Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More rage against the Ron Paul machine ...

For all you Paulista's out there, check out this review of Ron Paul's new tome by our pal, Jacob Perry, at Circle City Pundit.

Devoted Readers will know that I, as the uber-conservative I am, actually supported Ron Paul so that he could inform the debate. Clearly, there wasn't much information communicated because we ended up with the McCainiac.

The best part of the post is the comments. You simply have to read the back and forth between Sean Shepard and everyone else ... I love the Blogosphere. Really, I do.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Hits Just Keep On Coming....

Read around the blogosphere about the Cart00neys for CSO Architects (and by extension Dumocrat Guv candidate Jimmy Paycheck) bitchslapping JLT with a C&D for her "infringement of rights" because she used a PUBLIC school designed by CSO for her campaign ad.

So since when has something PUBLIC like a school become the exclusive intellectual property of an architect?

This is gonna be a doozie of a week.

and yes I approve this message!

Indiana in the Election News Again. Is this Our Year, or What?


The Justices, in 6-3 decision, uphold the Indiana Voter ID law.

Reaction has been predictably partisan with the liberals blasting the decision, and the GOPers hailing it as common sense protection against voter fraud. IN SoS Todd Rokita said, "“This says to the voter you can have confidence again in the elections because we’re doing some of the things the guy at the video store does when you go and rent a video.”

Makes sense. You have to show ID to make a bank deposit/withdrawal, rent a car, to pick up your prescriptions, to get on an airplane, and as Todd points out, to rent a video - so why not to cast your ballot? I rather think that it protects your franchise rather than diminish it. I have worked in many campaigns and it seems to me that it is always easier to get a ballot thrown out than to get one counted. The Indiana law makes it much harder to challenge a ballot when election officials have verified the identity of the voter.

Case in point: One of the Plaintiffs in the suit was a woman who was registered to vote in two places (Indiana & Florida) proving, in my mind, that the Indiana law accomplishes what it is intended to do. I feel better knowing that my vote will not be diluted by someone else voting twice, thrice, or from Crown Hill Cemetery.

H/T Election Journal, SoS Todd Rokita

Monday, April 28, 2008

Indianapolis Democrats: Examples of Hypocrisy

[Crossposted to Digital Farmers]

I live blogged the City-County Council meeting tonight and found one very interesting piece of hypocrisy from the Democrats: When complaining about the lack of African-Americans on boards and commissions, they throw another African-American professional woman under the bus and vote against her appointment as an Administrative Law Judge for Environmental Court. I'm referring to Proposal 163 and the appointment of Darla Williams to this court.

Black Democrat City-County Councilors Paul Bateman, Vernon Brown, Dorothy Minton-McNeill, Jose Evans, Monroe "Sweet Pea" Gray, Duke Oliver, Cherrish Pryor, and one caucasian woman Joanne Sanders voted "NO" on this proposal. Note Sweet Pea's opposition to Williams' appointment.

Later, in Proposal 198, Sweet Pea "axes" about the number of African-American appointees to boards. You gotta be kidding me, oh master of the pea shake! Just a few minutes before you tried to deny a black professional woman opportunity and refuse her appointment to a adjudicate cases while complaining about the lack of African-Americans on boards and commissions?


How DARE he even state such a thing with a straight face? Or a goofy face - or any face for that matter.

It gets better. In the next proposal #199, another board appointment, Sweet Pea axes the question why are there not more African-Americans appointed to the Community Corrections board? Does the hypocrisy ever end with the Moonbats?

It's really not just getting an African-American on these boards, now is it? It's getting the ones a few can serve as masters over and these appointees comply willing without asking questions.

Friday, April 25, 2008

This Joint is Jumpin'

Greetings Fellow Hacks, Flacks, and DD's!

For the first friggin' time in my life I have actually seen Democratic Presidential candidates in Indiana. In fact, you almost can't go anywhere (seriously, anybody downtown by the American Legion Mall the other day?) without tripping over throngs of Clinton and or Obama supporters heading over to one of the events and/or rallies.

Even little ol' Marion, up in Grant County, is getting a visit from Obama-mama-mia this weekend. I can already hear the swoon and thud of another ecstatic Obamaite hitting the floor - out cold - in the mere presence of the Obamassiah. Can I get a medic here, please?

As a proud, whiskey-swilling, bitter old, gun-toting, Bible-thumper I must be honest. I actually find all this fawning and preening quite entertaining. All these local news-reporters are getting plastered with stuff from the campaigns in a way they have only dreamed about previously. Even the local cage-liner here in the Big City is getting into the act in a big way.

