Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Howard County Republican Chairman hosts "Our Congressman" in Kokomo

Chairman Craig Dunn hosted the Congressman for a "Pizza Party" (courtesy of the Burton Campaign) at the new Howard County GOP HQ yesterday. Among the throng that attended, State Auditor extraordinaire Tim Berry! Our pals over at the Hoosier Access Blog posted this comment from Chairman Dunn, which we have ripped off for our humble insider blog:

Howard County Republicans wildly received Dan Burton at a noon reception today in Kokomo. Nearly 200 Republicans turned out at Republican Headquarters to meet Dan Burton and express their support for his re-election candidacy. Dan Burton received the endorsement of the Howard County Republican Party at the event.

Thanks to Chairman Dunn and the Howard County GOPers for a great time ... and special thanks to Virginia Marner and the GOP ladies for laying out an incredible spread! The food's always so good at HCGOP events!

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