Sunday, March 30, 2008

When misleading is just, well, misleading.

See what I mean when I tell you that shameless does not begin to describe the Nameless Campaign. In fact, we may just change the Nameless Campaign to the Shameless Campaign.

When asked by a reporter asked: "Do you think Burton has an integrity or ethics problem? Is that what your campaign is implying?" McGoff simply stated, No. But wait! Hasn't the campaign run around for the past year saying "Integrity Matters", infer that Our Congressman lacks integrity? Hasn't your campaign financed attack website tried to imply - actually, imply is being kind - that Our Congressman has ethics problems? You attack him all over the place for voting against all kinds of ethics reform stuff.

At least Our Congressman is consistent. He's voted against all of them because none of them address the real problem. If you really understand the ethics/campaign finance process, and you really want to clean it up, then the answer is full and complete transparency. Everybody reports everything within 48 hours. Joe Smith gives you $25, report it. gives you $5,000, report it. The lobby-shop of Dewey, Cheatham & Howe takes you to dinner at the Palm, report it. Your Committee Staff Director gets a trip to Atlantic City for a conference, report it. Trust me. There are enough media-types, and dumpster divers like us, to shed some light upon the darkness there. In this age of modern technology, it is as easy as an ATM machine to get this stuff out to the public. But I digress ... Back on topic.

Playing fast and loose with the rules is one thing if you're a huckster selling snake oil. Being truthful when you talk about Integrity is not in that zip code.

More importantly, as was pointed out in an email from one of our Devoted Readers,

"If you cannot tell the truth [or not distort it to imply or infer facts not in evidence - G.O.D.] as a candidate asking for my vote, what then makes me think that you would be any different if you got my vote?

That's the question that every voter needs to ask him or herself."

Well said. You can be sure that we here at the WPBCHQ will continue to dive into every dumpster, scour through the public record, and continually fight for Truth, Justice, and the American Cocktail Hour! Fear not, America! We never sleep.

We'll do our job, you do yours! Register... and Vote!

Nulla Dies Sine Linea or, Never a day without a line ... Part Deux

Hello again fellow DDs! Here's another quick installment of the ol' GonzO's fact-checker.

[Turner, KP] "Is that trip different than the ones you criticize, on your Web site, him for taking and imply are personal vacations rather than actual? …

McGoff: I don’t have the specifics for all the trips he took down there. I know that he had to do work with Central America and was going down there quite frequently."

What? You mean the Nameless Campaign is making baseless accusations? You mean the infer something that they cannot substantiaite? Hmmmm ... Integrity matters? Oh, BTW, above emphasis added by me.

H/T Tim Turner, Kokomo Perspective

See even more

Nulla Dies Sine Linea or, Never a day without a line ...

Fellow Dumpster Divers, I have been remiss in providing you with the timely and accurate information that our Devoted Readers have come to expect. Thankfully, our fellow conspirators have been uploading some really delicious tid-bits, but that's no excuse for the Gonz. So here's the first of a few new factoids to have some fun with.

How do you know that Dan Burton has served his constituents honestly? Just ask John McGoff, who said…

"McGoff: The fact that my passport was running out is true and that he helped me get a passport... My passport was going to expire within that timeframe, and he helped me out, so I don’t have any problem with that."

H/T Tim Turner, Kokomo Perspective

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Anti-War Music Hits A Flat Note

Silent treatment: Anti-war songs fall flat - Richard T. Cullen - "“Yo George,” sneers Tori Amos, outrage flowing from her lyrics. “Is this just the madness of King George?”

“Yo George,” follows the next verse. “Well you have the whole nation on all fours.”

Amos’ bitter indictment of President Bush in “Yo George” is a clear sign of the times.

But so is the fact that — if you are not part of the songwriter-pianist’s loyal cadre of fans — you probably have never heard the song.

An unpopular president, an unpopular war, a restless young generation eager for change — all the elements of a mass protest culture would seem to be present in this election year."

Sorry you dirty hippies...Americans don't need your crap.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

"Truth-O-Meter" Vol.I, No. 6 ... "What's Up Doc?

"And the Truth shall set you free"

The ol'Gonz is beside himself tonight. I just have been biting my tongue for about three days so that I would not regret posting something in the heat of the moment that would float around on the Internet for the next who-knows-how-long.

Fellow Truth-seekers, I just can't help myself. It's shameless and self-aggrandizing, I know, but it's like a Lay's potato Chip ... or a frozen blender drink ... how can you have just one?

Our erstwhile campaign operatives over at the nameless campaign have screwed the pooch once again. I know, I should just let them fnik the poodle and take pleasure in the fact that they can't play well with others, but it is just too satisfying to point it out to our devoted readers and fellow hacks, flacks and DDs.

Here's the deal as it was emailed to me by an obviously well-informed reader of our humble blog (and this is verbatim, friends, we deal in the Truth) ...

What’s up Doc?

Well, here we go again. John McGoff, candidate for Congress, is airing negative attack ads against Congressman Dan Burton, but once again, showing how not ready for prime time the McGoff campaign is, right out of the box - on the first ad - they are in violation of the Federal Election Campaign Act.

The ad fails to comply with the “stand by your ad” provisions of 11 CFR §110.11(c)(3) because there is no "voice over" by McGoff stating that he approves of the ad.
You know, you've heard it on every single federal candidate ad ... "I'm Barrrrak Obamamamamamamia, and I approve this message because it's time for Change!" Even Andre Carson got it right. (Back to reality ... embellishment is mine G.O.D.)

The penalty for airing ads in violation of that provision is that the candidate loses the benefit of the “lowest use charge of the station for the same class and amount of time for the same period, “ i.e., the discount rate for political ads for this ad and any other broadcast ad by McGoff within 45 days of the primary election. (See 47 USC § 315(b)(1) and (2)).

It just begs the question, “If integrity matters, John, why are you breaking the law?” And, ummmm, making your donors dig sooooo much deeper to pay the going rate for your lame ads?

The bigger question: Why doesn't the liberal main-stream-media point this out? Bigger question still: Why aren't the radio and TV stations actually enforcing the rules? Inquiring Minds want to know.

So, we know that he lies and distorts the truth. We now know that he breaks the law. What's next?

We can hardly wait.

Hoosier Access Weighs In (after ripping off Hoosier Pundit)... and this time it's trashy.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

The dead fish, that is. The ones wrapped in newspaper and left on the doorstep.

From Taking Down Words:

I have decided, after overcoming the general resistance to change that they beat into you in law school, to join Jim Schellinger’s gubernatorial campaign as Communications Director. This means that TDW as you know — and either love or hate — it will exist no more.

My guess is that she’ll be back in about forty days and forty nights, when Schellinger has lost the primary to Jill Long Thompson.

Only a true Dumpster Diver would equate TDW with dead fish smell. There is something like a double entendre in there somewhere.

Let the gang here at WPBCHQ add our own "So Long, Farewell, Auf Weider"whatever ... See you in about, ummm, 38 days.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Cannot Spare the Man, He Fights

I Cannot Spare the Man, He Fights - Abraham Lincoln writing about Union General Ulysses S. Grant

Last night I was invited to attend a fundraiser in honor of Congressman Dan Burton. What an event! It was a bloggers dream as the other Republican members of Indiana's congressional delegation, Mike Pence, Steve Buyer and Mark Souder were present to support the Congressman in his re-election bid. Also present were Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi, who served as one of Burton's chief legal aids when he Chaired the Committee on Government Reform as well as State Senator Brandt Hershman and many community and civic leaders. Speaking with Congressman Buyer afterwards, he said that this was only the third time since he was first elected in 1992 that the entire Republican delegation had been together. How remarkable it was that is was in honor of man who was constantly referred to as a fighter by all three other Congressmen.

Each member spoke for a few minutes on behalf of the Congressman Burton and one interest comments was made by Congressman Pence who spoke to the thorny issue that has pestered the Burton campaign in regards to his missed votes. He said that someone had approached about the Congressman's missed votes. His response was that he too had missed votes, whether he just wasn't able to make it or on accident, but that every time it mattered, Dan Burton was there. He referenced a letter written to President Lincoln by a leader of the Temperance Movement who after it appeared that the Union Forces were going to win the Civil War (convenient time to write don’t you think?) asked that President Lincoln remove General Ulysses S. Grant because of his love for alcohol and smoking. While a letter like that would be automatically dismissed today, President Lincoln responded. He responded with the quote above "I cannot spare the man, he fights". That's how Congressmen Pence, Buyer and Souder continually referred to Congressman Burton. He's been a fighter, he's been relentless and he was helping to lay the groundwork for the conservative movement of the 1990's as an original member of the Reagan Revolution back in the 1980's.

