Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wondering What Other People Do?

Jeez, I need a drink.

I just filled out the little thing that my accountant sends me every year before we sit down and he delivers the good news about how much I have to bend over for the various units of goverment for the priv ... er, no, ... the ability to be a productive and contributing member of society.

Does it bother anybody else that unless you make Warren Buffet-type money that you get hosed every April? I mean, c'mon, unless you get the whole itemized decutibility thing going for you ... you just pay through the nose. I used to think that making the kind of money that I make would put you firmly into the middle-class. Now I know why my Dad always got really irrate around this time of year. These Rat-Bastards are taking a third of my hard-earned money! This has been going on for far too long. I thought that last year (and the year before that) were just anomolies. After all, we were newly minted empty-nesters and I just assumed that we were getting clipped until we could figure out how to protect the nestegg. No such luck.

Between property taxes - income taxes - and all the other taxes - we are just getting bent over like a Bourbon Street whore on a convention-laden Saturday night (now there's a visual that describes reality, huh?) by a government that insults drunken sailors the way it spends our money. At least our roiled sailors are spending their own hard-earned cash at Madame Liu's Kimshi Cafe (trust me, it's not the only thing fermenting there).

I am actually thinking about buying a pitchfork (the symbolism excites me, don't ya know) and perhaps a large-caliber automatic weapon (is that deductible?) and leading a revolt! We (collectively, and mostly the politician-types) can't seem to find enough ways to give a freebie to every bloody nerple on the planet, but for cryin' out loud what about those of us who are trying to take care o'business without a handout? Can somebody throw us a bone here?

Given that the majority of the conspirators here on the ol'blogsite are polictical hacks, can I get ya to pitch some reality to the powers-that-be?

In the meantime, I will simply rent a movie and get hammered. At least I'll feel miserable tomorrow because of something I did to myself as opposed to being bent over (without the courtesy of a reach-around) by the government that is supposed to work for us.

Remember November!

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