Dem Hack and CBS pundit, Joe Trippi, thinks that Team Clinton is using Indiana as a "head fake" to draw attention away from their efforts in North Carolina, but I don't care. Indiana still gets to be in the limelight for the next 10 days and, by Crom, we deserve it.

Even us rank amateurs here at the WPBCHQ are having some fun with it. Enjoy, Indiana. It may be another 40 years for the next political "perfect storm" rolls across the Hoosier state. In the meantime, stay tuned we'll surely find something weird enough to comment on.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Decision Time, America

What do we do with the Rebate Check, Mabel?

Soon, many of us will be receiving a gift, of sorts, from our government. Yes, in their infinite wisdom, the folks in DC decided to pass back a little (very little) of the cash they so mercilessly snatch from our collective paychecks.

The rationale behind this largess? Well, to stimulate the economy by having us all run right out and blow it on a new digital TV or refrigerator or something. Personally, I'm either investing it or reducing debt, but that's just me.

The more fundamental question, in my view, is: If the economy is getting stimulated by giving us some of the tax money back, why would letting the 2001 and 2003 so-called "Bush Tax Cuts" expire not "un-stimulate the economy" ... causing the government to again pander to our stupidity by throwing us another bone?

It reminds me of the "Tax the Big Corporations" mantra. No corporation that I know of pays taxes. If taxes go up, their costs of doing business goes up. When their costs of doing business goes up, they either cut costs/resources or raise prices. Either way it's not a good thing for us.

I think the best strategy is to save or invest your rebate friends. You'll need it to pay the IRS when your taxes go back up. Having recently paid my own tax liability (interesting word, liability. Why do you think they describe it as a liability?) for Tax Year 2007, I am nonplussed (to say the least) about getting a couple hundred dollars back. In fact, I am curious just how much it's going to "cost" to give us back our money? Who's the genius that dreamt this one up ... I mean, puhl-eeeze?

Let's total up the postage, printing, man/woman-hours, overtime, energy costs, and etc ... what do you think, $100, maybe $200 bucks for each check ... I dunno, maybe there's some economies of scale here. Still, it had to cost a ton to do this.

It makes you wonder just how far we have drifted off the course set by the Founders of the Republic.

"What hath we wrought?" someone asked Benjamin Franklin.

He might have a different answer today. A nation dominated by a political class that has raised pandering and partisanship to an art form, only because citizens got too lazy to take responsibility to cast an informed vote. A system that allows for the most uncivil discourse and personal attack so as to debase even those strongest of character.

Somebody tell me that $600 isn't enough to buy them off. Please tell me that these people can't head fake you into not asking the tough questions with this sanctioned bribery ... Anyone?

I guess everybody already left to take advantage of the early bird specials at Wal-Mart.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Senator Byrd, Sir, you're drooling on yourself ... Sir, wake up

Who can for get that memorable moment?

Who can forget that great TV moment when, during an impassioned speech from the Senate floor, Harry Reid is upstaged on C-SPAN by a sleeping Robert Byrd seated just behind and over Reid's shoulder, clearly visible to the cameras!

I was reading through some of the online information sources I use, (a few of which I actually enjoy) when I came upon this item at WhatHillPeopleLike regarding the "Gentleman from West Virginia" (that's West, By G-d, Ver-gin-knee-yah, for us dialectically-challenged Midwesterners). They bring a different perspective to the good senator.

Worth a few minutes of your time to read and get a few chuckles from.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Pelosi Premium

Check this out from our pals at the NRSC.

Another installment of "The Best Government Money Can Buy" brought to you by Nancy I-wanna-rule-the-world Pelosi (BTW, is it me, or does anyone else think she just looks like she needs a laxative all the time?)

H/T RNSC and Pictorial Directory of the USHoR ...

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Cubs, First Place in the Central Div.

Chicago 12 6 .667 -
St. Louis 12 7 .632 0.5
Milwaukee 11 7 .611 1.0
Cincinnati 8 11 .421 4.5
Pittsburgh 7 11 .389 5.0
Houston 7 12 .368 5.5

A Beautiful Sight indeed, eh Gonz?

Boston 13 7 .650 -
Baltimore 11 8 .579 1.5
Toronto 10 9 .526 2.5
New York 10 10 .500 3.0
Tampa Bay 8 11 .421 4.5

Ohhh look at the Yank-me's. Poor Josh.

Danica Patrick Makes History ... Again.

