Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Pros extol the virtues of the blogosphere and other minutae ...

Some random thoughts ...

Like anybody really cares what the delegate count was/is/might/could be if the Clintonista's and the Obama-mama-mia camps start ripping off each others delegates to get the nomination. I mean really, does anybody really think that Hil will really "be ready on day one" for anything?

Somebody sent me a joke the other day that really cracked me up ... something to the effect that Hil had told the Press that Bill would not be having extramarital affairs if she was elected POTUS ... followed by a Fox News Alert: Bill Clinton Endorses Obama!

Obama-mama-mia hasn't had an original idea yet. Even the friendly bloggers can't find anything worth writing about other that the fluff and fill that his campaign press shop spews out. Give me a break.

Does Obama seem to have a "southern accent" some of the time? I don't know anybody from Chicago that talks like that.

Is Billary, er, rather, Hillary beginning to look especially rough around the edges or is it just the harsh lighting from those TV kleig lights?

Yes We Can, Yes We Can, Yes We Can ... is anybody as sick of this chant as I am? C'mon, what the heck does that mean? How about something new and creative ... Pass That Spliff, Pass That Spliff ... did I spell Spliff right?

How does Obama-mama define "rousing speeches" ... because this one is a yawner.

Vodka or Gin Martinis? Inquiring Mind wants to know ...

Does anyone else think that Cindy McCain is on Valium? Or, perhaps its just a Botox OD ... can't really tell. Come to think of it, does anybody else think that John McCain is on Valium ...

What the heck is the "fierce urgency of now"? Is that like the "immediate necessity of the present"? Jeez, this Obama speech is beginning to look like a Universalist Unitarian Amway Convention. I think there might actually be someone going into a trance ... See the dude over Obama-mama's right shoulder in the gray suit? He's either in a trance or stoned out of his mind (or both). And who is this "Houston" person Obama keeps mentioning?

Oh, puhlleeezzzzzeeeee! Enough with the Houston thing already! I can't take it anymore. I'm going to bed.


Anonymous said...

Megan McCain is pretty hot.

Sir Hailstone said...

"Does Obama seem to have a "southern accent" some of the time? I don't know anybody from Chicago that talks like that."

Considering B. Hussein Obama isn't even FROM Chicago. He's from Hawaii. Or is that Indonesia? Or Kansas? Same goes for HillDog. She's a senator from New York who carpetbagged her way via 1600 Pennsylvania Ave Washington DC, by way of Little Rock, Arkansas. She's originally from - Park Ridge, Illinois.