Friday, March 14, 2008


This is Absolutely the Last Spitz Quitz Related Post.

Luv-Guv's Gal Pal Cashing In on Spanking the Spitz!

Only in America can a twenty-something hottie* from New Jersey cross the Hudson and make $1.2 million a year riding the "polo pony" and then cash it all in when she sells her story/book/movie deal/recording contract/fashion & fragrance line (that ought to be interesting) for more money than most of us will make in a lifetime.

(*Frankly, I don't think she's all that "hot" ... nominally pretty, at best. Then again, it's not the face you're payin' for, I guess.)

The older I get the smarter my Dad was. Dad always told me that the mark of a life well lived was to be eulogized by your friends and know that all the nice things they're saying about you are true. What he meant by that, I think, is that I should lead a life that would not put people in the position of having to embellish the truth. In other words, to lead by example.

So what does this tell us about young Ms. Dupree. What does it say to youngsters out there who see that this person who broke all kinds of laws (prostitution, conspiracy, tax-evasion probably), not to mention embarrassing her family, humiliating herself, and degrading beautiful intelligent women everywhere -- who are constantly struggling in the battle to not be seen as mere sex toys -- now potentially getting millions and escaping prosecution because she can put the finger (literally and figuratively) on the soon-to-be-former NY Gov (not to mention the others she plied her trade on). It is almost certain that she will cut a deal with the Feds to avoid any serious prosecution. But wouldn't it be sweet justice if the Feds could take all her gain for back taxes?

Alas, it ain't happenin' ... Rolex wearing, Gucci clad, and high priced lawyers are likely already protecting that stash.

Where's the shame? We, as a culture, lost it somewhere between "Truth or Consequences" and Jerry Springer, I think. When the President can get a "knob job" in the oval office from a barely legal 20 year-old intern and not be shamed, what makes us think that some hooker from Jersey would be any different.

I believe in redemption. I believe in forgiveness. But I also believe that choices have consequences and they often call for atonement. Ms. Dupree should be punished. She should be the poster-child (again, literally and figuratively) for how not to live life. It angers me that she will not be because it will make it that much harder for my daughter -- the smart, beautiful, hard-working, aggressive lawyer -- and all our daughters, to be taken seriously in a world where anything goes and winning, no matter the cost, is better than any alternative.

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