Monday, March 17, 2008

Bubba to Soften Hoosiers for Hill-Dog's Arrival

I’m sure the Indiana Democrat super-delegates (and Democrats in general) are squealing with delight right now. Word has come out that the man who has inspired thousands of young female interns and young women in trailers to do something with their lives is coming to a small town near you. Well, that is if you live on the eastern side of the state. Yep, Bill Clinton, the original first black president, is coming to our humble state tomorrow to soften all of us up for the chilling arrival of his wife Hillary (Quick! Somebody cue the Imperial March from Empire Strikes Back!) on Thursday. I mean, just when you thought all was right with the world, after Barack Obama and his empty rhetoric visited this past Saturday, comes the real man who inspires hope…..I mean, comes from Hope.

Okay, I think I’m getting sick from the platitudes. But really, Slick Willie is coming to Indiana. The Bill Clinton express is expected to swing by Lawrenceburg, Richmond and Ft. Wayne, saxophone surely in hand.

So that makes Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton all in the span of a week. What?! No Oprah?

Surely, this must mean Indiana’s primary will actually means something to less than one half of Indiana’s voting population. Of course after all is said and done and the candidates (and their husband) leave, there will be a collective wretch from the masses. At least from the non-starry-eyed masses that is.

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Sir Hailstone said...

But will anyone find the Snuke hidden in Hill-Dog's snizz?