Monday, February 4, 2008

John McCain Is the GOP's "Monster Thickburger"

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For those of you who have either been in Mongolia for the past two years, or are PETA members, Hardee's Restaurants has had on it's menu the extremely ridiculous and absurd concoction they call the "Monster Thickburger". How ridiculous is this thing? Try 1410 calories and 107 grams of fat ridiculous. Even writing about it makes me nauseous.

I have a secret that I must disclose to my dear readers. There are times when I just get absolutely ravenous, hungry enough to literally want to eat a cow (hey, I'm 6'5" 220 lbs, so it takes a bit more to fill me up). It is during those moments of extreme weakness and duress that I am forced to give in to my inner carnivore and hit the Hardee's drive-thru in order to put away the closest thing I know to actually eating an entire cow, you guessed it... the "Monster Thickburger".

So shoot me. There are times when I get so hungry I'll ignore common sense (not to mention that sick feeling in my stomach) and go for the one thing that appears to be a quick fix, but the very thing that could send me to an early grave (the list of my grandparents who have died from heart-related ailments is rather lengthy).

Guess what? My Conservative friends who claim to be both a conservative and a John McCain supporter are doing the very same thing I am, reaching for their very own version of a "Monster Thickburger".

First off, I'd have to agree with Ann Coulter (not a common occurrence, though I find her extremely entertaining) in that McCain is proving the old adage that if you tell a lie often enough, folks will eventually begin to believe it. In the Arizona Senator's case, his lie is that he is a "Reagan Conservative".

Now, I'm not old enough to have actually voted for Reagan (just missed), but I do recall those years rather fondly. I've also studied the former President enough over the years to understand a few things about what he stood for, things like:

Lower Taxes

Lower Government Spending

Smaller Government

Free Speech

Eliminating The Federal Government's Role in Education

And so forth. Now, compare that list of stances to John McCain's "accomplishment's":

Supported "No Child Left Behind", another Fed boondoggle interfering with education (remember when Republicans supported abolishing the Department of Education?).

McCain/Feingold, perhaps the most brazen assault on free speech and political expression in history.

McCain/Kennedy, the now-infamous "amnesty act", though he's since discovered the error of his ways (aka: read the polls).

McCain/Lieberman, the bill that not only acknowledged the fraud of man-created "global warming", but introduced government intervention.

McCain-Reimportation of Drugs, the bill which would have allowed for the re-importation of prescription drugs into the United States, after the Canadian Government had purchased them and then re-sold them to Canadian citizens at a discount. This idea was so absurd, even McCain's new friend Rudy Giuliani (were you aware that Giuliani was Mayor of New York City on 9/11?) thought it was dangerous.

Lest you forget, McCain voted against the "Bush tax cuts".

But, my conservative friends are starving, especially after being conned for the last eight years by a "Compassionate Conservative" (read: RINO). Add to that the specter of another four years of a Clinton Administration, and those hunger pangs become even more powerful.

As a matter of fact, those hunger pangs are so powerful, my Conservative friends are being forced to pull into the drive-thru of a self-described "Common Sense Conservative", one whose hero is noted "Conservative" Theodore Roosevelt, a President who never met a problem that couldn't be solved with a little government intervention.

While I sympathize, and can even understand such feelings; giving in to the urge to eat/vote for something that is so potentially damaging to one's health (not to mention the Constitution) that it leads to nothing more than a long period of indigestion, nausea, diarrhea and worse.

Haven't we already had eight years of that (one could make the argument for 20 years)?

UPDATE: Do we really want this guy with his finger on the nuclear trigger?

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