Friday, March 7, 2008

From The "Pundit": What Goes Around, Comes Around.

This is too good not to share with our friends who might not be regular readers of the Hoosier Pundit (although, you should be):

Secret taping hurts Carson but bolsters Elrod

In response to Edwin Locke's Feb. 28 letter: The New England Patriots became the NFL's least-trusted football team in the 2007 season after they were caught secretly videotaping the New York Jets. Likewise, Andre Carson's campaign was involved in secretly videotaping Jon Elrod on the state legislative floor in early February.

Carson's campaign used the videotape to question Elrod's judgment for signing campaign letters then turning them over to a legislative employee to put in the mail. It's easy to understand Elrod's mistake. Rarely, if ever, has an Indiana state representative run for Congress while the legislature was still in session. This year's session ends three days after the March 11 special election. Elrod was signing letters in a public place in clear public view, was honest about what happened and said he'd never do it again.

This videotaping incident actually reflects worse on Andre Carson, whose supporters were conspiring for political gain.

I want a congressman I can trust and Jon Elrod is a man who will always be upfront with the voters.

Bob Demaree

Yeah, and the Giants were underdogs too, until the team with the video cameras went down to defeat.

Way to go, Scott. Even us non-football fans get it. This also begs the question: What was a democrat political operative doing conducting political activity in the Chambers?

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Wilson46201 said...

A Democratic political operative was up in the public-access areas of the chamber, videotaping the antics of the Legislators. Jonathon Elrod was videotaped from the public area.

Why do Republicans want to conduct public business in secret? What are Jon Elrod and his supporters trying to hide? Is Jon Elrod so arrogant that he thinks the public shouldn't see what he is up on our dime and time?