Thursday, February 7, 2008

That's What I'd Call A Cheap Shot

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There are cheap shots, and then there are individuals so bound up with hatred and animosity, that they can't help but spew that hatred at any target within spitting range.

Just when I thought he couldn't go any lower, Advance Indiana's Gary Welsh, the man I've accurately dubbed as the Angriest Blogger on the Net, has gone too far in his latest attack, this time against two men who have proudly represented their country; something that Welsh seems to have avoided himself.

In his crusade to prop up his failing "law practice", one that appears devoted almost exclusively to assisting illegal immigrants to stay in this country, Welsh has gratuitously attacked two men in the lowest and dirtiest manner. He writes:

Advance Indiana first raised the issue and now the U.S. Army Reserve is launching an investigation into why Lt. Col. Ray Mejia appeared with Sen. Mike Delph (R-Carmel) in full military uniform at a State House press conference to express support for Delph's legislation, which is meant to crack down on employers who hire undocumented aliens. The Star's Dan McFeely reports today that both Mejia and Delph, a Captain in the Army Reserve and Mejia's commanding officer, are being investigated for violating U.S. military code of conduct by having Mejia participate in political activity while dressed in full uniform.
Lt. Colonel Mejia is a terrific example of an individual who came to this country legally (i.e., without the assistance of an attorney to help him break the law), and then sought to serve his adopted homeland and thus earned his citizenship with pride. He voluntarily came forward in uniform (and wasn't ordered to do so by his subordinate, which Welsh seems to insinuate) in order to stand as an example as someone who did things the right way, not like the countless individuals who suck across the border illegally, and have since flouted the laws (not without the assistance of some in the legal community, I might point out).

Mike Delph (as mentioned previously here) is a good friend of mine, and a man of stronger character and ideals you won't find anywhere. He is a credit to the uniform he wears, the constituents he represents as a State Senator, and the God he humbly serves.

Gary Welsh continues to embarrass himself with his anger, bitter diatribes and dirty, underhanded attacks. He seems intent on becoming the Morton Downey, Jr. of the Indiana Blogosphere, a man who ruined his career with wild and angry rantings against anyone within range.

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