Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Friday, November 7, 2008

Tech Companies Moving Assets Offshore

The writing is on the wall. The O will raise corporate taxes like you've never seen before. After all its Spread the Wealth.

Yahoo! is planning to move its assets overseas to avoid what is expected to be higher corporate taxes in The O era. The IRS plans enforcement action to counteract it. So what will this lead to? Likely companies completely leaving the USA and potentially refusing to do business here.

You do know most tech company executives are moonbats that likely gave money to The O. Tax YOU but not ME.


Marion County Judge To Be Tossed: Guess Which Political Party He Belongs To?

The Ryerson Rag has the propaganda here:

A panel of judges said today they would recommend removing veteran Marion County judge Grant Hawkins from the bench.

The matter now goes to the Indiana Supreme Court, as soon as next month.

The Indiana Commission on Judicial Qualifications, which brought the charges against the Marion Superior Court judge, has 20 days to file a response to the judges' decision with the state high court.

After that filing, Hawkins has 20 days to file his response.

Hawkins' troubles stem from his mishandling of the case of Harold Buntin, which caused the man to sit in prison for nearly two years waiting to be cleared of a rape conviction after DNA evidence absolved him.

After Hawkins and his court commissioner realized the mistakes, Buntin still was not released for six weeks.

Did I miss something in that article? Oh yeah - nary a mention of the word DEMOCRAT in the article. Why? It's the left-wing Ryerson Rag that's why. Because if it were a Republican judge the article would read thus:

"A panel of judges said today they would recommend removing veteran REPUBLICAN Marion County judge [Name of Judge] from the bench.

The matter now goes to the Indiana Supreme Court, as soon as next month.

The Indiana Commission on Judicial Qualifications, which brought the charges against the REPUBLICAN Marion Superior Court judge, has 20 days to file a response to the judges' decision with the state high court.

After that filing, The REPUBLICAN judge has 20 days to file his response.

The REPUBLICAN judge's troubles stem from a blatant miscarriage of justice of the case of a disaffected person, which caused the wrongly convicted man to sit in prison for nearly two years waiting to be cleared of a false rape conviction after DNA evidence absolved him.

Because the REPUBLICANS are a bunch of robe-wearing bigots.

Typical Rag.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I am not moving to France...

Election Day has come and gone and my Political Party’s nominee for President has lost. I am disappointed but not disheartened. I am looking forward to the debate within the Republican Party to find our true core again.

A couple of things first, congratulations to President-elect Obama and his supporters. In 2000 and 2004 I was dismayed by the lack of respect and abundance of contempt that President Bush (and those of us that supported him) received from those that lost. Regardless of the deep and substantive differences I have with President-elect Obama it would be a mistake to not recognize how historic his election is. He is the first African-American President and represents the completion of another chapter in America’s troubled history on racial equality. His campaign shattered traditional models of volunteer mobilization, fundraising and technology use. All of which are good things for American democracy. I am sure that in the coming months I will have strong words for him in difference of policy but there will be plenty of time for that.

Next, leave Senator McCain alone. Enough of the arm chair quarterbacks and back seat drivers. In most polling I saw, we could not even get 30% of Americans to admit they were Republicans so it is no surprise that we could not get a majority of them to vote that way.

Time and time again I hear voters tell campaigns to “not tell them why the other guy is wrong, tell us what your guy will do!” Maybe we as Republicans should consider that question a bit before we start getting a worked up and wild-eyed. In 1996 we screamed and yelled about how unethical and corrupt President Clinton was. You can ask President Dole how well that worked.

Who are we and why should voters give us a chance again?

Are we fiscal conservatives or fans of big government solutions? Are we social conservatives, moderates or something in-between? Do we believe in free market solutions or tariff managed trade? Do we believe in being “safe” all the time or are we ok with balance of less security for more liberty? Do we believe in “exporting” the gift of democracy or letting others figure it out for themselves? Do we think that there is still some room in our country for people who were not born here but believe in the idea of America as much as we do? Are we helping the “poor” by not making them pay taxes?

I used to think I could articulate the “Republican” position on these pretty well but lately I am not so sure.

