Thursday, February 7, 2008

Well, is it Mitt, we're glad we knew ya?

Time Magazine political reporter Halperin reports that Mitt will drop out of the GOP POTUS RACE "sometime today" ... possibly as early as his speech to the CPAC-ers in DC this afternoon.

I can't wait to see the post-mortems on this one.

But the bigger question is, what now? McCain all but has it locked up now even if every single one of Romney's delegates go to the Huckster just to keep someone else in the race. Where do the Conservatives go? Or will they not go, and just stay home? It would appear that Big John is now the only game in town ...

McCain has something like 504 delegates after Super Tuesday. If all of Mitt's 200 or so go to Huck, the Huckster ends up with around 340. Ron Paul has 9 or 10, so he's a gadfly. There are about two dozen "uncommitted", so not much help there. Still, a 150 delegate deficit isn't mathematically insurmountable, is it?

This ought to make for some real fun on the talking head circut tonight! The Spin will be interesting.

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