Friday, February 1, 2008

Check out the new blog ... it's time to have some fun in Politics.

Please visit our new blog ... this wacky group of GOPer hacks and flacks take you on a madcap adventure through the zany world that is the American Political Camapign.

Filled with insider tidbits and "Page Six" gossip, you'll be sure to find something worth sharing at the water cooler. Our team of intrepid bloggers, political pros, and campaign operatives are doggedly searching the backrooms (no longer smoke-filled, of course) to find the real stories insiders want to know about.

In fact, we'll be looking for more contributors so think about joining the team! The only rule is, there are no rules except "ya gotta have fun" - there's plenty of serious folks out there.

Hope you'll give us a look. And remember, nobody's getting paid for this - so don't hold misspelling and bad grammer against us!

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