Sunday, March 9, 2008

Tully hates his mailbox

It is that time of year for the media to decry negative campaigning. Fair enough, it is his job to report on the race.

Fear and loathing in your mailbox "To amplify the point, the mailer includes an image of a torn Social Security card. Yes, that type of puffed-up political spin is sure to spur a healthy discussion of one of the nation's most important, and politically thorny, programs.

Let me be clear: Both Democrats and Republicans spew out negative mailings. It's a bipartisan thing. But during the weeks leading up to Tuesday's special election, Carson has been the prime offender. Another mailer from his team features a photo of a burned-out Humvee. 'Jon Elrod supports the Bush Iraq War,' it reads."

I will not disagree with his point that sometimes the methods to get voters attention are not my favorite but lets be fair. There will probably be more votes for American Idol out of the 7th than votes for Congress. If voters paid more attention then you would not have to give them a poke to get them to pay attention.

Politicians are like children...the more you ignore them the more they will act out to get your attention.

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