They Didn't Build 'em Like This When My Dad Took Me to the Races ...

First Woman to Win in Indy Car Racing ... and not too bad in a swim suit either!

Personally, I am a huge fan of Vitor Meira and the Panther Racing crew, but you have to appreciate the cool factor for Indy Car when DP won the race in Japan over the weekend. It would have been better if she'd been able to pull it off here in the US, but a win is a win and Indy Car has been on a winning streak lately.

In the politics of big-time motorsports, Indy Car has pretty much run the table. The split in open wheel racing has been repaired and the Champ Car guys will be running in the Indy Car series now - that makes for better competition, and competition always makes the product better.

The world is full of big problems. Isn't it great to be able to take a few minutes out and appreciate this really nice woman who has accomplished something truly historic. What's next? Well, there is this little get together out on 16th Street in May.

And, in my perfect world, the Cubs (12-6!) take the Series ...

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Cross Posted:

Complaint alleges campaign accepted contributions from at least three individuals which exceeded legal limits

A complaint was mailed to the Federal Election Commission's General Counsel's office charging the Congressional Primary campaign of current State Representative David Orentlicher (D) of Indianapolis with soliciting and accepting individual donations of $9200 each from three contributors in 2007, in violation of 2 U.S.C. § 441a, the provision of the Act limiting individual contributions to $2300 per election.

According to the complaint itself:

Robert N. Bader Excessive Contributions

On December 24, 2007, Robert N. Bader, 5262 Roland Dr., Indianapolis, Indiana 46228-2225, contributed $2300 designated for the 2008 special election (see transaction ID# C4719400). Pursuant to the Act, this contribution constitutes the maximum Robert N. Bader can give towards Orentlicher's 2008 special election bid. Nevertheless, on December 24, 2007, Robert N. Bader again contributed $2300 specifically designated for the 2008 special election (see transaction ID# C4719399). Thus, the December 24th contribution is excessive and should have been refunded within 60 days (11 C.F.R. 103.3(b)(3)).

Tori Bader Excessive Contributions

On December 24, 2007, Tori Bader, 5262 Roland Dr., Indianapolis, Indiana 46228-2225, contributed $2300 designated for the 2008 special election (see transaction ID# C4719403). Pursuant to the Act, this contribution constitutes the maximum Tori Bader can give towards Orentlicher's 2008 special election bid. Nevertheless, on December 24, 2007, Tori Bader again contributed $2300 specifically designated for the 2008 special election (see transaction ID# C4719402). Thus, the December 24th contribution is excessive and should have been refunded within 60 days (11 C.F.R. 103.3(b)(3)).

Ann Stack Excessive Contributions

On December 7, 2007, Ann Stack, 4131 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, Indiana 46208-4014, contributed $2300 designated for the 2008 special election (see transaction ID# C4719482). Pursuant to the Act, this contribution constitutes the maximum Ann Stack can give towards Orentlicher's 2008 special election bid. Nevertheless, on December 7, 2007, Ann Stack again contributed $2300 specifically designated for the 2008 special election (see transaction ID# C4719481). Thus, the December 7th contribution is excessive and should have been refunded within 60 days (11 C.F.R. 103.3(b)(3)).

According to 2 U.S.C. § 441a(i)/441e-1, the so-called "Millionaire's Amendment", House and Senate candidates are able to exceed individual contribution limits for their own campaign when an opponent injects a certain amount of their own personal funds into their race. These increased limits are only applicable after a campaign files an "FEC Form 11".

In the case of the Orentlicher campaign, FEC Form 11's were filed on March 28, 2008 and again on April 8th, 2008 in regards to the personal funds of Dr. Woodrow Myers. However, these filings are NOT retroactive, and thus do NOT apply to contributions received in December of 2007.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Ripped from the Headlines! Or, "How we swiped this idea from another Blog."

Greetings fellow DDs!

All us bitter gun-toting Jesus-freaks here at the WPBCHQ are clinging to our AR-15's and sandbagging the perimeter in expectation of the opportunity to have the Hil-ster over for a whiskey-swilling good time firing up the "Ma Duece". Fellow flacks, Josh Gillespie of Hoosier Access and Burton hack, Rick Wilson, are rumored to be in Tennessee as we speak picking up some of the "family's finest" (aged an entire week, out behind the barn!)

Should be a smokin' good time, y'all! (We even have Johnsonville Sausages and some deer kabobs to throw on the grill!) I, of course, will be providing the blender.

