Friday, February 8, 2008

The new world of journalism

The flood of new journalism has opened the masses to self-expression at the speed of a keystroke. Sites like YouTube, Myspace, Facebook, and offer a free way for the average person to post blogs, vlogs, pictures and podcasts about topics that are important to them. Not surprisingly, political hopefuls are maintaining accounts with these sites and posting their positions on issues as well as campaign videos for all to see. Politicians have finally figured out that a website is simply not enough.

Along with most politicians, American’s have embraced this new form of expression and over 115 million blogs exist today, the large majority of which are hosted by Joe or Jane citizen without any journalistic background. I would venture to say that any political hopeful that ignores this new technology is digging his or her own grave. If you aren’t aware of what is out there it is time to dive in and go blogging! If you are new to the game, start with the blogosphere at

If I have used words you have never heard of you should pick up your rotary phone and call your grandkids. They can help get you started!

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