Wednesday, February 6, 2008

When will Republicans start actually acting like Republicans?

Earlier this week our POTUS proffered a humongeousnessly huge Budget proposal for FY'09 which was preceeded by and insanely stupid "Stimulus Package" that will essentially give people who pay little or no taxes around 300 bucks a piece (+ another 300 for each rugrat, thankfully only up to four per household) so they can go buy that flat screen HDTV they missed at Christmas. (PS: Get it on sale at Best Buy and you'll have enough to get a case of $3 Buck Chuck at Trader Joe's too.)

Excuse me? Was I asleep when the GOP lost the message of 2006. I mean, I get the whole "American's have a short memory thing", really. But c'mon. What ever happened to Fiscal Responsibility, Personal Responsibility, Less Government (Intervention and Regulation, as well as size), a little Accountability maybe, and that famous Ronnie line about Government not being the solution to our problems, "Government is the Problem" ... Hello?

My friend and fellow conspirator, Kurt Luidhardt, made a real good point in a recent post on this page, quoting Ronnie:

"A political party cannot be all things to all people. It cannot be compromised to political expediency ..." which means, "If you don't stand for something ..." you'll end up looking just like the Democrats without all the Code Pink baggage. Not a real attractive position to be in.

Here's a thought. How about we just don't take the people's money from them in the first place. It saves us the cost and irratation of having to give it back to them later.

I usually don't wax so seriously on this stuff. After all, this blog is about having fun with politics. But for cryin' out loud, enough is enough. It gets harder and harder to flack for the GOP (even as a true believer) when you can just as easily flack for the other guys and have better campaign sex (not that I have any direct knowledge or experience in that regard, it's just what I've heard).

In the end, it's really all about the idea of thinking about the next generation and not the next election, which is what we used to do. It is about the GOP growing some stones and deciding that we gotta stand for something or we're most certainly going to fall for anything ... like Stimulus Packages that won't stimulate anything.

Does the thought of being in the Minority for another forty years do anything for ya?

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