Speaking of Guns! Check this out from our pals at TBB:

All gun owners in the 5th district should be re-assured that their rights are being protected by their current Congressman. Something they can't guarantee from Dan's opponent, who has a history of supporting restrictions on gun ownership.

The SAFE Act protects the right of citizens to carry their firearms into other states by allowing law-abiding citizens who can legally carry in their home state -- even without a permit -- to carry all across the country. The Gun Owners of America is supporting the bill.

Gun owners throughout the district have enthusiastically supported Dan for a long time. When it really counts, they know they can count on Dan to protect our Second Amendment rights!


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Follicle Challenged Flacks Shocked by Faulker Losing Locks

GOP Flack and Hair Fan Club Super Model Lops Off for Locks of Love Donation to Pat Bauer

GOP Political Hack and long-time Hair aficionado, Chris Faulkner, shows up at the Hamilton County Lincoln Day Dinner sporting a "new 'do". While not reverting to his days as a young Marine with the "felt-tip pen" look, the new mane is demonstrably shorter than the Hair Fan Club Photo reprinted above.

Those of us who suffer with Chronic Follicle Absentia Disorder (C-FAD) were troubled by this turn of events until Faulkner revealed that he had done it in order to donate the hair to the poster boy for the bad-hair day, Pat "the Rug" Bauer. Oh the humanity! What greater love than this, that a man would give up his mane for a friend!

All we can say is, thanks. And remember, eventually, even a bad hair cut is better than no hair cut at all.

Mystery Explosion Around Kokomo Explained

Just got word from Mr. J and Mr. K about those mysterious explosions last night around Kokomo. Seems a family of Blurgs were on their way to their centennial family vacation on Mars when they developed spacecraft trouble just past the Venus offramp to the solar bypass.

As most Earthlings are pretty content and don't believe in beings existing outside their little realm, they knew they had to be discrete. In an effort to contact the US ICE to get clearance for a landing somewhere secure so someone could look at their XQB-38a (they don't make them like those old 35's now do they?) they pushed the wrong button on their communication console and intercepted the ABC News Democrat debate between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Unfortunately the Blurgs have very sensitive hearing and upon hearing Hillary Clinton they experienced excruciating pain. In the meantime they found out ICE was closed so they attempted to land at the nearest secure military facility they could find. However their charts were woefully out of date and did not indicate that Grissom Air Force Base was closed a few years ago (What? No Galactic Positioning System?). So the Blurgs attempted to land at Grissom.

However during the landing attempt someone pressed the button and turned the Democrat debate back on their Spectroscope. The apparent patriarch of the Blurgs lost control of the spacecraft and landed it in a not-yet-planted cornfield near Kokomo. When questioned by MiB the apparent matriarch explained she was so panicked over the choices the Earthlings had for their leaders she grabbed the pilot's 5th eye to show him. "What is this? Earthlings have a choice between a screaming female species and someone who looks like he's never taken ...." The patriarch explained he read about the species and corrected her, that some Earthlings are darker paint (sorry the Blurg language has no word for "skin") than others. He read the darker one was "Clean and Articulate" on a news report while traveling for business near Alpha Centauri.

What she didn't realize though, he was using that 5th eye to watch the gyronator. Unfortunate series of errors later they were on the ground with a resounding THUD! The fire and rescue squads showed up, GSTC (Galatic Spacecraft Travel Club - the UFO version of AAA) was called and towed the spacecraft to an underground bunker for repairs. MiB arrived and talked to everyone involved, and ..... hey what's that thing. Looks like a camer......*FLASH*

What the heck happened? Ah well must be 3 for 1 night at the local Mexican restaurant.

UPDATE: Received a communique' from my source at MiB - The Indiana National Guard is issuing their cover story that 3 F-16's were "in the area" performing a "training mission". Uhhh-huhhhhh. Of course everyone knows it takes 3 F-16's to tow a XQB-38a spacecraft after it's crash landed. DUH! They hooked up their tow cables to the spacecraft and towed it to Grissom for repairs. Expect some more strange noises in the coming days when the Blurgs get their spacecraft repaired and get underway to Mars for their vacation.... *FLASH*

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bet You Wont See This in the Indianpolis Star!

