Monday, February 11, 2008

Young republican women

My career requires that I submerge myself in politics. I welcome this fact; honestly, I prefer to be in a booming room full of black and charcoal suits than behind a computer. However, I noticed the disparity in respect to gender and age quickly at these events. I find that men aged 45-70 are the majority at political/campaign events. I am usually one of a handful of women and I rarely find a woman who is my age.

My friends are all intelligent young women who have perfected juggling any combination of the following: a husband, children, housework, schoolwork, volunteering, community activism, and careers. Women are remarkable jugglers and are usually willing to take on more. This got me to thinking about how valuable young republican women are.

We are hard to find perusing the isles at the grocery store, tanning salon, spa, daycare, church, gym, doctor’s office, library, college, book club, museum, youth community center, park, shopping center, or any of the other places we frequent. We are short on time and do not appreciate people who waste it. Give us the short version and we will respect you for it. The most important thing about young women is that once we are passionate about something we won’t stop. If we believe in something, we will fight for it till the bitter end (most married men can attest to that). Another thing to note about young women is our ability to express our feelings to our friends and family. If you get a young woman to pass out flyers or make phone calls she will likely convince a friend to do the same. Good luck finding us! Now, uh what did I need to do today…oh yeah, check Facebook and MySpace, drop off books at the library, milk and eggs at grocery, stop by Post office, manicure, spin class at gym, post baby video on YouTube, call husband about bathroom remodel, pick up dry cleaning.....

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