Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Truth-O-Meter, Vol. I, No. 5: Desperation sets in at the Nameless Campaign

"And the Truth shall set you free"

Greetings from inside the Ark, Fellow Truth-seekers! We've been waterproofing the entire WPBCHQ for the past couple days, but we had to take time out to share the latest misfire from the truth-challenged crew over at the Nameless Campaign.

This week's schedenfreude (that's a German word for "taking pleasure in the misfortune of others") surrounds a trip to Paris, France, in May, 2006. Once again, your intrepid Dumpster Diver doggedly researched the truth, working my little arthritic fingers to the bone,(It's hard to push those seven little buttons on the ol' cell phone, ya know!) to bring you the real story.

Yes, I pushed the "Easy Button" again and called up the nice lady in the Congressman's Office and, well, I just asked what was on the schedule for the dates in question. As usual, the nice lady in the Congressman's Office asked me to hold for a minute and promptly transferred my call to a staff member who told me what was on the schedule ... is this a great investigative reporting technique, or what?

So, here's the scoop, fellow myth-busters:

While the Nameless Campaign tries to take yet another gratuitous (that's another word for "cheap") shot at Our Congressman for this trip, claiming he was chomping cheese and slurping champagne, in actuality Our Congressman was a part of the NATO Parliamentary delegation (in fact, he was, I believe, the Vice-Chairman of the delegation) that meets to discuss issues of concern to the member countries.

These rank amateurs apparently don't know what NATO is and how important it has been to the defense of the country and global stability for the last, oh, I dunno, half century! Hey fellas, that's NATO, as in ummm ... North Atlantic Treaty Organization ... as in, our partners in the Global War on Terrorism ... as in, forget trying to explain it, these misfits clearly are not ready to sit at the "big-boy's table" ...

Just a quick note about the NATO PA ... (FYI, here's what they were doing, John ... it's what real, serious, and qualified people do when trying to solve real, serious, global problems.)

Bringing together members of parliaments throughout the Atlantic Alliance, the NATO Parliamentary Assembly has provided for half a century an essential link between NATO and the parliaments of the NATO nations, helping to build parliamentary and public consensus in support of Alliance policies.

At the same time, it has facilitated parliamentary awareness and understanding of key security issues and provided greater transparency of NATO policies. Crucially, it has also helped to maintain and strengthen the transatlantic relationship which underpins the Alliance.

Since the end of the Cold War the Assembly has assumed a new role by integrating into its work parliamentarians from those countries in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and beyond who seek a closer association with NATO. This integration has provided both political and practical assistance and has contributed to the strengthening of parliamentary democracy throughout the Euro-Atlantic region, thereby complementing and reinforcing NATO’s own programme of partnership and co-operation.


The lies and distortions are just getting so shameless now that even the local cage-liner isn't giving these hucksters the time of day. It's clear that they've had their "fifteen minutes" and are really getting desperate. After the lame attempt to smear the Congressman on the Co-Del trip that McGoff cabbage's onto (See T-O-M Vol. I, No. 2), this stupid attack seems almost suicidal ... is John McGoff seriously suggesting that a senior Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, and Vice-Chair of the PA delegation should not attend the working groups of the NPA? It begs the question, "what does McGoff think a Congressman should do?" He clearly doesn't have a clue. In fact, I am unsure whether or not he has a foothold in reality? No credible campaign even for local dog-catcher is this stupid.

Here again, we see the complete breakdown of any credibility and a reasonable person might ask oneself, "so, this is McGoff' idea of integrity? hmmm..."

But fear not, fellow Truth-seekers! Your dedicated Dumpster Divers will stay on the case. We will expose the lies, half-truths and distortions ... and occasionally point out the obvious.

It's what we do.

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