The thing is all of that is true. Congressman Souder talked about how Burton went after President Clinton with Burton proclaiming with all the smoke, there's bound to be a fire there. Whether it was the Lewinsky scandal, selling the White House out to the highest bidder, or illegal transactions with the Communist Chinese government to funnel funds to Bill Clinton's campaign, Burton sought to bring light to those fires. What was the Clinton reaction? To go after the Congressman. Unfortunate things were exposed. That's apparently part of playing hardball with the Clintons (hear that Barack?!). The difference is that Congressman Burton apologized for his actions while Clinton lied about it in his grand jury testimony. Now Burton's primary opponent is playing the same game as the Clinton's except that his opponent plays fast and loosed with so-called "facts".

Indiana cannot afford to spare a Congressman that's a relentless leader and fighter for the Conservative movement like Congressman Burton. As Congressman Pence said, "We need a fighter like Dan Burton". I agree.

(Btw, yes that's me with Congressmens Buyer, Burton [me] Souder, and Pence, from left to right)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Pence Wins WP POTUS '12 Poll!

Gonz O. Defenestrater comes in a close Second !!!
Edges Jeb Bush, Sammy Sosa and Fern Lazengruber.

Burning Question among Insiders: Will Pence Tap G.O.D. for Veep?

US Rep. Mike Pence wins the first in the nation POTUS '12 preference poll. Pence wins 54% - 36% over Defenestrater with Bush coming in 3d at 9%.

Defenestrater told the WP: "While I am not expecting it, I will be waiting by the phone if the Veep call comes!"
He concluded by saying, "Thanks for voting ... and remember: I am for Change!" parroting his announcement speech theme from earlier.

Obviously, Mr. Pence was unavailable for comment. But, if he had been, we're sure he would have been good for a quote. He's a Congressman for cryin' out loud!

Reader's Digest on Dan Burton

The Reader's Digest just did a great article on the Salvati case, one of Dan Burton's big successes in Congress. Read about it on the Burton Blog here.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Friday, March 21, 2008

"I'm for Change!" - Gonz O. Bama Enters POTUS '08 Race

Excerpts from the announcement speech of Gonz O. Bama

My fellow Americans:

"I am for Change. I like Change. We should not fear Change. Change is Good. The time has come for Change. This should not be confused with the time to change the time, we did that already. No, it is time for the kind of Change that changes those things that should be changed.

"I want to make sure that Americans are not short-changed. That we are not forced to accept the Change that changes the things that do not need Change, but only that the change we get is actually the Change that we want and not the change that someone left in the vending machine because they were in a hurry or something. I want America to get the exact Change. No more of this loose Change that the establishment candidates keep talking about.

"A vote for me is a vote for Change, and for frozen blender cocktails. Thank you. Good night, and good luck."

Josh-in-the-Box: Too Little Bad Carbs in the Diet this Week?

Well, maybe it is a little incestuous the way our merry band of conspirators keep ripping each other off and posting the goods on our weblogs.

Between the Dumpster Divers, flacks, hacks, and "Truth-seekers" here at the WPBCHQ ... even the newly designated "YouTubers" ... we can't help ourselves! There is just so much cool stuff out there that we can't resist the temptation to share this insider swill with our devoted readers.

So, we post a post from our pal, fellow flack and erstwhile co-conspirator, Josh "I just wish I didn't have to go at 100 mph with my hair on fire all the time" Gillespie, over at Josh in the Box Blog. But in a shameless self-promotion, we posted the Josh-sters post on the truth-O-Meter, before we posted the Truth-O-Meter post here at the WP. Shameless hardly describes it, huh?

Back on Message. See the whole story here:

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Howard County Republican Chairman hosts "Our Congressman" in Kokomo

Chairman Craig Dunn hosted the Congressman for a "Pizza Party" (courtesy of the Burton Campaign) at the new Howard County GOP HQ yesterday. Among the throng that attended, State Auditor extraordinaire Tim Berry! Our pals over at the Hoosier Access Blog posted this comment from Chairman Dunn, which we have ripped off for our humble insider blog:

Howard County Republicans wildly received Dan Burton at a noon reception today in Kokomo. Nearly 200 Republicans turned out at Republican Headquarters to meet Dan Burton and express their support for his re-election candidacy. Dan Burton received the endorsement of the Howard County Republican Party at the event.

Thanks to Chairman Dunn and the Howard County GOPers for a great time ... and special thanks to Virginia Marner and the GOP ladies for laying out an incredible spread! The food's always so good at HCGOP events!

Truth-O-Meter, Vol. I, No. 5: Desperation sets in at the Nameless Campaign

"And the Truth shall set you free"

Greetings from inside the Ark, Fellow Truth-seekers! We've been waterproofing the entire WPBCHQ for the past couple days, but we had to take time out to share the latest misfire from the truth-challenged crew over at the Nameless Campaign.

This week's schedenfreude (that's a German word for "taking pleasure in the misfortune of others") surrounds a trip to Paris, France, in May, 2006. Once again, your intrepid Dumpster Diver doggedly researched the truth, working my little arthritic fingers to the bone,(It's hard to push those seven little buttons on the ol' cell phone, ya know!) to bring you the real story.

Yes, I pushed the "Easy Button" again and called up the nice lady in the Congressman's Office and, well, I just asked what was on the schedule for the dates in question. As usual, the nice lady in the Congressman's Office asked me to hold for a minute and promptly transferred my call to a staff member who told me what was on the schedule ... is this a great investigative reporting technique, or what?

So, here's the scoop, fellow myth-busters:

While the Nameless Campaign tries to take yet another gratuitous (that's another word for "cheap") shot at Our Congressman for this trip, claiming he was chomping cheese and slurping champagne, in actuality Our Congressman was a part of the NATO Parliamentary delegation (in fact, he was, I believe, the Vice-Chairman of the delegation) that meets to discuss issues of concern to the member countries.

These rank amateurs apparently don't know what NATO is and how important it has been to the defense of the country and global stability for the last, oh, I dunno, half century! Hey fellas, that's NATO, as in ummm ... North Atlantic Treaty Organization ... as in, our partners in the Global War on Terrorism ... as in, forget trying to explain it, these misfits clearly are not ready to sit at the "big-boy's table" ...

Just a quick note about the NATO PA ... (FYI, here's what they were doing, John ... it's what real, serious, and qualified people do when trying to solve real, serious, global problems.)

Bringing together members of parliaments throughout the Atlantic Alliance, the NATO Parliamentary Assembly has provided for half a century an essential link between NATO and the parliaments of the NATO nations, helping to build parliamentary and public consensus in support of Alliance policies.

At the same time, it has facilitated parliamentary awareness and understanding of key security issues and provided greater transparency of NATO policies. Crucially, it has also helped to maintain and strengthen the transatlantic relationship which underpins the Alliance.

Since the end of the Cold War the Assembly has assumed a new role by integrating into its work parliamentarians from those countries in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and beyond who seek a closer association with NATO. This integration has provided both political and practical assistance and has contributed to the strengthening of parliamentary democracy throughout the Euro-Atlantic region, thereby complementing and reinforcing NATO’s own programme of partnership and co-operation.


The lies and distortions are just getting so shameless now that even the local cage-liner isn't giving these hucksters the time of day. It's clear that they've had their "fifteen minutes" and are really getting desperate. After the lame attempt to smear the Congressman on the Co-Del trip that McGoff cabbage's onto (See T-O-M Vol. I, No. 2), this stupid attack seems almost suicidal ... is John McGoff seriously suggesting that a senior Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, and Vice-Chair of the PA delegation should not attend the working groups of the NPA? It begs the question, "what does McGoff think a Congressman should do?" He clearly doesn't have a clue. In fact, I am unsure whether or not he has a foothold in reality? No credible campaign even for local dog-catcher is this stupid.

Here again, we see the complete breakdown of any credibility and a reasonable person might ask oneself, "so, this is McGoff' idea of integrity? hmmm..."

But fear not, fellow Truth-seekers! Your dedicated Dumpster Divers will stay on the case. We will expose the lies, half-truths and distortions ... and occasionally point out the obvious.

It's what we do.

Need I Say More ...

Monday, March 17, 2008

Bubba to Soften Hoosiers for Hill-Dog's Arrival

I’m sure the Indiana Democrat super-delegates (and Democrats in general) are squealing with delight right now. Word has come out that the man who has inspired thousands of young female interns and young women in trailers to do something with their lives is coming to a small town near you. Well, that is if you live on the eastern side of the state. Yep, Bill Clinton, the original first black president, is coming to our humble state tomorrow to soften all of us up for the chilling arrival of his wife Hillary (Quick! Somebody cue the Imperial March from Empire Strikes Back!) on Thursday. I mean, just when you thought all was right with the world, after Barack Obama and his empty rhetoric visited this past Saturday, comes the real man who inspires hope…..I mean, comes from Hope.

