Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Big "O" ... Sixty Seconds of Exquiste Agony.

I am really disappointed.

While I am not ready to concede that the Clinton's are completely out of this thing yet, I am feeling a bit distressed that the Hil-ster is falling like the Dow Jones just when I really need the money.

Let's face it, the Clintonista's are never better than when their collective backs are up against the wall (and they have a figurative large-caliber firearm to the head ... or, in the case of Vince Foster, a literal gun to the head) ... but this ain't lookin' so good for the home team, ya know?

After the embarrassing thumpin' Obamamama laid on last night, the "O-10" Hil-ster is not looking like most other women who experience the "Big 'O' - O - O - OMG" on a Tuesday night. (Not that I have any direct experience with that whole thing, but I have heard about it.) Still, one cannot but hope that we'll have Bil-n-Hil to kick around for another 10 months.

I could not help but have a nagging feeling of inadequacy while watching Olberman and Matthews flack for two hours while we all waited for the polls to close in Wisconsin, and then, with just 1% of the vote in, literally, "gone in sixty-seconds" was any hope ... After all that foreplay - oops.

After which, we get a whopping five minutes of Hil's duck-n-dodge from OH1O, and they cut to BHO blabbering on for 45 minutes to some guy named "Huston", who clearly did not even have the courtesy to show up at the damn speech.

I am just feeling so used. You don't care about my feelings ... you're just using me for your own sick, twisted, personal gratification! OMG, it's like living the Britney Spears nightmare all over again!

You B@$t*#D!!!

Oh well, it's cocktail time. Things will be better in the morning.

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