humming the same tune we've all heard before; that they support our troops but not the war. What a bunch of bull.

Look no further than to this picture. It's clear they think our troops are nothing better than murderers; hit men for hire.

Quite honestly, I have a hard time not getting worked up about this atrocity. Hopefully my next post will be lighter and won't give our fine readers indigestion.

How can anyone with Code Pink say they are patriotic supporters of our military? If you look at the comments on the video below (courtesy of our friends at the NRSC), you'll see the flawed and failed logic of liberals (and some freaky Ron Paul supporters, sorry). The most pathetic comment was one that proudly and defiantly stated that "the protesters are against the recruiters, not the marines!" The recruiters ARE marines!

The video below tells you everything you need to know, and more. If this keeps up, I may be convinced to agree with a commenter that said, "I don't believe this. I mean, I read the article and I am in ShOcK. What is wrong with our government. WT* does it take to be tried for treason these days. Call the office of the U.S. Attorney General: 202-353-1555, i will be this morning."

Friday, February 15, 2008

Latest Weird Pro Poll: It's Official. We are decidedly moving Libertarian

Fellow flacks, hacks, and interested third parties ...

In a stunning turn of events, Libber Sean Shepard has won the WP Preference Poll in the contested 7th CD Special ... GOPer Jon Elrod was a distant second, and Dem legacy Andre Carson was a - well, shall we say, "Stardate 106.78. Captain's Log, Starship Enterprize", Third Place.

Congrats, Sean! Check out our new poll next week ... and thanks for participating in our totally-unscientific-virtual-town-hall-get-together-that-even-Beth-can't-screw-up!

Have a great weekend!

Waxman: "I regret that we had the hearing." (Duh, ya think?)

New York Times, Dateline: WASHINGTON — "A day after a dramatic, nationally televised hearing that pitted Roger Clemens against his former personal trainer and Democrats against Republicans, the chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform said Thursday that he regretted holding the hearing in the first place."

Well DUH!

Waxman continues: "I didn’t think it was a hearing that needed to be held in order to get the facts out about the Mitchell report,” Waxman said. ...“I’m sorry we had the hearing. I regret that we had the hearing."

Only the "WaxAttax" could screw up in such a huge (expletive deleted) way. Contrast the Waxman-led hearings with the Davis-led hearings in 2005. The difference is like night and day. One can only characterize the Waxmeister's hearing as a giant three ring - media or otherwise - circus that did nothing but further insure that we will never get to the bottom of the doping business in Major League Baseball and that McNamee will make even more scratch off his book.

Meanwhile, here in the real world, the House Democrats, shilling for MoveOn and the Code Pinkies, let FISA lapse and vote a meaningless and stupid Contempt of Congress bill against Harriet Miers and Josh Bolton. Thanks guys. (Can't they ever let go ... that is like ancient history now. So what if George Bush "stole your election" - get over it, it was eight years ago! Good grief!)

Now that the terrorists can chat each other up, without the good guys being able to listen in, we are all a whole bunch safer. "Sleep well America, Nancy Pelosi is standing the watch tonight." I know I am feeling a bunch safer with this crowd in charge! "Hey Honey, where's the spare key to the gun safe?" Whoops, forgot, they want to take away the Second Amendment too. "Honey, forget I said that!"

Better we all move to Berkeley, smoke dope, drop acid, flip off the boys in uniform, and live off the government teat ... that way, when the bombs come, everybody will think it's just fireworks.

Here's a novel idea: How about rooting for the "real good Guys" - you know, the guys and gals that are working twenty-hours a day trying to keep innocent Americans from getting vaporized by islamo-facists that think they're going to get laid by forty virgins in heaven after killing us. Like that's really gonna happen. But then again what do you expect from the crowd whose only claim to fairness, equity, and rule of law is:

"Dude, don't bogart that joint."

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Roger & Me ... and when Baseball was just a game.

First, let me just say that I am a Cubs fan. Huge Chicago Cubs fan. Huge.

My Christmas Stocking is Chicago Cubs Blue with the big red "C" embroidered on the white fur trim. I wanted to name my firstborn Ron Ernie Ryne Fergie Billy Sammy, but the Mrs. was hearing nothing of that. Having said that ...

I want to try to clarify what happened yesterday in the Oversight and Government Reform Committee Hearing. For those who've been living in a cave or were heavily sedated over the past 21 hours, there was this little thing about baseball players and steroids in which "The Boss" said repeatedly – a fact that is unfortunately not being widely reported – that if Roger Clemens used steroids (or HGH or whatever) and he’s lied about it under oath he should be indicted, tried and if found guilty punished. The bigger point that got missed was his assertion that the Committee had a whole lot of other, much more important, things it could be doing than this.