Okay, I think I’m getting sick from the platitudes. But really, Slick Willie is coming to Indiana. The Bill Clinton express is expected to swing by Lawrenceburg, Richmond and Ft. Wayne, saxophone surely in hand.

So that makes Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton all in the span of a week. What?! No Oprah?

Surely, this must mean Indiana’s primary will actually means something to less than one half of Indiana’s voting population. Of course after all is said and done and the candidates (and their husband) leave, there will be a collective wretch from the masses. At least from the non-starry-eyed masses that is.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Washington Nationals thumped by the evil LA Dodgers ... but the new stadium rocks!

Well, the "Cactus League" Nats fans are mourning the thorough thumping of our beloved Nationals by those evil LA Dodgers today ... but, hey, we're only a few days away from the first pitch at the Nats new digs and things are looking good for the quick trip on the green line to the Navy Yard ... I can't wait!

Play Ball!

Digital Sod Tiller on the "Cage Liner" ... it's Gonzo Time for Moonbats!

From our pal the Digital Farmer:

Another few inches closer to one foot in the grave
The deathwatch of the uber-leftie Ryerson Rag, commonly known as the Indianapolis Star continues.For February Gannett, the owner of the Rag, announced falling revenues for the month of February. This is following falling revenues in January, and 4th quarter for 2007.Will we see the Rag finally print the -30- ??

... How much longer do we have to watch this once great newspaper of record spiral into oblivion? Mr. Pulliam must be looking down with tears in his eyes.

Weird Pro and Friends Hit the State House for the Last Day of the Session

Scott Fluhr of Hoosier Pundit and Hoosier Access, Christopher Mann of Veritas Rex and I were allowed to crash Lt. Governor Skillman’s office to live blog the last day of the session. I’m not sure about Chris, but Scott and I arrived after the property tax legislation had passed. The immigration bill had died as of Thursday, so all of the “sexy legislation” had passed by the time we got there. But we didn’t leave till we got some nifty pictures taken and some time spent with Lt. Governor Skillman. Many thanks to Lt. Gov. Skillman, her Chief of Staff Chris Crabtree and press secretary Angela Coats. Thanks guys!


(From left to right, me, Christopher Mann, Scott Fluhr)


(Hastily getting our notes from Governor Daniels press conference loaded onto our respective sites)


(Our time with Lt. Governor Becky Skillman)

Friday, March 14, 2008

"Truth-O-Meter" Vol. I, No.4

"And the Truth shall set you free"

Well, fellow Truth-seekers, it's time again to delve into the slime of the Nameless Campaign for another installment of the "Truth-O-Meter".

This time, we will depart from the usual format and talk about having it both ways. The Nameless Campaign seems to want to be able to bash Our Congressman for travel except when that travel would allow him to attend some low-priority meeting that they can bash him for not attending when he doesn't travel to it ... still with me? Confusing, I know. But when you are telling this many lies, it's really hard to keep them all straight.

So, strap on your "Truth-seeker Utility Belt" and don your Truth-seeker Special X-ray glasses as we expose yet another example of the NC's hypocrisy. This one's a gem.

The "heroes" over at the Nameless Campaign beat up Our Congressman for missing a "Wilmington, Ohio feild hearing of the Government Reform subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy & Human Resources on proposals to address the problem of small, clandestine methamphetamine-producing laboratories ..." on Tuesday, August 23 (2005) and another "Boston, Massachusetts field hearing of the Government Reform's subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy & Human Resources on (get this) federal management of northeast national parks ... " the next day, Wednesday, August 24 (2005). Both of these events took place during the August "recess" or, as the Congress affectionately refers to it: "The August District Work Period".

Now, it is important to understand something about "field hearings". These are hearings that are conducted, usually in a committee members' district, usually by a subcommittee, usually for some local perspective on an issue that is before the committee. They are usually attended by one or two members, and committee staff. All of the testimony is part of the "official record".

Now then, in order for Our Congressman to be at these meetings, it would require the taxpayer (that's you and me) to spring for the Member, and probably a staffer, to fly, get a room, eat, fly again, get a room, eat, and then fly back. In addition, it would require the Member, and probably the staffer, to NOT be in the district, during the district work period, attending to the needs of the constituents of his or her district. The question then becomes: "Is it more important to be talking about management of the national parks in Boston, or Economic Development and Jobs in Indiana? I will stipulate that meth is a bad thing, but is it more important to spend the day talking about meth problems in Ohio, or actually working with law enforcement here in Indiana to give them the tools they need to actually fight the meth problem here in Indiana?

But the hypocrisy doesn't end there! These geniuses actually say, are you ready ...

"In August, Burton missed both of his committee and subcommittee meetings (100%) for which transcripts are available online." (emphasis added)

Let your humble Dumpster Diver point out just two things about that statement. At the risk of being "Mr. Obvious" here, there was no "committee" meeting in August. Both of the meetings these knuckleheads are talking about were meetings of the same subcommittee. Remember now, one day apart in two different places, but the same subcommittee. The other, more subtle item of interest, is that the transcripts are available online. Thereby confirming that Our Congressman (and his crack staff) aren't the only ones who have access to the spell-binding information presented by the good people of the "Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts" museum, or the "Friends of Arcadia National Park" society. While I am sure that the testimony of the Director of the "Ohio High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area" was "must read" material, I wonder if it was any better delivered in person, since these folks generally read prepared statements that have been submitted "for the record." (and which, as pointed out above are available online!)

Does anybody else feel as sorry for this misanthropic group of amateurs as we do for the Luv-Guv and his happy Hooker gal-pal? At the risk of kicking these guys while they're down, your humble flack-meister thinks these dilettantes are going to be, if not currently, the biggest cocktail party joke in town.

Back on message. You can't have it both ways, fellas. You can't beat up Our Congressman for not being in the district and then complain that he's not in Boston at a meeting. You can't beat him up for official travel that you think wastes the taxpayers money and then beat him up for not doing travel to things that actually wastes taxpayers money.

See, this is what happens when you get so desperate that the left hand can't keep all the lies and distortions that the right hand is telling straight. What little credibility you ever have is diminished exponentially by this kind of stunt politics. But, please, keep it up! We're lovin' all this new material!

Fellow Truth-seekers, stay tuned. We're going to keep documenting the misrepresentations and tortured distortions of the Nameless Campaign's spiral into oblivion. More to come ... because these guys just can't help themselves.


This is Absolutely the Last Spitz Quitz Related Post.

Luv-Guv's Gal Pal Cashing In on Spanking the Spitz!

Only in America can a twenty-something hottie* from New Jersey cross the Hudson and make $1.2 million a year riding the "polo pony" and then cash it all in when she sells her story/book/movie deal/recording contract/fashion & fragrance line (that ought to be interesting) for more money than most of us will make in a lifetime.

(*Frankly, I don't think she's all that "hot" ... nominally pretty, at best. Then again, it's not the face you're payin' for, I guess.)

The older I get the smarter my Dad was. Dad always told me that the mark of a life well lived was to be eulogized by your friends and know that all the nice things they're saying about you are true. What he meant by that, I think, is that I should lead a life that would not put people in the position of having to embellish the truth. In other words, to lead by example.

So what does this tell us about young Ms. Dupree. What does it say to youngsters out there who see that this person who broke all kinds of laws (prostitution, conspiracy, tax-evasion probably), not to mention embarrassing her family, humiliating herself, and degrading beautiful intelligent women everywhere -- who are constantly struggling in the battle to not be seen as mere sex toys -- now potentially getting millions and escaping prosecution because she can put the finger (literally and figuratively) on the soon-to-be-former NY Gov (not to mention the others she plied her trade on). It is almost certain that she will cut a deal with the Feds to avoid any serious prosecution. But wouldn't it be sweet justice if the Feds could take all her gain for back taxes?

Alas, it ain't happenin' ... Rolex wearing, Gucci clad, and high priced lawyers are likely already protecting that stash.

Where's the shame? We, as a culture, lost it somewhere between "Truth or Consequences" and Jerry Springer, I think. When the President can get a "knob job" in the oval office from a barely legal 20 year-old intern and not be shamed, what makes us think that some hooker from Jersey would be any different.

