Friday, February 8, 2008

In Mother Jones

This will be the only time I'll ever be mentioned in Mother Jones without explicitives.
After the speech, the Romney supporters in the crowd appeared more conciliatory toward McCain. A young man named Chris Geissler, who had supported Romney's political aspirations ever since the Salt Lake City Olympics in 2002, said that he was "disappointed" and that he would definitely vote for McCain if Romney is his choice for vice president. If not, "I'd be seriously hesitant to vote for McCain, but if it's a conservative V.P. other than Romney, he'll probably get my vote."

"We were sad to see Governor Romney drop out," said Curt Luidhardt, an
attendee from Indiana, standing next to his wife. He said he was coming around
on McCain. "John McCain will probably be a good nominee for us. He'll do
something that President Bush hasn't done, which is shrink the government. And
he'll prosecute the war with some seriousness." He paused and said, "I'll vote
for that."

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