Wednesday, February 27, 2008

There's a reason why some bloggers are taken more seriously than others. Here's an example why.

We usually don't repost the stuff our colleagues write for their blogs and elsewhere, but this time we will make an exception.

Some of us, well, all of us, make a mistake. In our line of work we generally make them in print. I just hope that the next time we screw up, this space will have the class that our friend Jacob Perry over at CCP blog has. His post is provided below. You can see the original post by clicking on the hyperlinked title. Congratulations buddy. You're a "Class Act" and we're proud to be associated with you.

The Misunderestimation of Jon Elrod

If anyone can provide me with the name of a good crystal ball repair person, I'd greatly appreciate it. It would appear that mine is not working very well.Want proof?How about my post stating that Greg Ballard wouldn't win? Of course, I wasn't exactly the only one who said it, but it sure looked foolish.I also stated (offline) that the D's would be smart enough to pick David Orentlicher. They, of course chose instead to ride the hoopty over the cliff with Andre "I'm not a Nation of Islam member" Carson.

This past weekend, I told a number of people that the Libertarian Party of Marion County would have enough sense to pick Tim Maguire (their best option in years) over Melyssa Donaghy to be their Candidate for the 7th District Special Election. It would appear I gave them way too much credit. They, of course proved why they are completely irrelevant by selecting local "activist" and "entrepreneur" Sean Shepard instead (you know, if I went around referring to myself as the King of England, would that make it so?). Good luck LPMC, you Detroit Lions of Indiana Politics.But my best prognostication of the past year has been my (and to be fair, Brian's) pieces regarding Jon Elrod, who as everyone knows by now, is the Republican candidate in the 7th District Special.

To recap:
I have a real problem with career candidates. They get elected to a position to use it as a stepping stone for another one (yeah, Andre Carson, I am addressing you as well...)"Because maybe next year, he'll want to run for the US Senate."
People don't want another career politician.
And you are definitely headed in that direction.

And my personal favorite:
If Henry announces, he'll be the first Republican candidate in the race who is old enough to shave.So, in other words, we were concerned with Jon's age, lack of experience, and seeming desire to run for every office this side of dogcatcher, not to mention the fact that the D's would eat this kid alive.


As I had the opportunity to tell Jon personally on Sunday evening, I severely underestimated him. By a mile. And I know from conversations and emails I've received, so have many of you.Folks, be assured that Jon is capable, not just of being a credible candidate, but of being our Congressman. This young man (definitely the first time I've worked with a candidate younger than me, that's an unusual experience) has a poise and presence that belies his age. He knows how to carry himself, and most definitely has the intestinal fortitude to handle himself in what will surely be a tough race. Just ask the party establishment he dissed during his speech Sunday evening.So Jon, as I told you Sunday night, I'm sorry. You are an impressive candidate who can win this thing, and I'm proud to have the opportunity to get to know you.

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Posted by Jacob Perry at 4:38 PM
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