I believe in redemption. I believe in forgiveness. But I also believe that choices have consequences and they often call for atonement. Ms. Dupree should be punished. She should be the poster-child (again, literally and figuratively) for how not to live life. It angers me that she will not be because it will make it that much harder for my daughter -- the smart, beautiful, hard-working, aggressive lawyer -- and all our daughters, to be taken seriously in a world where anything goes and winning, no matter the cost, is better than any alternative.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Oh the humanity! Our environment is a wreck, all this Global Cooling going on! In spite of all the hot air the Democrats and associated Sierra Club whackos (What the f*** is an "Indianaian" anyway?) keep spewing and proclaiming the hysteria of global warming, the scientists of the National Weather Service have released the stats to show the previous three months are the coolest since 2001.

From the "I wish I had a picture" department, some Bloomington moonbat with a "Stop Global Warming" yard sign, covered about half-way up the sign with snow.

Want to cut the amount of carbon dioxide emissions? Stop breathing. Democrats - you go first!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This You Have To See!

Get the Gnooze (the "g" is silent) at

This chica should be working for us!
H/T Shep Smith

Bluey on "Beer Madness"

FTNC, making the world a better place ... one beer at a time.

While my Indianapolis colleagues are more "Blender" than "Brewski", some of our devoted readers might find Bluey's Beer post both informational and proof the we are not Margarita snobs.

Frankly, I am a big fan of Fat Weasel, but then again, I don't have a very refined palatte. Isn't it about cocktail hour somewhere?

See Bluey's post here:

Karl Rove Rocks.

This just in from our friends over at the CNN Political Ticker. It appears that "my hero", Karl The "Architect" Rove was not-so-warmly-welcomed by the dope-smoking, middle-class misfits at the University of Iowa over the weekend.

Rove taunted at University of Iowa
Posted: 05:30 PM ET

Rove spoke at the University of Iowa Sunday.

(CNN) — Former top Bush aide Karl Rove didn't get the friendliest of receptions at the University of Iowa Sunday, CNN affiliate KCRG reports.

Rove, who was paid $40,000 to speak at the University, was confronted with an at-times hostile crowd of 1,000, and was interrupted on several occasions.

At one point during the speech, Rove reportedly lashed out at some of the students, saying, "You got a chance to ask your questions later and make your stupid statements, let me make mine."

Police also were forced to remove two people after they tried to perform a citizen’s arrest on Rove for what they said were his crimes while a member of the Bush Administration.

At one point, a person asked Rove if he has ever shed a tear over the war in Iraq ...

Does anybody really care what the clearly uncivil and ill-mannered little snothead undergraduates at Iowa think? The good news: the Rove-ster pocketed $40K from the dumbasses. Way to go Karl! You Rock.

See full Commie News Network story here:

"Dr. Death": Kevorkian to run for Congress

Members are warned! Don't drink the Pink Kool-Aid!

Only in Washington, DC ...

See the Wonkette's full story here:

From our Friends at Victory Bloggers: Back Home Again, in Indiana

Hoosier Democrats:"Working to preserve government waste and inefficiency"
See the whole story here:

H/T Buzzcut at Blue County in a Red State

Spitz Quitz!

The Luv-Guv to just fade away next Monday

Well, fellow Dumpster Divers, it's finally over. After days of media speculation and David Letterman Top Ten lists, it appears that Love Potion No. 9 doesn't have the appeal it once did.

Eliot's out. Patterson in ... and Shelly Silver doesn't have to move Articles of Impeachment against the Luv-Guv. Tedisco got his fifteen minutes. Shep Smith got to hang with his bud's in MS. Too Bad. I wish we'd get just a few more days to flog this whole Spitzer thing ... the one liners are just too much fun. (Sorta makes me miss Albany already.)
I hope Silda takes him for a minimum hundred mil ...

This whole thing is like a bad hangover ... but, in the morning, it will be over and all is right with the world.

REVISED and UPDATED: The "Truth-O-Meter" Vol. I, No. 2: When a Lie is Just a Lie, Part Deux

Truth-O-Meter: Vol. I, No. 2
"And the Truth shall set you free"

UPDATED 3/12/08

Fellow Truth-seekers, this is just beyond our ability to comprehend. We never did think much about the talent level of the Nameless Campaign's op-research and strategy folks, but this truly defies explanation.

Your humble dumpster divers here at WPBCHQ first pointed out the hypocrisy of these amateurs on 3/7/08. Now, for some stunningly stupid reason, the Nameless Campaign has pointed out there own ineptness for us ... blasting the Congressman for the very same trip that they begged for help to get on!

I kid you not. The following is copied direct from their website:

"From January 8-14, 2006, the Congressional Record shows that Dan Burton took an official trip to Costa Rica, Guatemala and Panama at taxpayer expense. While we don’t know exactly what he was doing there, the record shows that the entire trip cost over $13,500—quite a pretty penny for only a week-long stay. "

Umm, fellas, this is the very same trip that you also claimed to be travelling with the Lt. Governor on to forge economic ties with Guatemala ... remember the "Trade Mission" you lied about being an integral part of? (Just in case, you forgot, see the original post below ... we quoted your bio.) Remember meeting with the Congressman's staff to cabbage onto the trip so you could get a meeting with the Pollo Comprero Chicken folks in GTC ... the same Pollo Comprero Chicken folks that wouldn't return your calls until Burton set it up ... and that would be the same Burton that helped you get your passport renewal expedited so you could even make the trip?

Funny how little details like that seemed to have slipped by the hacks that posted this whopper.

The hypocrisy of this campaign is just astounding. These guys are telling so many lies that they clearly can't keep them all straight. Gee whiz, hip-sters, if integrity matters, why all the lies?

Fellow Flacks, were working on getting copies of the entire 40+ page Official 11(c) Report filed with then-Chairman Hyde. When we do, we'll scan it and put it up so you can see what actually happened on the trip.

For your convenience, we have the original post below in it's entirity. Stay tuned, Truth-seekers, as we apparently can count on these knuckleheads to continue to pour gas over themselves while puffing that Havanna Stoogie they picked up at Club Don Rodrigo ... trust me, we have photos.

Original POST 3/7/08:

In today's installment of the Truth-O-Meter, we explore another of the nameless campaign's attempts to find relevance and make themselves feel good about themselves because nobody else is.

Your intrepid and happy band of dumpster divers and hacks have come up with a real doozie this time. To be the one talking about integrity is almost too much for our normally open-minded brain-trust to conceive ... apparently, the nameless campaign's hypocrisy knows no bounds!

So, strap in, lower the shields, and prepare to blast off, fellow Truth-seekers! It's time to launch another edition of the Truth-O-Meter!

The Big Lie:

In 2006, he traveled with Lt. Governor Becky Skillman on a trade-mission to Guatemala, helping to forge economic development relationships between Indiana and Central America.”
Source: Nameless Campaign Website Biography

The Truth:

In 2005, John McGoff and some partners were trying to buy a 'Pollo Comprero' Chicken franchise from a Guatemalan company. They were not having any success and so asked Congressman Burton to help them. Congressman Burton and LTG Skillman were leading a CoDel to Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama – the first US delegation to Central America after passage of the CAFTA-DR trade legislation – and the Congressman agreed to help the McGoff group get a meeting with the Guatemalan company.

McGoff, and two of his partners flew down to Guatemala City, on their own outside of the official delegation to attend the meeting that Congressman Burton had set up for them. In fact, the Congressman took time out from the official schedule to go with the group to the meeting, along with the US Ambassador to Guatemala, to support their attempt!

The Facts:

Neither McGoff, nor his partners were ever a part of the official delegation, and did not travel outside of Guatemala City nor participate in any of the official meetings.

Additionally, the nameless campaign blasts the Congressman for trips "to Costa Rica ... [which] hasn't been the topic of any Congressional hearing or substantial legislation."

May we point out that the Central American Free Trade Agreement/Dominican Republic (CAFTA-DR) was a major piece of trade legislation on which dozens of hearings were held and Costa Rica was a large part of those hearings. One of the missions of the CoDel, was to reinforce the pact with the CRG and open bilateral trade opportunities between Indiana and these Central American partners. See the Trip report language below.

The Evidence:

Department of State

House Committee on Foreign Affairs

House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct

Indiana Department of Agriculture

Here’s the title page of the 11(c) Trip Report filed with the Committee Chairman, Henry Hyde … No mention of McGoff here?

Here’s the Delegation List from that same report … No mention of McGoff or his business partners here, either?

The Commentary:

And in a stunning development, this just in … We have learned that McGoff’s Passport had expired, so he asked Burton’s office to help him get an expedited passport renewal so he could make the jaunt down to GTC. Isn’t it interesting that the nameless campaign wants to take credit for something that they did not do and then distort the record when it helps them smear the guy who they turned to for help. That’s integrity?