Below is the text of a letter sent to Hoosier Access, Brian Howey, polispolitics, Indianapolis Star, Noblesville Ledger and a couple of others by Howard County GOP Chairman, Craig Dunn. If ever there was an eloquent defense of the Grand Old Party, this is it fellow DD's:

I am writing this as both a Republican and as Republican County Chairman for Howard County. When Dr. John McGoff surprised and disappointed most of the leadership of the Republican Party by announcing an ill-advised campaign against thirteen-term incumbent Congressman Dan Burton, many old political hands expected McGoff to take the easy shots at Burton for missing a few votes for a previously scheduled charity golf tournament. Frankly, since Burton's conservative voting record, constituent services and service to the Republican Party were above reproach, it did not leave much of an opportunity for Dr. McGoff to attack. However, the old political hands failed to realize the depths that someone in desperate political straights might resort to in an effort to revive a moribund and utterly failed campaign.

I was personally sickened and saddened by the callously inappropriate attack mail piece selectively mailed by John McGoff in recent days. To characterize this most recent mail piece as a gross distortion would be an understatement. In fact, it was a senseless, inaccurate distortion of the truth that was not only libelous to Dan Burton personally, but was incredibly damaging to the Republican Party. It is self-evident that the McGoff campaign has shed any vestige of civility and honor and has resorted to the time-worn tactic of obfuscation and smearing of an opponents good name. This is the act of one who is definitely more concerned with his own well-being than with the well-being of his Party and Indiana's Fifth Congressional District. I had hoped that Dr. McGoff would run an honorable, honest and energetic campaign of ideas. However, McGoff, devoid of original ideas, felt compelled to try and rescue his lagging campaign with the political equivalent of a fourth quarter "Hail Mary" pass.

It is no secret that former lobbyist Jack Abramoff donated campaign funds to hundreds of elected officials, of both political parties, over the years. When the news of Abramoff's plainly illegal acts became known, Dan Burton felt compelled to disgorge his campaign of any Abramoff contributed funds. This is a time-honored and accepted tradition in the political world. Dan Burton donated Abramoff's campaign contributions to various charities. This is the truth, plain and simple.

In the hands of McGoff's highly-paid political hit-men this simple act of reasonable charity morphed itself into a mail piece alleging fraud, intentionally diverting campaign funds to a charity. This is not only disingenuous, but laughable in the face of the facts. Upon further reflection, it isn't laughable. To directly challenge the personal integrity of a man who has given the majority of his life to public service in Indiana, agree with his political views or not, is totally inappropriate. It not only violates one of the Commandments against bearing false witness, it also violates Ronald Reagan's Commandment about speaking ill of another Republican. It was an obvious act of desperation, beneath the dignity of Dr. McGoff, detrimental to the Republican Party and just plain wrong.

I am sure that Dan Burton subscribes to Abraham Lincoln's philosophy about a lion doing battle with a skunk. The lion Burton will surely win, but cannot help but come out smelling from the encounter. It is for this reason that I ask Dr. John McGoff to grow up, understand that he is trying to compete on a level which requires much more judgment than he has demonstrated and treat his fellow man and opponent in a manner in which he would also wish to be treated. The constituents of the Fifth Congressional District are entitled to as much. Dr. McGoff owes Dan Burton and the people of the Fifth District an apology for bringing such sewage to our state. Perhaps the mail piece was not the work of Dr. McGoff, but the work of the medical, pharmacological and trial attorney special interests that seem to be his sole source of financial and political support. If so, Dr. McGoff, please repudiate these special interest driven libels!

When one reviews the incredible long list of endorsements that Dan Burton has received from State officials, legislators, Congressmen, local elected officials, party faithful and average loyal Republicans, it is very easy to understand why they have put their trust in Dan to represent their interests and defend their Country. He has consistently delivered sound, conservative and effective leadership in the United States Congress and yet has remained a Hoosier at heart. If Dr. McGoff does not provide himself with the appropriate Hoosier self-discipline, I trust that the Republican voters of the Fifth District will apply the needed restraint.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

OBAMA vs. HIL in Battle of the Bands: Obama may have Dave Matthews, but the Hil-sters got Elton John!

Can you say, My Rock-Star's Bigger than your Rock-Star?

He may be old, a little pudgy, and gay, but he is a Knight of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, or whatever, and he did sing at Princess Di's Funeral ... Top that, Dave.

Sir Elton John did a concert at NEW YORK CITY's Radio City Music Hall for the Hil-ster and her campaign wasted no time in telling everybody about the cool $2.5 mil they raked in last night.

Far be it from your humble Dumpster Diver to make shameless comparisons on the overall value of pop music (except for our hero, Weird Al Yankovic), but among insiders, and the fashionistas over at Go Fug Yourself, I gotta believe that Sir Elton tips the scale in the Hil-sters favor. And what a perk for Bill and Chel!