Even before McCain conceded I had emails and text messages from friends and journalists asking if Governor Palin would be our standard bearer for 2012. Whoa, let’s hold our horses a bit. We need to know where we are going before we pick a leader. The good news is we have some time on our hands to figure that out now that Democrats control both houses of Congress and the White House.

I have been proud to be a Republican in the past and am sure I will be in the future. Our party has a great history of shaping our nation’s policy and providing the great leaders to do it.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Continuing Incompetence of Beth White

Yep. Some claim Beth White's ability to run an election is improved greatly over the 2007 Municipal Primary disaster where many precincts opened late, and 6 did not open at all.

At least all of the precincts are opening on Election Day, but her competence is still questionable.

In my precinct on Tuesday, we did not receive the early votes and absentees until almost 4 PM. That gave us two hours to sort through them, enter them into the poll book and fed into the scanner if we wanted to get out of the polling place at a reasonable hour.

That didn't happen. We were still "stuffing the ballot box" with the received absentees and early votes at 7 PM. 224 of them buggers. Considering typically it's less than a dozen. Topping it off were three voters who were completely disenfranchised because the Clerk's office sent them the wrong precinct ballot. Those ballot envelopes were marked "Wrong Precinct" and returned to the Election Board. You might think "three voters, big deal". Recall the court fight over voter ID, and how the Dems claimed ONE disenfranchised voter was too many. Here three voters are disenfranchised by an incompetent clerk and her staff, and Dems just shrug their shoulders.

Now the Ryerson Rag published this article where Clerk White has asked a Judge to allow absentee ballots that were never delivered to the polling place to be counted, in spite of election law which specifically states absentee ballots must be delivered to the precinct prior to close of polls.


There you go Ed Treacy. Turnabout is fair play.

This Is No Time to Give Up!

(Originally posted to Hoosier Access)

(Post updated to reflect Democrat Scott Reske’s victory in HD 37 after barely holding off Republican challenger Kelly Gaskill)

Here is a note to my fellow conservatives and Republicans.

I did not have the highest of expectation for last night. I had hope that John McCain might some how pull off a miracle (because really that’s what he needed to win), but it wasn’t a lot of hope. And like many of you who may have stayed up fairly late (after the webcast which ended at midnight, I went out and picked up yard signs to get some much needed alone time) I’m still recovering from yesterday’s action. But I came to this conclusion.

It’s time to face the facts. Barack Obama will be our 44th president. And a historic congratulations should be sent his way. But we should take solace in the fact that Democrats did not net major gains in the House or get their filibuster proof Senate, though they could still up with (a worst case scenario) 59 seats.

But there were some positives for us as well last night. Governor Daniels smoked Jill Long Thompson (no surprise there) and Greg Zoeller and Tony Bennett won their statewide races. The Indiana House will end up with only one seat gained by the Democrats after much hand wringing they could end up with as many as a three to four seat gain. On the congressional level. Everybody stayed the same. Many thought Congressman Souder could be a loss in the Republican column, but he showed his tenacity and didn’t just win by a small margin, he kicked his young upstart opponent to the curb.

But now onto my message.

Fellow Republicans, this is no time to give up. This is also no time to resort to childish pettiness, bemoaning and name calling that the left resorts to when they lose. This is a time to step up! We do have a lot of ground to make up nationally, and while our state still leans red, it certainly is becoming a closely and evenly divided state.

We need to re-energize our base and return to what made our party great! I encourage our state and national Republicans to return to the principles and virtues of the Contract with America. We need to raise the level of discourse on the issues that matter most to Americans at this time; the economy and energy independence. And while I believe social values cannot be ignored (though we must never give up on the issue of Abortion), we must understand, as a Party, that in these tough economic times, voters are thinking mostly with their wallets. We must return to a message of fiscal restraint. We must hammer the message of an “all of the above’ approach to energy independence. We must hold our new President’s feet to the fire when it comes to the issues of coal and nuclear power. Nothing can be off the table if we want to break free from the shackles of foreign oil. President-Elect Obama seeks energy independence, but he must seek all avenues, closing off nothing.

We lost the American’s public’s faith in us when we lost our way as a party. We have only ourselves to blame for the situation we are in. Now is the time to make up for our past mistakes. Now is the time to take action and to be the party of solutions and ideas. We gave that away, but it’s time to take it back!

(But should you need it, here is Red State’s Obama Administration Survial Guide)