I guess maybe the Congressman should be more selective in who he tries to help out in the future … No, that’s not his style, you see, he helps everyone who asks for it, whether they vote for him or not. That’s integrity.

Oh, BTW, the McGoff group failed to close the deal on the Chicken franchise. No forging of economic development relationships there, I guess.

Stay tuned, hip-sters ... there is sooooo much more to come!

We have art! See photographic evidence here:

From our Friends at "Josh In The Box", funny stuff ...

Democrats enthusiastic about Burton opponent.

I’ve been trying to avoid writing about this (why kick someone when they are down), but just can't resist any longer.

I suppose if you’re running against Dan Burton and your Republican Primary campaign fails to win over Republicans, you can always try reaching out to the Democrats. I've figured that moderate McGoff’s anti-gun, big-spending record would appeal to the left wing. And I wasn’t wrong. Democrats seem to be very enthusiastic about McGoff.

Check out these comments posted on a local liberal blog supportive of McGoff:
Please print his mailing address.
This Democrat will gladly send $20.08. Maybe more.

And this great one:
I'm a loyal Dem and I don't live in "the Burton district" (used to--district lines moved, I didn't).
But he's got my $20.08, and if he's got a bumper sticker, I'll put in on my car, since I sure drive through that district frequently...

Or this one:
This sort of comment (above) is exactly why this D will be sending in a donation to McGoff..
This doesn't include the now over a dozen posts the State Democrat Party has put up on their official/un-official blog cheering him on. I guess we should just feel better for him that at least somebody likes him. Too bad for him that they all are from the wrong party.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

REVISED & UPDATED ... Another One Bites the Dust: NY Guv Busted in DC Prostitute Ring

I was commenting just the other day about the liberals and recreational drugs ... pondering whether or not they didn't think reality was weird enough. Well now, fellow dumpster divers, it appears that New York Guv Spitzer got his dingy in the wringy and is somehow involved in a high-end hooker club in DC. Of course, the source is the New York Times, so let's wait for somebody credible to confirm it. [Well, the Times got one right ... but the NY Sun actually broke the story ...]Still, it is gonna be fun to watch this one play out.

Let's review. A President getting "hummers" in the White House, complete with a little spoogie on the silkies ... We got us a gay Congressman apparently running boys out of a DC townhouse and another one hitting on young pages ... I don't know how many diddling their interns ... a Senator trolling in toilets, another doing the DC Madame's exclusive list of 'ho's ... Guv's in a whore house at $5 grand a pop ... and people got all bent out of shape when Jimmy Carter disclosed he'd "lusted in his heart?" What's going on with the world, man! Next thing you know, dogs and cats will be living together in sin!

Who needs recreational drugs? This is beyond any mind-bending halucinations I can think of having this week. If this wasn't so f%*!ing tragic it would be almost funny. I usually, in fact never, beat up on people for their personal lives. What folks do on their own time is none of my business. But, for the love of pizza, dude, what makes these guys think that they can get away with this stuff and not end up all over the tube?

I am all for flaming somebody who lies, cheats, and steals from unsuspecting little old ladies, or people who kick dogs, cats, and other furry little farm animals. I support the death penalty, or at least selective culling of the gene pool, from time to time. But this is insanity. These guys keep doing the same stupid s#!t over and over again and expect a different outcome.

I guess we get what we deserve. [Kinda makes you want to take a shower doesn't it.]

Now, do you really think today's special election in CD 07 doesn't matter? GET OUT AND VOTE.

UPDATE: 11:30 A.M. 3/11: Interestingly, STILL "No Comment" on the Spitz Quitz Call from HRC ... "We should wait to see what comes out over ... comes out in the next days..." OH, give me a break!

UPDATE: 10:15 A.M. 3/11: Man, this thing is going up in flames, fellow flacks! NY Assembly Minority Leader Tedesco says he'll move for Articles of Impeachment in "24 to 48 hours" if the Spitz don't call it quits! Dudes and dudettes, Impeachment! Where have we heard that before? Hmmm ...?

To paraphrase fellow flack and dumpster diver extrondinaire, James "The Ragin' Cajun" Carville: Republicans try to protect their Generals. Democrats are trying to protect their "Privates" ... apparently, in more ways than one.

UPDATE: 3:06 p.m. 3/10: For the "What Goes Around, Comes Around" file ... Multiple sources now report NY Guv Spitzer has been indicted by the Feds and will resign his office later this evening. How tragic on so many levels. Let the games begin!

See the whole thing on

Monday, March 10, 2008

Indiana Dems Flack for John McCain

Wow, was I surprised to see this one this evening! For those of you who don't know, Taking Down Words is the official/unofficial Indiana Democrat Party blog. Yeah, they claim otherwise, but it's BS.

I suppose the Dems don't agree with the Governor much, but I'm glad they agree with his choice for President.


Don't Let Your Dingle Dangle in the Dirt: Should "Spitz" Call it Quits?

Fellow Mudslingers, are we having fun yet?
Stunning. It took less than two hours for the calls to come ...

Peter King (R-NY-03): "Calls for Spitzer to Resign" (FNC)

GOP Gov's Assn: "Calls for Spitzer Resignation" (

Jeanine Piro (R-NY) Former Westchester Co. Pros.: "Spitzer Must Resign" (FNC)

Burning Question #1: Any Democrats wanna speakup? waiting ... waiting ...

HRC: No Comment. (She "feels badly for the Spitzer family" ... well, duh.)

Burning Question #2: For $4,300, she must be either just stunning ... or very, very limber? (Clearly, not very discreet.)

The Burning Question #3: Does anyone else think this is going to be good for business at the Mayflower?

The "Truth-O-Meter Vol. I, No. 3: The "NC" Apparently Discovers Cloning!

The "Truth-O-Meter" Vol. I, No.3

"And the Truth shall set you free"

Well hello again, fellow Truth-seekers, and welcome to yet another myth-busting adventure into the distortions, half truths, and outright fabrications foisted upon the unsuspecting masses by that nameless campaign seeking to soil themselves at every opportunity they can find.

Today's installment: Cloning! Yes, they must have found a way for someone to be in at least three places at the same time! And we have so much stuff on this topic that we have decided to address a few of them in one edition of the Truth-O-Meter for a couple of reasons. One, there are so many of these things that we aren't going to have enough time between now and Election Day to print them all, and two, it's just so darn much fun to point out the hypocrisy of this crowd that we can't resist the temptation.

So strap on your fellow Truth-seeker two-way digital communicator/wristwatch and don't forget your de-coder ring! It's time to debunk another in the long line of idiotic assertions of the campaign that wasn't!

The Lie (#1):

Wednesday, September 28 (2005)

"Missed the International Relations Committee's hearing on the agreement reached two weeks before that was supposed to provide a roadmap for reforming the United Nations ..."

Source: Their website.

(Now that's a real barn-burner of a topic. We've only been trying to reform the UN since I was in High School. But let's assume for the sake of this discussion it was important.)

The Truth:

Our Congressman was on the floor of the House of Representative during this time acting as "floor manager" for H.Res. 388, a bill, "expressing the sense of the House of Representatives regarding the July, 2005, measures of extreme repression on the part of the Cuban Government against members of Cuba's pro-democracy movement, calling for the immediate release of all political prisoners, the legalization of political parties and free elections in Cuba, urging the European Union to reexamine its policy toward Cuba, and calling on the representative of the United States to the 62d session of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights to ensure a resolution calling upon the Cuban regime to end its human rights violations, and for other purposes." (Keep in mind, the man's Chairman of the WHEM subcommittee, and last time I checked ... Cuba was in the Western Hemisphere.)

In addition to this item, other responsibilities of note on that day included the following:

A meeting with the Prime Minister of the Netherlands

Chairing a WHEM subcommittee hearing on "Democracy in Latin America"

Members Only Briefing on "The Global War on Terror"

(Source: Congressional Office Official Calendar. Amazingly, all you have to do is call the nice lady at the Congressman's office and ask her what was on the schedule for any given day in the past you want to ask about. Can you say, "Easy button?")

The Lie (#2):

Thursday, September 15 (2005)

"Missed the Government Reform Committee hearing on lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina ..."

The Truth:

At the same time the Government Reform Committee was meeting, so was the International Relations Committee. The HIRC was "marking up" three pieces of legislation. (... which we will see later in our journey seems to be an important thing to the NC crowd. the whole missing votes thing ...)

Oh, and there was that whole TECRO Agricultural Trade letter signing ceremony with Secretary Rice ... But hey, the nameless campaign wouldn't know about the importance of agricultural or trade opportunities in the 5th district.

