Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Most Comments Posted to a WP Article in Blogs History

It's official. FTNC, with a huge assist from Kristen Luidhardt and Gonzo, takes the first WP "Big Weenie" Award for his hard-hitting post on earmarks which actually drew a series of back-and-forth comments from a Democrat Congressional Candidate from Arizona.

We were so impressed with this serious guy's willingness to engage Gonzo (of all people) that we have actually invited him to be a guest conspirator ... stay tuned to see if he accepted the our humble invitation.

Hey, coming on the heals of our last three exclusives, we're beginning to get an attitude. So far, your humble dumpster divers have scooped the open wheel racing crowd with our story on the new IRL/National Guard deal, the insider's scoop on the HRCC Victory '08 call, and the USG cave-in on the Vaccine lawsuit ... and who can forget our coverage of the MCRCC Slating Convention and the LTRC Judicial Forum?

All the more reason to stay tuned, huh kids? And we are the only Blog that is certified "news alert free!" What more could you ask for?

Coming next: Our exclusive insider dish on a certain congressional candidate who recently held a fundraiser at an establishment for wagering on games of chance and large animal contests ... to which, shockingly, (to paraphrase Claude Raines: "I'm shocked, shocked, I tell you, to discover there is gambling going on here!") nobody came! The juicy details are more than delicious!

And, this just in, an exclusive interview with an insider on the CD7 special ... breaking news you will not want to miss ...

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Kristen Luidhardt said...

Keep those awards coming! Give the folks at home something to look forward to.