Mr. Burton’s point yesterday was not to defend Mr. Clemens per se but to suggest that Brian McNamee seems to have a long history of lying and that the Mitchell investigators should have done more due diligence to verify McNamee’s story before destroying Clemen’s reputation by publishing his name in the report. Seems fair to me.

After the report’s release more evidence has come to light that both casts doubt and reinforces McNamee’s story but all of that is after the fact. If - and, in my opinion, that's a big "if" - at the end of the day it turns out that Clemens is in fact innocent, how does he get his reputation back?

That's a good question. If this McNamee is being "less than totally honest" about this stuff (likely) and was planning to say, I dunno, write a book about it (plausible), why not take the chance to smear this guy since the likelihood of anybody going to jail over this is remote. This was a circus from the outset. It was always meant to be a circus, in my opinion. I mean, c'mon, the media is even questionning whether or not the staffers that got an autograph or a picture with the "Rocket" violated the ethics rules! Are you kidding me? This was the hottest ticket in town and the press corps was looking to write about anything. CNBC, you know, the business channel, preempted it's schedule to carry the OGRC hearing. There were a ton of other hearings going on yesterday and I assure you the other hearing rooms were largely empty.

This is the kind of stuff that happens when games become businesses, and businesses become huge corporations, and huge corporations want to make money. This happens when guys who used to play for the love of the game, now play for contracts and endorsement packages. That's why it's a big deal on Capitol Hill and, I suppose, on CNBC.

When Baseball was just a game ...

I remember a time, as Carlin said, "before you were born, remember kids?" when Baseball was just a game. Really great baseball players played because they loved the game and we watched because we loved to watch them play the game.

As a Little Leaguer, I wanted to be just like my Dad (who played Minor League ball and was a college roomie of Twins Great Bobby Allison). I wanted to play first base. When I got a bit older I wanted to be just like Ernie Banks. When it was clear that I didn't have the stretch to play first, I tried third and wanted to be like Ron Santo. When I got relegated to the outfield, I wanted to be Billy Williams. The point is, all these guys were real hero-types. These were players whose number you wanted to wear on your Little League jersey (back when they actually were Jerseys and not tee shirts).

I remember sitting in the visitors dugout at the old Comiskey Park before the game with Bobby Allison, Harmon Killebrew and Tony Oliva and watching them stand there and sign autographs for what seemed like an eternity. There were all these kids hanging over the rail and all three of them just walked down the edge of the stands near the dugout signing away. You hardly see that anymore. You see those ballplayers didn't care if they made money off their autographs.

It was a magical time.

I really hope that my son and I have that same kind of magic again when his son is old enough to go out to "the Vic" or up to 1060 West Addison with his Dad and Grandpa. There is nothing more perfect than a Vienna Red Hot on a summer afternoon with Dad at Wrigley - especially when the Cubs win.

I write about this nobler time to point out that we should remember what Baseball is really all about. It's not about what Waxman, et al, flogged the Nation with yesterday. No, the really important thing wasn't what happened yesterday, the really important thing is what's happening today...

The Pitchers and Catchers report to Spring Training today! It will not be long until the two greatest words in sports return and it's time, once again, to "Play Ball!"
Thank God.
UPDATE: NEW YORK TIMES, Dateline, WASHINGTON: "The day before the Mitchell report was released, Brian McNamee lied to investigators for Roger Clemens when he told them that federal authorities had additional evidence about Clemens’s use of performance-enhancing drugs. McNamee’s lawyer said Thursday that McNamee made up the story in order to explain his own discussions with the authorities."
Ummm, does the phrase, "I told you so" apply here?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Check-out the Obama Spendometer

Check out the new Barack Obama "spend-o-meter". It highlights all the new government spending he's proposed along the campaign trail.

Right now we are at $850 Billion.

We Republicans spent too much in the majority (and were punished by our Republican base for it), but it seems Obama may prove us to be rank amateurs.

Does anyone else wonder how it is that Obama has managed to re-package sixties-era liberal policies to make them sound new? I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Obama Mania

From Drudge:

In the Chesapeake Rout, according to exit polls in Maryland, Obama won:
Latino Voters By Six Points: 53-47
All Religions (Including Catholics)
All Age Groups (Including Seniors)
All Regions
All Education Levels

Now I'm scared...

Kris on McCain's vic speech

Kris says'-McCain's vic speech had the excitement of a funeral-the same could be said for the age of his supporters

When the Martinis get low, the Weird switch to Bourbon ...