The Lie (#3):

Wednesday, July 27 (2005)

"Missed the Government Reform Committee Hearing on the inconsistent standards for security at leased facilities between the Department of Defense and the rest of the federal government."

The Truth:

The Congressman was at the White House ... Meeting with the President.

Now, I am no expert, but I am pretty sure that when the POTUS wants to schedule a meeting, one would do it on his timeline.

Other notable items on schedule that day include:

Chairing a WHEM subcommittee on the "Latin American Diplomacy"

Meeting with the Honduran Special Envoy

The Lie (#4):

Wednesday, April 6 (2005)

"Missed the hearing of the Asia & the Pacific subcommittee of International Relations concerning the People's Republic of China's intentions with respect to Taiwan ..."

The Truth:

Chairing a WHEM Subcommittee hearing on the "Influence of China in the Western Hemisphere."

(Ooops, that one has got to have left a mark.)

In the interest of fairness, let me point out one thing that they did get right on their website. Shockingly, we did catch them accurately stating something:

"Friday, July 1 through Sunday, July 10 ... Congress on recess."
(I am no Parliamentarian but, shouldn't it be Congress in recess.)


So, we can infer (hey, they did!) the nameless campaign has in fact deciphered the genetic code on such a level that they can reproduce an exact duplicate human being ... astonishing, where's the National Enquirer when you need them? ... thereby allowing someone to be in more that one place at the exact same time! Shocking development, fellow Truth-seekers ... and you heard it here first!

More likely, this is just another example of their crass negative attacks. When all else has failed, you see, this is what they are reduced to. The problem with this type of "stunt politics" is that it soon eliminates any respect and credibility you might have had ... want proof? Can you say, "Bob Hildago Kern?"

Stay tuned, hip-sters, it gets better and better ... and we've enlisted some help in trying to get it all put together. Look for other tempting tidbits of tawdry truculence coming soon ...

See other installments of the "Truth-O-Meter" here:

Sunday, March 9, 2008

O.K., It's Time to Put the Kids to Bed

Cross Posted:

Remember what it was like when you were a kid, where perhaps there was an evening that things seemed a little tense around the house? Soon enough, mom and dad announce that it's time to go to bed, but you are smart enough to realize that it's at least an hour before bedtime, as you are told mom and dad have something to discuss, something not intended for you to hear. In other words, you had your playtime that day, but now the adults have some serious issues to discuss or serious work to do, things too mature for your young ears.

To relate this to the upcoming Special Election next Tuesday, it's time that mature adults tell the Libertarian Party to go to bed, the adults have some mature issues to handle. Despite a 37 year history, the LP is way too immature to handle this serious business and it's time that we stop humoring them and tell them to go to bed.

Folks, let me clarify something. I am all for people creating whatever "political parties" (or in the case of the LP, "debating societies") that they so desire, and certainly folks should have the right to vote in whatever manner they see fit (assuming they are still alive, otherwise they are expected to vote Democrat). I am, in no way shape or form, advocating that anyone should be dictated to regarding their personal vote.

But don't you think that after a certain point, a party should have to actually earn your vote? And not through hollow and empty rhetoric (not that said empty rhetoric hasn't done Barry Obama a world of good) but through some sort of empirical evidence that they can actually do what they claim?

Witness the Libertarian Party, self-described as our nation's "largest third-party", which is a lot like saying I am the best looking 6'5" white male currently residing at my residence. In fact, they claim 200,000 members nationwide, which is less than the number of registered voters in the 7th District alone.

This "party of three percent" as I like to refer to them, has been in existence since 1971. Quick: name one elected Libertarian...

Still wating...

Let me know when you think of one, as, unlike noted political parties like The Constitution Party, The Progressive Party, and The Republican Moderate Party (no, I didn't make that last one up), the nation's "largest third party" can't even claim an elected official at the State Representative level. In fact, according to the blog of former State Chairman Mark Rutherford (who, I might add has more class than nearly anyone I've ever known. I'm proud to have had the opportunity to call Mark a friend at one time), here is a list of current officeholders in the state of Indiana:

* 1. Susan Bell, Town Judge, Hagerstown, Term Ends 12/31/11

* 2. Conley Tillson, Clay Township Advisory Board, Wayne County, Term Ends 12/31/10

* 3. Steve Coffman, Liberty Township Advisory Board, Henry County, Term Ends 12/31/10

* 4. Michael Sloan, Town Council, Pottawattamie Park, Term Ends 12/31/11

Folks, our founding fathers only needed 12 years to create a nation from scratch and write a new Constitution. The LP after 37 years has achieved one judge (in a town I've never heard of), two township advisory board seats and a member of the town council for the town in "Groundhog Day".

As far as maturity level goes, this is a party that actively roots against their own nation in order to achieve political power. Don't believe me? Check out:

"Perhaps the upheaval of a bankrupt America would do the trick to bring a 3rd party into power? See David Walker's resignation and the FDIC announcement this week."

That was written by noted local activist Melyssa Donaghy, and appears to welcome such a global calamity in order to generate votes for her crowd.

Or perhaps the words of party activist Sam Goldstein, a member of the LPIN State Steering Committee and the Campaign Manager for Sean Shepard (though in fairness, comparing Goldstein's efforts to that of Elrod's CM Kyle Kasting is a lot like comparing William Hung and Carrie Underwood as far as talent level and ability.) when he told me last week:

"The best thing that could happen would be that Socialist Andre Carson getting elected and he helps destroy this country, then perhaps people would vote the right way"
Of course, considering the fact that Goldstein himself led the back room cabal that ensured Melyssa Donaghy would not be the LP candidate in the upcoming Special Election, perhaps the self-styled "Party of Principle" lacks a bit of that as well.

Folks, listen; the LP has a number of good people who are actively involved that are smart, capable and certainly well-intentioned. You may recall that we on this humble little blog were quite impressed with the recent efforts of Tim Maguire in his race for the City-County Council last year.

But to think that one might actually consider wasting a vote on these people this Tuesday in an election of such importance actually boggles my mind. That anyone would even consider, for just a moment, electing Andre Carson to this seat (likely for life, I might add) by throwing your vote away for an LP candidate is a scary thought, and likely not one that many rational beings are having.

It's time for adults to handle their serious business without the children around. It's time for the LP to go to bed.

Tully hates his mailbox

It is that time of year for the media to decry negative campaigning. Fair enough, it is his job to report on the race.

Fear and loathing in your mailbox "To amplify the point, the mailer includes an image of a torn Social Security card. Yes, that type of puffed-up political spin is sure to spur a healthy discussion of one of the nation's most important, and politically thorny, programs.

Let me be clear: Both Democrats and Republicans spew out negative mailings. It's a bipartisan thing. But during the weeks leading up to Tuesday's special election, Carson has been the prime offender. Another mailer from his team features a photo of a burned-out Humvee. 'Jon Elrod supports the Bush Iraq War,' it reads."

I will not disagree with his point that sometimes the methods to get voters attention are not my favorite but lets be fair. There will probably be more votes for American Idol out of the 7th than votes for Congress. If voters paid more attention then you would not have to give them a poke to get them to pay attention.

Politicians are like children...the more you ignore them the more they will act out to get your attention.

Tully hates his mailbox

Fear and loathing in your mailbox "To amplify the point, the mailer includes an image of a torn Social Security card. Yes, that type of puffed-up political spin is sure to spur a healthy discussion of one of the nation's most important, and politically thorny, programs.
Let me be clear: Both Democrats and Republicans spew out negative mailings. It's a bipartisan thing. But during the weeks leading up to Tuesday's special election, Carson has been the prime offender. Another mailer from his team features a photo of a burned-out Humvee. 'Jon Elrod supports the Bush Iraq War,' it reads."

In Dennis They Trust

After extensive electronic browbeating from Rick Wilson, I am now surfacing to draft my first post to this august blog. And I will begin with a subject that, for better or for worse, is intimately familiar to me: Dennis Kucinich.

As I have been going around telling people since returning to Cleveland in January from my yearlong vacation (fully paid by the federal government) in Southwest Asia during 2007, Dennis will win - with a majority of the vote - his five-way primary for the Democratic nomination on March 4. And history (or at least the voters of the district I know so well) has again proven what an astute observer of Northeast Ohio politics your dear author is...and humble, too.

