Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What's a nice Republican girl to do?

It's no secret, I love Ron Paul. He is extremely intelligent, aware of the issues, and has strait forward solutions to some of our nations biggest problems. I also feel that he truly embodies the most basic Republican principles, those of low taxes and small government.
That being said, he hasn't a chance of being our next president. His delegate counts are in the double digits while all the other candidates are in triple digits, the national news stations don't give him any air time, let alone invite him to debates, and many think he's crazy. He's way too extreme to be elected, but I contend he has the best message.
So after the primary what am I supposed to do? I'm really not that fond of McCain and it looks like he's going to be our nominee. I sorta like Huckabee, but he's so far behind I don't really think he's going to come through. There's no way in hell I'm voting for Hilary. That leaves Obama on the Democrat side, who really doesn't have any experience but seems like able enough.
I'm presented with quite the predicament. The whole reason I have interest, and started to get involved in politics is because I am a firm believer in the Constitution and that our elected officials are in Washington to represent our best interests, yet I'm considering not voting. I'm really at a loss when it comes to the general election. I want to send someone to Washington that will lead our great nation in the right direction, but I'm not seeing anyone in this race whom I trust with that responsibility. I think I'm turning into one of those politically apathetic Americans. Quite a shame since I'm barely old enough to vote. All the more reason to become an anarchist I guess.

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Anonymous said...

Do what the rest of us do. Fire up the blender, do a pitcher of Margaritas, and you can honestly say that you were hung over and didn't know what you were doing at 6 a.m. on election day.

It's worked for most of us for years.