Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday "Spin Room": Live Blogs from Indianapolis

Join us tonight as our team of intrepid dumpster divers doggedly tele-blog live from the "Spin Room" beginning around 9 pm.

We'll be with all the insider flacks, hacks, and camapaign shills watching the returns from around the country. Of course, everybody else (the serious political bloggers, reporters, and pundits) will be talking about the serious stuff and disecting the returns to tell you what they mean ... we'll be flogging the crowd for the juicy backroom tidbits and provacative photographs that tell the real story ...

Turn on, Tune in, and Stay Tuned Up to all the dish!


When the going gets weird, we'll be there!

UPDATED: We will do a brief pre-Spin blog from the Conrad Hilton and hopefully get reaction from BOB GRAND on his narrow defeat this afternoon in the Weird Pro GOPer Preference Poll ... watch for it!

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