Wednesday, January 21, 2009

“Keep Your Fork, There’s Pie!”

This just in, sources down at the Statehouse inform me that serious legislation will be passed tomorrow!

From an email I just received:

“…tomorrow the Indiana General Assembly will declare Sugar Cream Pie as the official pie of Indiana. I hear they may wash it down with “water,” the official state drink, as declared in the last General Assembly by the great and noble wise fathers of that august deliberative body.”

Never say that our elected leaders at the State House don’t put the people’s business first before silly and unimportant issues.

Just how enduring is pie to not just our state, but to our nation? From a 1902 editorial in the New York Times.

“It is utterly insufficient (to eat pie only twice a week), as anyone who knows the secret of our strength as a nation and the foundation of our industrial supremacy must admit. Pie is the American synonym of prosperity, and its varying contents the calendar of the changing seasons. Pie is the food of the heroic. No pie-eating people can ever be permanently vanquished.”

In response to an Englishman’s suggestion that Americans should reduce their daily pie eating to two days per week.

The “People’s Business” indeed.

(Originally posted to Hoosier Access)