Monday, February 4, 2008

The Conspiracy is Growing!

Three New Additions join the Weird Pros.

We here at the blogquarters are humbled and, well, a bit misty-eyed that three of the really good pol-bloggers in Indiana have (in a moment of weakness) decided to join the cabal!

Adding to the brain trust of political insiders are (In Alphabetical Order):

Chris Faulkner (,
Josh Gillespie (,
and Jacob Perry (

For those of you keeping score, we now have 4-1/2 traditional conservative Republicans (the husband & wife team count as 1-1/2 so as to not dilute mix), 2 "Atila the Hun" conservatives, 1 "TR Progressive Republican" (whatever than means, Gonzo?), 1 Libertarian, that leans Republican, and Faulkner (who, in the finest tradition of the GOP Political Operative, will take anybody's cash or certified check.)

We are really looking forward to having these guys around and watching them blast away on whatever they feel like blasting on. Too bad we can't figure out away to get Faulkner's Twitter posts on here ... we'll have to work on that.

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