Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Change. Be Careful What You Ask For.

Coked-up as a youth. (He changes to what, Scotch ... G&Ts?).
Doing backroom deals on NAFTA. (He was for it, sort of, before he was against it, kind of ... oh who cares ... next?)
The whole Tony Rezko thing in Chicago. (Hey, I grew up in Chicago and actually remeber how the Dem Ward Machine works. Can you say "yo', Tony, can we make a deal, 'ere?" Barak may well need a good lawyer ... )

Yes sir, now there's some real change for you.

(BTW, What is it about liberals and recreational drugs anyway? Reality isn't weird enough for them?)

I am wondering out loud what's next on the Obamamamamania hit parade, and whether it comes out in/on the MSM before the polls close today? Our friends in neighboring Ohio, down in Texas, and, lest we forget,our east coast bretheren in Vermont and Rhode Island, all get their "15 minutes" today.

I sense a little upset coming ...

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