The consensus here at the WPBCHQ is that SEJ @ RCMH trumps DMB @ IUB, but we can be bought, er, persuaded if you DMB fans want to weigh in. It's always open-thread Thursday here!

Considering the Source, More Crass Thursday Humor ...

From our "friends" at the Completelyworthless News Network (CNN) ...

April 9, 2008
Huckabee signs with talent agency
Posted: 07:12 PM ET

(CNN) – Former Republican presidential contender Mike Huckabee has signed a contract with Creative Artists Agency in Los Angeles, daughter and senior advisor Sarah Huckabee tells CNN.
“Nothing has been decided,” the younger Huckabee says of future projects, “[it] probably won't be just one thing but maybe several different things. Just exploring options right now.”
Huckabee follows former rival Fred Thompson’s lead by inking a post-campaign deal with a talent agency. But unlike the former Tennessee senator, this is Huckabee’s first official foray into show business.

While running, his appearances on late-night shows like 'Saturday Night Live' and 'The Colbert Report' garnered praise and Huckabee seemed armed with a new expression for every television appearance. As it became apparent he wouldn’t win the Republican nomination, reporters began asking Huckabee about a possible future in television.

In a letter to supporters Wednesday, Huckabee announced that on Thursday he will host what is being billed as “a landmark teleconference call” that will lay out his plans for the future and discuss the state of the conservative movement.

From: Filed under: Mike Huckabee

Another answer to the immortal question: "How low do you have to stoop in this country to become President?" ... or in this case, Vice President, or maybe, a cabinet secretary ... or talk show host.

Crass Thursday Morning Humor ...

Sometimes, a picture really is worth a thousand words ...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

National News Breaking from Indiana ... GOP Official files Election Complaint Against Obama-mama-mia Campaign

Harrison County GOP Chairman, Scott Fluhr, files a complaint with the Indiana Election Commission alleging a violation of Indiana Code 3-14-2-1, wherein “payment of any property” of value in exchange for applying for an absentee ballot, casting an absentee ballot, registering to vote, or voting" is prohibited under state law. The issue arises out of the Obama campaign passing out "free tickets" to a Dave Matthews concert at Indiana University in Bloomington on April 6.

Fluhr cited several media reports and annecdotal evidence that the Obama-mama-mia campaign seemed to be clearly in violation of the statute by handing out the tickets in exchange for registering to vote and asked the Commission to conduct "A full investigation ... into the exact circumstances of this event and the distribution of tickets to it is clearly warranted and necessary to ascertain relevant facts regarding potential violations of this and other portions of the Indiana Code."

Fluhr notes that the two Democratic members of the IEC are closely tied to the state's junior Senator, Evan Bayh, and are therefore likely to be supportive of the Clinton campaign. Whether that plays into any decision of the commission is pure speculation, but it does seem to make for an interesting set of circumstances leading up to the state's May 6 Primary.

Stay tuned for more ...

See the original story here.

H/T Hoosier Pundit

This Just In! NEW National Taxpayer Union Rankings

Burton, Pence Lead the way for Indiana!

The NTU ratings just came out today:

The “A” grade earns them the Taxpayer’s Friend Award. Note that Burton and Pence are the only two Hoosiers legislators to receive an "A". Burton has won the award on twelve previous occassions.

Go here for more info:

Having just paid my taxes, I wish the rest of the Indiana delegation could be friendlier! Ouch!

WP Live Blog Test finds glitches and riches

Live Blogging meets Frozen Blender Drinks

Last nights experiment in live blogging shows that even us amateurs can get something right if we work at it long enough.

Gillespie had to sit through RW's ranting curses at the the devil technology gremlins that infested the first twenty minutes of the experience, but once we put everything together, it turned out to be a pretty cool experience and one our fellow hacks, flacks, and dumpster divers will really get turned on by we think.

Check it out for yourself at ... best of all, it's FREE!

Monday, April 7, 2008

WP Live Blog ... a little shaky at the start, but we got 'er done!

Well, after a significant use of colorful metaphors and some intense moments of technoscrabble, we managed to pull off the first WP live blog. Thanks to Josh Gillespie of Hoosier Access and our co-conspirator here at WP for staying up late to help test the system ... we may actually get this thing to work at a reasonably professional level of service. Stay tuned for more live blogs from where ever we can make some dish!

We are trying something new! Live Blogging!

We found this cool new app that will allow us to Live blog! which we are going to try out. If it works as advertised, we may try some live blogging from Hoosier Access Radio and other events between now and Election Day.

