Monday, February 18, 2008

Marion County GOPers Set the Slate for '08

For those of you who missed the marathon slating convention over in wonderful Wayne Township on Saturday ... and the gracious provision of Starbucks, Cappucinos, and bottled water provided by our candidates ... we thought you would like a quick recap of the festivites (and some of the good stuff the MSM failed to report) as noted by our intrepid dumpster divers and political insiders.

As is our wont, we were trolling the room looking for the real story.

The Award for Best Shirt Design ... (the envelope please) ... And the winner is, Tim Oakes. The Rugby Shirts were a light forest green, of high quality and had an elegant embroidered logo on the left breast. Quite stylish. We observed several notable GOPers sporting this fashion keeper. But, not to be outdone amongst the other candidates, Oakes was passing out some pretty impressive tee-shirts as well. Nobody's going out handcuffed by the fashion police in these stunners!

New Campaign Color for the spring season ... appears to be Yellow! Although the candidates sporting the "forget-me-not" hue were, well, shall we say, not successful in their efforts. Both Holly Davis and Mary Ann Oldham were not selected in their respective races to be the GOP standard bearer. The heck with the old Red, White, and Blue ... softer spring hues seem to have captivated the candidates this season. We're wondering what Holly's gong to do with all those yard signs? (Can you recycle those things?)

Best Line from the Media ... (the envelope please) Our own fellow conspirator, Josh Gillespie, commenting on the lack of connectivity in the venue. "It's hard to live-blog when you can not get on the internet." Insightful commentary, wouldn't you agree?

Hardest Working Candidate in the Room honors have to go to Judicial candidate Marc Rothenberg. We saw him talk to every single person in the room at least twice. Not to mention the thirteen phone calls we got from him before the convention and the treat at El Torito... This guy works so hard that we get exhausted just watching him!

Best Haberdasher Award ... definitely goes to Judge David Certo who sported a fine fidora reminding us all of how cool you can rerally be if you work at it a little.

Runner-up for the Best Haberdasher Award ... Brose McVey, who has clearly been spending to much time with Greg Garrison, sported a white Stetson. We were not quite sure if he was there for the slating or got mixed up and thought he was going to cattle auction at the Fairgrounds.

Hottest Jurist Award this year goes to Judge SK Reid who wore an impressive houndstooth jacket over a turtle neck and fitted slacks. Mr. Blackwell was no where to be found on this day!

Best After Slating Party ... The Maverick Strategies bash at Union Jack's over off Crawfordsville Road. Several "insiders" got together to share steaks, drinks and listen to Robb Greene extol the virtues of some Pennsylvania microbrew swill he's hoarding at his palacial westside estate.

Overall, not a bad day for the GOPers. We'll be back!


Kristen Luidhardt said...

Great post! Sorry we missed the festivities.

I love the Haberdasher Awards - very clever. But where are the pictures??

We demand pictures so we can fully appreciate your commentary and reporting. :)

Anonymous said...

Great coverage of the slating convention!

Weird Pro Blogger Central said...

Sorry. Once again we screwed the pooch and forgot batteries for the camera. We'll do better next time.

Sir Hailstone said...

You forgot camera batteries, another conspirator took someone else's word for it the wifi would work. Yeesh.

Weird Pro Blogger Central said...

Hailstone, We really need to do a better job of coordinating this stuff, huh?

I'll start with one fewer mamosas before the event. Grey Goose and Champagne at six am is apparently not a good thing.