Monday, February 4, 2008

McCain-Romney/Clinton-Obama and California ... proportional pledged delegates and reality of perception.

Even if you win you potentially lose. One or the other GOP POTUS hopefuls will "win" Cali's big dance tomorrow, but the number of Congressional Districts that have very small numbers of GOP voters could be potential gold for the down tier (read: Huck and the Paulster) candidates. Plus with 21 other states and territories all playing our game tomorrow, the numbers could end up anywhere. (Remember, New Hampshire?)

Not that we here on this blog care who wins, but the reality is that nobody's going to win big enough tomorrow that everybody won't have something positive to spin on Wednesday morning. California may be the big prize, but there's Georgia and the Midwest, the "wild" west and let's not forget some other notable states that will be following along a bit later... like Pennsylvania. Needless to say, it will be entertaining to watch FNC's stable of former supermodels and Miss Americas (oh, and the Brown-haired Guy that ain't Steve) on Wednesday. They will have a lot to keep up with as the camps and candidates flack their way through the infomercials that are cable news morning shows (after they finish shilling their own books). You can bet that we'll have three or four TVs on to monitor the madness and look for the really good stuff to share with you.

Note to the night-owls:
We may be blogging live from Faulkner Strategies' little shin-dig at the Claddaugh on South Meridian Street in downtown Indianapolis tomorrow night. Look for reports at least until our intrepid reporters and insider flacks out there have had a couple of drinks. After that, all bets are off.

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