The only difference this time was the fundraising. Despite truckloads of dollars being thrown at Cleveland City Councilman Joe Cimperman, the annointed candidate of "official Cleveland" (who doesn't even live in the 10th District), Dennis emerged victorious. Something almost made me want to cheer for him as the election approached, if for no other reason than to verify that my own failure to defeat him in the 2006 general election had nothing to do with the (very) modest size of our warchest and everything to do with the hold he has on the electorate in this district (and to give our 2008 nominee, former State Representative Jim Trakas, the best chance of winning in November). Even as scores of Republican friends of mine pulled Dem ballots last Tuesday so they could "vote against Dennis" (not to mention to vote for Hillary to keep that delicious nomination fight going), Dennis demonstrated anew the affection West Siders have for him. Indeed, that unbridled adoration for Cleveland's former "Boy Mayor" baffles those of us who have fought to defend this country, understand the benefits of limited government and lower taxes, and know in our bones that any further expansions of the welfare state (whether socialized medicine, manditory pre-school, or the other socialist proposals Dennis promotes) will break our nation.

But then the story took an even more bizarre turn. I was in Washington this past week for my first drill weekend back with the Navy Reserve unit I serve with and to connect with some old colleauges. I also attended the annual State of Ohio Birthday Celebration at the Library of Congress. As I was making a circuit of the room, who do I see but the good Congressman from Ohio 10? So, I walked up to him and experienced pol that he is, it took only a moment for him to realize who I was (although we happened into one another exactly twice on the campaign trail in 2006, since he refused to debate me at the City Club of Cleveland or elsewhere). He was quite charming, asking, "what are you doing now," etc. When I reminded him that I had recently returned from a 12-month tour in Iraq, the man who has railed against the Bush Adminstration and its so-called "illegal" war, refused to support a 9/11 commemorative resolution, and appeared on Syrian state television to denounce the country in whose national legislative body he holds a seat, he thanked me no fewer than three times in about a 90 second conversation for my service. Apparently, the small role I played in the war wasn't illegal, but was something for which gratitude should be shown by a Member of Congress. Interesting, that.

So, it's good to be back in the land of Dennis, surreal as it usually is. Perhaps one day the people of Greater Cleveland will realize what they continue to do to our region by sending this man to represent our interests in Washington. When they figure that out, I'll be here to step "once more into the breach, dear friends."

But for now, I must sign off. One of the other great joys of the North Coast visited our fair region this weekend - a late winter snowstorm. And there is about 15 inches of the white stuff to move from one location to another outside my house. So, get out your shovels, kids, and stay tuned for my next post!

Digital Sod Buster Rides Again!

I knew I liked him for some reason ...

This just confirms it.

Off Topic for a Saturday Evening

I am so done with winter. I was OK with it until I was watching the AMA Superbike races on Speed channel this afternoon. This is Daytona Bike Week. I'm ready for it to warm up a little bit more so I can get the bike out of storage and start riding. With the price of gasoline being over $3 it'll be nice to commute on something that gets 50 MPG.

Note to my other beer-swilling biker-buddy weekend warriors: I am already spending way too much time tinkering on my mint '98 50th Anniversary edition "ACE" complete with the obligatory Vance & Hines (if they can't see you coming, at leat they'll hear you) drag pipes, and sporting a new chrome radiator cover and chrome shaft cover for this spring. The glare from all that chrome will be magnificent!

Although, my gas mileage isn't as good, it still beats anything on four wheels. Not to mention the sheer cool factor of the breeze 'tween your knees on the open road. Can't wait to ride with you, Farmer! Given the forecast for this week, it might be sooner than we think!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Jon Elrod's First Campaign Ad

(Cross Posted at Hoosier Access)

Moonbat Hunter and Digital Soil Tiller on Another Unfiltered Rant!

This is the stuff of blogging legend! Coming on the heels of our hard-hitting group live blog coverage of the "Sooper Two's Day" Primaries in OH, TX, RI and VT, (Read our O-standing coverage here: The Digital Farmer blog gives us post-debate coverage of the CD 07 "Great Debate" on Thursday night.

This "summary of the debate between State Rep. Jon Elrod (R), City-County Councilor Andre Carson (D), and Sean Shepard (L) televised Thursday night on WNDY-23 and hosted by WISH-TV moonbat political reporter Jim Shella and Carson apologist and WTLC-AM talk show host Amos Brown" is full of great commentary in the finest tradition of "Gonzo Journalism"... here's an excerpt:

Andre Carson - Hey Andre - did you forget to shave this morning? Got a little of that Monroe “Sweet Pea” Gray fuzz going there. Grandma was a bold and courageous leader (who did absolutely nothing in Washington). I hate Bush. Bash Bush. Bash Bush. Bash Bush. I will vote to cut and run. Bring our troops home now. I will protect social security by raising your taxes. He has now said “Bold and Courageous” three times. We must fix our broken education system (who broke it? THE TEACHERS UNION that’s who!). I grew up in Indianapolis (no duh - so did Jon Elrod), I understand the concerns of the 7th District. He specifically thanks the Black Student Union for putting on this debate.

You really should be more kind to poor Sean. It's not his fault that the LPMC is irrelevant and unable to organize a pity party much less a political one:

Sean Shepard - I’m not a Democrat nor a Republican. It’s all their fault.

I was wondering how many representatives of the CBC and DCCC/DNC, Big Labor, and the Code Pinkies were packing the room? Bet you a steak sandwich at Murphy's that the Carson camp had the questions ahead of time ...

Read the whole rant here:

Check out the Digital Soil Tiller here:

From The "Pundit": What Goes Around, Comes Around.

This is too good not to share with our friends who might not be regular readers of the Hoosier Pundit (although, you should be):

Secret taping hurts Carson but bolsters Elrod

In response to Edwin Locke's Feb. 28 letter: The New England Patriots became the NFL's least-trusted football team in the 2007 season after they were caught secretly videotaping the New York Jets. Likewise, Andre Carson's campaign was involved in secretly videotaping Jon Elrod on the state legislative floor in early February.

Carson's campaign used the videotape to question Elrod's judgment for signing campaign letters then turning them over to a legislative employee to put in the mail. It's easy to understand Elrod's mistake. Rarely, if ever, has an Indiana state representative run for Congress while the legislature was still in session. This year's session ends three days after the March 11 special election. Elrod was signing letters in a public place in clear public view, was honest about what happened and said he'd never do it again.

This videotaping incident actually reflects worse on Andre Carson, whose supporters were conspiring for political gain.

I want a congressman I can trust and Jon Elrod is a man who will always be upfront with the voters.

Bob Demaree

Yeah, and the Giants were underdogs too, until the team with the video cameras went down to defeat.

Way to go, Scott. Even us non-football fans get it. This also begs the question: What was a democrat political operative doing conducting political activity in the Chambers?

But Seriously, Can't We Talk About the Issues, Part Deux.

Here's one for the "what's good for one, should be good for another" file.

I wrote earlier about how I was impressed with Abdul Shabazz taking on the undercurrent of talk in the blogoshpere regarding CD 07 contestants Jon Elrod's marital status and Andre Carson's religious affiliations. " ... Class-up the debate by actually discussing issues? Novel idea ..." I wrote.

Like I said then, I don't know the guy. I don't listen to his radio program, no malice - the broadcast signal just doesn't reach out to my house and I can't pick it up at work either.

But I got this message from one of my devoted readers and I thought it deserved some comment. Apparently, she does listen to Abdul.

(Relevant portions reprinted with the permission of the author)

Normally, I don't bother responding to all the half-truths and lies that are spread around during election years as that is the way of politics but this one was so blatantly nasty, I felt I had to say something.

I am referring to Abdul (of Abdul in the Morning) and company's comments about Dan Burton and his new wife.

They made comments about Dan Burton marrying the nurse who took care of his dying wife, inferring she was carrying on with Dan, and how could he sit in judgment of someone else having done that.

I am going to tell you the true story and I should know because I am his daughter, Kelly.

I have known Dan for 44 years and would say that I know him better than any living person. My late mother was probably the only person who knew him better. My dad did marry the woman who took care of my mother during her illness. That part is true. Her name is Samia and she was not my mother's nurse. She was her physician. She is a very caring and very excellent board-certified internal medicine physician. My mother had stage four cancer and there was no cure. Samia helped make my mother's last days as comfortable as possible and was more than willing to spend extra time with her to listen when she needed to talk. Samia and my dad had NO personal relationship at that time. Samia was also my sister's physician. Three years or so after my mother passed, my sister went to the doctor and heard that Samia was now divorced. She had always liked Samia and told dad that "he should call her and ask her out." Dad took Danielle's advice and called her. They began dating and it eventually led to marriage. There was nothing illicit or improper about their relationship. It began well after my mother had passed away.