Whether from the Campaign Trail or just hangin' out in a bar somewhere, we can blog live with all the dish that's unfit for the MSM ... they wouldn't print it anyway.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

She's [effing] Obama

Not only is Lizzy Blackney, hot, intelligent, and a good blogger ... but she does good video.

Friday, April 4, 2008

I Think I Need One of Gonzo's Frozen Blender Drinks

I’m not much of a drinker. But when I do, gin and tonic is my beverage of choice (made with Bombay Sapphire…that’s the good stuff). But it looks like Absolut Vodka decided to stoke anti-American sentiment and is running the ad below in Mexico.


Yep, you’re seeing that map correctly. According to the LA Times:

The billboard and press campaign, created by advertising agency Teran\TBWA and now running in Mexico, is a colorful map depicting what the Americas might look like in an “Absolut” — i.e., perfect — world.

The U.S.-Mexico border lies where it was before the Mexican-American war of 1848 when California, as we now know it, was Mexican territory and known as Alta California.

The campaign taps into the national pride of Mexicans, according to Favio Ucedo, creative director of leading Latino advertising agency Grupo Gallegos in the U.S.

Ucedo, who is from Argentina, said: “Mexicans talk about how the Americans stole their land, so this is their way of reclaiming it. It’s very relevant and the Mexicans will love the idea.”

But he said that were the campaign to run in the United States, it might fall flat.

Gee, you think? By the way, Absolut is running the ad in english in Mexico. I see the irony. Do you?

(H/T - Drudge Report and Gateway Pundit)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Just a little something from the Blogosphere

We just had to share this sampling of the fare on the net with our Devoted Readers. First, there's this piece from our friends at Polis Politics :

April 02, 2008
"But sometimes, sometimes Bad is Bad"

One of our favorite campaign moments last year was when Amos Brown had Lonnell "King-Ro" Conley and the other embattled Democrat At-Large Indianapolis City Councilors on his show. All, especially Conley, were under attack for increasing taxes. The GOP claimed Conley increased taxes 19 times, and Amos and Conley went threw his voting record and concluded the GOP was wrong! Conley only voted to increase taxes 11 or so times!

Such is campaign psychology against a gotcha campaign, when your opponent is so eager to point out you are wrong, they make themselves look foolish and prove your point in the process. The latest example of this reverse psychology: Congressional Candidate and former Marion County Coroner John McGoff.

McGoff unveiled a minute-long radio ad last week going after his opponent, incumbent Congressman Dan Burton, for missing committee meetings. Burton countered with his own 60 second ad, saying McGoff was distorting the facts and McGoff was a "career politician" who caused tax increases by increasing the Coroner's budget.

Normally the Challenger could claim success by engaging the incumbent to go negative. But McGoff didn't leave good enough alone. His campaign sent an e-mail out refuting the Burton ad, including this excerpt:

"Burton Claim #2: While coroner, John's budget went up 200%.

"*The first year John was in office, the coroner's budget was $1.1 million; the last year, it was $1.9 million. That is an increase, but only 73%." (emphasis added)

Our advice to McGoff: You don't refute the claim that your budget ballooned by claiming it was only a 73% increase. That's a mighty hefty raise and one that makes out look out of touch with average Hoosiers. It didn't work for King-Ro Conley, it didn't work for Bart Peterson, and it won't work for you.

We don't like speaking ill of fellow Republicans, so just some friendly advice.

Posted by The Polis at 01:14 PM

And then there's this from Hoosier Pundit's Scott Fluhr:

Burton vs McGoff Spill-Over

As I have long said, I don't have a dog in the fight in the 5th District Republican Primary; all that matters to me is that the seat is held by a Republican and that the bloodletting be cathartic and not fatal.It's true, Dan Burton has been in office for a long time in a safe district, with that political security comes complacency, and with complacency come behaviors in office that are unwanted by the voters.But with being in office for a long time also comes seniority, with seniority come better committee assignments and so forth, and with those come demonstrable benefits for the citizens of the 5th District.

And it's also true, as Thomas Jefferson (or was it Ben Franklin... I forget) famously opined, "A little revolution now and then is a healthy thing."

The question for the voters of the 5th District is whether the seniority Dan Burton has is worth the benefits it brings, even with the downsides, or whether a little revolution is better instead.Because the downsides were brought on by complacency, and if anything the McGoff challenge has ended Dan Burton's complacency (he needed a swift kick in the pants, I think), it's probably an open question as to what the future downsides will be.But that's a balance that will have to be made in the 5th District, and I'll be happy whatever the result, since the composition of the district will almost certainly see a Republican victory in the fall regardless of the primary outcome.

