Wednesday, March 5, 2008

In Case You Missed It ...

"So, I want to go on the record before the polls close in Ohio ... and the Sooper Two's Day Texas Two Step starts ... Hillary wins OH, TX, and RI tonight."

I am still giddy with the flush of being the only one who called the Trifecta last night, even if we had to stay up until the wee-hours, late of which we persevered without the benefit of sustenance, fruit and beverages.

Our intrepid team suffered through the closing hours having exhausted our rather substantial supply of wings and we burned up the blender. Yet, bleary-eyed, hungry, and desperately in need of cocktails, we doggedly continued reporting with posts from sources around the country - from Indy to DC to Ohio, North Carolina, and wherever Faulkner was - to bring you the story. Why worry about all that channel flippin' and constantly surfin' the net when you can get all the necessary dish right here? But enough shameless self-promotion. This is really all about me.

I have been tempted, but I have resisted the whole "I told you so" thing. As I mentioned last night, I will be magnanimous in victory. No cheap end zone dance or excessive celebration on my part. I'm too humble for that.

I am however mindful, in the words of that old axiom:

"Sometimes you get the Bear. Sometimes the Bear gets you."

You may now kiss my ring and pay the appropriate homage. And, that's Mr. "O' Great One" ...

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