Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Cannot Spare the Man, He Fights

I Cannot Spare the Man, He Fights - Abraham Lincoln writing about Union General Ulysses S. Grant

Last night I was invited to attend a fundraiser in honor of Congressman Dan Burton. What an event! It was a bloggers dream as the other Republican members of Indiana's congressional delegation, Mike Pence, Steve Buyer and Mark Souder were present to support the Congressman in his re-election bid. Also present were Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi, who served as one of Burton's chief legal aids when he Chaired the Committee on Government Reform as well as State Senator Brandt Hershman and many community and civic leaders. Speaking with Congressman Buyer afterwards, he said that this was only the third time since he was first elected in 1992 that the entire Republican delegation had been together. How remarkable it was that is was in honor of man who was constantly referred to as a fighter by all three other Congressmen.

Each member spoke for a few minutes on behalf of the Congressman Burton and one interest comments was made by Congressman Pence who spoke to the thorny issue that has pestered the Burton campaign in regards to his missed votes. He said that someone had approached about the Congressman's missed votes. His response was that he too had missed votes, whether he just wasn't able to make it or on accident, but that every time it mattered, Dan Burton was there. He referenced a letter written to President Lincoln by a leader of the Temperance Movement who after it appeared that the Union Forces were going to win the Civil War (convenient time to write don’t you think?) asked that President Lincoln remove General Ulysses S. Grant because of his love for alcohol and smoking. While a letter like that would be automatically dismissed today, President Lincoln responded. He responded with the quote above "I cannot spare the man, he fights". That's how Congressmen Pence, Buyer and Souder continually referred to Congressman Burton. He's been a fighter, he's been relentless and he was helping to lay the groundwork for the conservative movement of the 1990's as an original member of the Reagan Revolution back in the 1980's.

The thing is all of that is true. Congressman Souder talked about how Burton went after President Clinton with Burton proclaiming with all the smoke, there's bound to be a fire there. Whether it was the Lewinsky scandal, selling the White House out to the highest bidder, or illegal transactions with the Communist Chinese government to funnel funds to Bill Clinton's campaign, Burton sought to bring light to those fires. What was the Clinton reaction? To go after the Congressman. Unfortunate things were exposed. That's apparently part of playing hardball with the Clintons (hear that Barack?!). The difference is that Congressman Burton apologized for his actions while Clinton lied about it in his grand jury testimony. Now Burton's primary opponent is playing the same game as the Clinton's except that his opponent plays fast and loosed with so-called "facts".

Indiana cannot afford to spare a Congressman that's a relentless leader and fighter for the Conservative movement like Congressman Burton. As Congressman Pence said, "We need a fighter like Dan Burton". I agree.

(Btw, yes that's me with Congressmens Buyer, Burton [me] Souder, and Pence, from left to right)

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