OK. We ran out of Vodka, and they still have no returns from Maryland and DC. Honestly, we thought this would be over by now.

But we are here for the duration and we've made the switch to Bookers.

As we indicated earlier, the MSM couldn't wait to call it for the Big "O" ... that was a given.

However, we're having a ball debating whether or not the Huckster can pull something off here ... after all, he barely lost VA (which was arguablly his best shot tonight) so there is still hope that the guy can stay in there until the the big party confab this summer...

Besides, we just love watching the Fox All-stars pontificate ... Cheers!

This is Weird...

This is Weird...

Don't you find it interesting that the WPers called Va for McCain before FNC and CNN? We do.

Weird Pros project VA to McCain

Weird Pros project VA to McCain ... But just by a short-hair.

McCain, still more electable

McCain, still more electable when he struggles to beat poorly financed candidate even after he's sealed the deal?

Wonder Woman Meets The Sacrificial Snake Girl: Hollywood, Politics and the White Death

Bored to Death and Snowed In we had to find something constructive to do ...

I was sitting around watching the rain/sleet/snow-sleet/ice/snow fall and just could not resist the temptation to flip through the video/DVD library looking for a DVD or Vid to pop in as a change of pace from the relentless coverage of OJ in jail and Bobby Cutts going to jail and Hil's 0-10 tanking being compared to Rudy's "firewall" strategy ... ugh.

So, I find "King's Row" (starring Ronald Reagan) and "Conan the Barbarian" (starring Arnold Schwarzenegger) and it got me thinking about all the ex-"b-grade" actors who got into politics ... Remember the guy from the "Love Boat", Fred Grandy, who was a Congressman from Iowa? And Ben "Cooter"Jones from "The Dukes of Hazzard" who also ended up in the Congress from Georgia. And, of course, there's Fred "Law and Order" Thompson, the Senator from Tennessee and erstwhile POTUS Candidate.

Then there's Arnold, and James "Jesse Ventura" Janos, his colleague from Predator who both ended up as the Governor of their respective states.

I have no idea why I found this so intriguing and even remotely interesting enough to the rest of you to post on it, but what the heck ... it might be a good topic for the next WP poll. Who's your favorite actor-turned-politician? Could be a good on-line trivia contest ... list the movies/TV shows and you match them up with the appropriate actor/politician? (It might do better than the Ron Paul Contest is doing.)

I gotta be missing more, so feel free to post comments with the one's I missed. We might get enough of a list to really have a bunch of options to do some weird stuff with it.

Ah, enough of this. I need to get a bag of ice from the bar and make a pitcher of martinis. We'll be watching the returns from the Potomac Primaries tonight and looking for some interesting stuff to write about ... let's see, Drinks, check. Munchies, check. Crackling fake fire in the fireplace, check. Remotes for the TV's, check. OK, we're ready. Let the Spin Begin!

See y'all after the Obama-ma-ma-mia Show. (I wonder how long it will take for the made-for-TV-movie starring Denzel Washington and Jada Pinkett-Smith?) It won't be a late night, I'm sure. The MSM is falling all over themselves to call this thing for the big "O".

It Appears That We've Developed a Decidedly Libertarian Readership

I noticed that our new poll question has taken a decided turn toward Libertarian Candidate Sean Shepard ... with only three days left, Mr. Shepard has a commanding (dare I say it, a spanking) lead over Republican Jon Elrod and Democrat Andre Carson. At the time of this post Shepard was way out front with 69% of the vote. Elrod was second with 23%. Andre Carson had 7%.

Does this mean that the LP crowd has found a home among our merry band of flacks - or did someone stumble on the poll and tell all their friends? No one knows, but I'm sure that the Shepard Camapign will not be touting this poll on the campaign trail ...

In any event, this has been the most popular poll so far garnering nearly two times the votes of our previous poll in which former POTUS and GOP Icon, Ronald Reagan narrowly defeated GOP Kingmaker and the MSM's new favorite slime target, Bob Grand for "My Favorite GOPer".

Three more days to vote ... this is your opportunity to be a political flack from the comfort of your neighborhood Starbucks! Email all your friends, post to your Facebook feed, Tweet it to the world ... GOTV for the candidate of your choice! Fellow Moonbat Hunters, Boxtoppers, and WPers it's your turn to show the world what you can do! Break out the triple expresso Venti Latte with three pumps of Vanilla and start shilling for your guy ... only 72 hours left!

Complete Election Results and Analysis on Friday ... stay tuned.