Abdul and company's implication that they carried on during my mother's illness is not only revolting but bad journalism. Abdul and others should stick to the issues instead of saying things that terribly hurt family members instead of the politician they are going after. Their comments were disrespectful of my mother and her memory and have no place on the radio or in politics.

Kelly (Burton) Smith
Fishers, Indiana.

That was painful for me to read. Sometimes, no, all the time, we need to remember that the things we say (especially on public airwaves) and write in these spaces have consequences.

Abdul, if you ever read this, please accept it in the spirit intended. I believe you should be consistent at least. If keeping people's personal lives out of the discussion is important in the CD 07 race, it should be important in all the races. Trashing a family member that you apparently do not know is beneath a credible commentator, blogger, and political activist, like yourself.

Nobody loves to poke fun at politics more than I do. Even the "hard and fast rule" about not taking cheap personal shots at individuals on these pages gets pushed to the very edge almost daily. But I hope we all remember where that line is and can keep from crossing it.

Read Abdul's article on CD 07 race here:
Josh Gillespie at Hoosier Access weighs in here:

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dyngus Day...all the things you need to know.

So the Democratic primary is coming to Indiana.

HRC and Obama will come to the Hoosier state and learn all about us.Part of our proud primary tradition is Dyngus Day.


"Dyngus Day, celebrated the day after Easter, will be March 24. Although it has its roots in Polish religious history, Dyngus Day has evolved into a political holiday locally. Solidarity Day is a more recent holiday started in the black community on the same day to celebrate black heritage and promote political activism.

One of the most noted Dyngus Day visits occurred in 1968, when presidential candidate Robert Kennedy stumped through the city (you can already hear the Obama comparisons).The primary election schedules were different then, without all of the early primaries and caucuses. Indiana was viewed as a key state in the contest for delegates.Kennedy was involved in a close race with Eugene McCarthy, and favorite son Gov. Roger D. Branigan also was on the ballot. All three visited South Bend at some point during the campaign."

It has pretty much devolved into a political sausage/beer campaignapalooza. The highlight of the day will be when we all gather at the Westside Democratic and Civic Club for lunch. You pay $7 to get in and that entitles you to a plate of kraut, hard boiled egg, fresh sausage and a cold beverage of your choice.

Then the real fun starts.

By around 12:30PM the club chairman takes the stage and welcomes everyone (including the Republicans...even though they won't let you touch the microphone). Then he introduces the candidates one by one. Inevitably at least one of the local ones will be half smashed and will slur insults at the President and Republicans in general. Good times.

Because of the tradition the media will ALL be there. Tradition? Oh yeah, it was actually a religious holiday at one time.

"Dyngus Day or Wet Monday (Polish Śmigus-dyngus, Lany Poniedziałek, Polewanka or Oblewanka) is the name for Easter Monday in Poland. In the Czech Republic it is called Velikonoční pondělí or Pomlázka. Both countries practice a peculiar custom on this day.In Poland, traditionally, early in the morning boys awake girls by pouring a bucket of water on their head and strike them about the legs with long thin twigs or switches made from willow, birch or decorated tree branches (palmy wielkanocne); however, the earliest documented[citation needed] records of Dyngus Day in Poland are from the 15th century, almost half a millennium after Poland adopted Christianity."

If you are lucky you might still see a local Democrat chasing young girls with cold beer intent on, ...well something.

Moonbat Hunter's Unite! The Digital Farmer is off his meds! Another Unfiltered Rant of Genuinely Monumental Proportions!

Rivaling our own Gonzo Defenestrater! (Can you say "Shameless self-promotion ... I can!)

The Digital Farmer unloads both barrels on Marion County Clerk, Beth White. See his hard-hitting and unfiltered rant here:

Devoted readers, don't miss a minute of this pulse pounding diatribe.

We Could Not Have Said it Better Ourselves

So, we will not try. Rather, we will ask you to visit our friends at Circle City Pundit.

Senator, Thank you for your service to our State. God Bless you and your family as you leave us and start anew. You will be missed.

The "Truth-O-Meter" Vol. I, No. 1: This one takes the bottom of the gutter to new lows.

Truth-O-Meter: Vol. I, No. 1
"And the Truth shall set you free"

We thought we'd seen it all! But this one is too stupid not to print. And it just couldn't have been better timing. We were going to go with something else for Vol. I, No. 1, but it's got to come later. We actually had a hard time deciding whether to use this for the "Just to Weird, Even for Me" file, the "Stupid Humans" Award, or the "Truth-O-Meter". Clearly we opted for the T-O-M, this time, but we may have to actually re-post this in the other two categories because it is just soooooo deliciously amateurish that it deserves the distinctions.

So, fellow truth-seekers, sit back and take in Vol. I, No. 1 and all the sheer beauty that is living in the internet-friendly United States of America. (Hang on, you're going to love this...)

The Big Lie (Really, it's a big-big, twisted, and tortured Distortion of the Truth, but we need to stay with the format):

According to the nameless (and shameless) campaign:

"In December 2002, US News & World Report noted that while he was Chairman of Government Oversight & Reform Committee, Burton had a TV installed at his seat so he could watch golf tournaments during official hearings."

Their source: The "Washington Whispers Gossip Column". One sentence in a gossip column, that's their citation. See the whole thing here:

The Truth:

TV monitors were installed while Mr. Burton was Chairman of the Government reform and Oversight Committee, as they were in other Committee Rooms, so that Committee Chairs could monitor floor activities. The monitors were authorized by the House Committee on Administration and installed under the supervision of the Committee Broadcast Program Director.

The Facts:

Subsequently, the House Committee on Administration embarked on a complete redesign and standardization of this technology for the entire House Committee system, which is currently in progress. Under this program, every House Committee Hearing Room will have a new 3X5 inch monitor installed at the Committee Chair desk to allow the the Chairman to monitor floor proceedings, determine when votes are pending or occurring, and manage the proceedings of the Committee accordingly.

The Evidence (in other words, our legit sources):

Committee Broadcast Program Director
Government Oversight and Reform Committee Broadcast Technician

The Commentary:

I guessin' here, but it doesn't sound to me like the Golf Channel in HD is on the menu?

So, here we go again. Let's try to figure out why this nameless campaign would flounder around in obscurity using this kind of junk. Oh, I know, they're a nameless campaign that's floundering around in obscurity and nobody will take them seriously! When that happens, you surely must find something out there that you can distort, present as fact, and use (quite disingenuously, I might add) to make a case for what a lame and inept campaign you have. (Sounds like the definition of a circular firing squad to me.) I can't believe that any responsible op-researcher would have not checked facts before putting this dung out there. Especially when any dumpster-diver can easily check it out. These guys are giving the whole profession a bum rap!

Thankfully (for us bloggers, at least) they've got a 2-ton truckload more of these. We're going to run out of time before election day to post them all! But fear not! Our band of merry hacks and flacks will work our little fingers to the nub in an effort to bring you the naked truth. We may have to get some interns! Recruit some other bloggers! Whatever it takes. Gasp! We may even have to go legit! (Like that will ever happen ... no, forget that last one.)

Stay tuned hip-sters, there's a bunch more to come!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Update on the FTA idiocy and IndyGo Speedway Shuttles

Erika D. Smith of the Ryerson Rag writes THIS update on the situation with IndyGo dropping Speedway shuttle service in light of new FTA regulations.

Come on DC bureaucrats, quit looking at this from 35,000 feet and let IndyGo keep the shuttle going. It'll be a whole heck of a lot easier than putting upwards of 5000 more cars parking around the Speedway area.

In Case You Missed It ...

"So, I want to go on the record before the polls close in Ohio ... and the Sooper Two's Day Texas Two Step starts ... Hillary wins OH, TX, and RI tonight."

I am still giddy with the flush of being the only one who called the Trifecta last night, even if we had to stay up until the wee-hours, late of which we persevered without the benefit of sustenance, fruit and beverages.

Our intrepid team suffered through the closing hours having exhausted our rather substantial supply of wings and we burned up the blender. Yet, bleary-eyed, hungry, and desperately in need of cocktails, we doggedly continued reporting with posts from sources around the country - from Indy to DC to Ohio, North Carolina, and wherever Faulkner was - to bring you the story. Why worry about all that channel flippin' and constantly surfin' the net when you can get all the necessary dish right here? But enough shameless self-promotion. This is really all about me.

I have been tempted, but I have resisted the whole "I told you so" thing. As I mentioned last night, I will be magnanimous in victory. No cheap end zone dance or excessive celebration on my part. I'm too humble for that.

I am however mindful, in the words of that old axiom:

"Sometimes you get the Bear. Sometimes the Bear gets you."

You may now kiss my ring and pay the appropriate homage. And, that's Mr. "O' Great One" ...