In that sense, a primary is a cathartic, correcting, and healthy process; competition strengthens the participants so long as it is not combat to the death.

But the Burton-McGoff contest is increasingly getting ugly; one need merely look at the allegations that are being traded to see that.McGoff accuses Burton of taking a taxpayer-funded junket to Central America; turns out that McGoff came along on that very trip for a business opportunity and had to get passport help from Burton's office to be able to go.Burton accuses McGoff of having the budget for the Marion County Coroner's office double under McGoff's tenure; turns out that it went up by only about seventy percent (some of which attributable to relocation costs and so forth).How do these exchanges advance the cause of serving 5th District voters?

Give me a break.

More troubling still is the spillover on Wednesday, when the Burton-McGoff square-off somehow managed to spill out of the 5th District and onto Frugal Hoosiers, the de facto campaign blog for Mitch Daniels' reelection campaign.The spillover came in the form of a posting of a McGoff campaign ad, along with some favorable observations (Frugal Hoosiers long ago removed Burton's campaign blog from its roll, and retains the McGoff blog).I would have thought that the Governor has plenty of ads about which to post and his opponents have plenty of ads about which to issue critiques that would keep the folks in green busy, but I digress.Of course, a quick check with the communications director of the Daniels campaign confirmed that, no, Mitch Daniels (Governor of Indiana, candidate for reelection, leader of the Republican Party in Indiana, et cetera) has not endorsed John McGoff in the 5th District race for governor.This is not the first time that Frugal Hoosiers (which professes itself to be utterly unaffiliated with the campaign or the Governor's office, which everyone knows is manifestly absurd; no more believable than Jen Wagner claiming her blog had nothing to do with the Indiana Democratic Party) has weighed into the 5th District race, and almost always in favor of the challenger John McGoff.I also know it's not the first time that Daniels will have gotten grief from Burton and his people over this "unaffiliated" blog.How exactly such posting about a controversial and increasingly divisive primary among fellow Republicans advances their proclaimed cause of getting Mitch Daniels reelected is beyond me; such posting might actually hurt it.

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H/T Polis Politics and Hoosier Pundit, insightful and fair assessment

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dude. A Bowl-off? C'mon.

Seriously, I think my namesake was right. "How low do you have to stoop in this country to become President?" (see "Our Quotable Quote on the right side of this space)

I got this tweet on my Twitter today:

"hillaryclinton It has been a hard fought race but I have a proposal for the Democratic Party – I challenge Senator Obama to a bowl-off, winner takes all. from web "

It was actually a freak of nature thing until I just saw Fox News do a bit on it. I appreciate humor more than any other person on this planet. Especially, political humor. I live for Leno and Letterman ... even Colbert (his tweets are a hoot, btw.), but this is too much. Forget the 24-hour news cycle, this is the leader of the free world man! Except for my good friends in Wisconsin that actually live at the bowling alley, will anybody get the joke?

I have never been a huge McCain fan ... really. But, after this, I'm thinkin' that McCain looks positively Presidential. He's got my vote.

Obama tells us that we have to do everything that "Grandma tells us to do" - after he throws Grandma under the bus as a racist throwback to the 50's - and the Hil wants a bowl off? Are we serious here?

Gamers for net neutrality? Tranny's for Jesus? What the heck comes next? Bowlers for Pick-up Spare at the DNC?

Fellow DDs, I propose we all go over to the WPBCHQ, fire up the blender, and have a few blue fruity drinks... we'll even throw in the little paper umbrellas.

Is it Friday yet?

Obama's Going to Make a World Without Spiders

Sometime the world is going to have to stop hatin' and know that Obama is going to save the world! It's just as simple as that and the video below will answer everything. (There's a slightly off-color joke half way through, so fair warning.)

(Hat Tip to Red State)

If The Steroids and Baseball Hearings were any indication....

The the upcoming hearings of oil company executives before the House Energy committee should be a walk in the park.

From the Houston Chronicle:

"The records came on the eve of a congressional committee appearance by executives from the nation's five largest oil companies.

The title of the hearing — "Drilling for Answers: Oil Company Profits, Runaway Prices and Pursuit of Alternatives" — hints at the reception industry leaders may expect from the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming.

"This new gas prices record is a perfect example of why we need these oil companies to go on the record with the American people to discuss our dangerous dependence on oil," said Rep. Edward Markey, D-Mass., chairman of the panel."

The Democrats in Congress: All Talk, No Action.