Sunday, March 9, 2008

Digital Sod Buster Rides Again!

I knew I liked him for some reason ...

This just confirms it.

Off Topic for a Saturday Evening

I am so done with winter. I was OK with it until I was watching the AMA Superbike races on Speed channel this afternoon. This is Daytona Bike Week. I'm ready for it to warm up a little bit more so I can get the bike out of storage and start riding. With the price of gasoline being over $3 it'll be nice to commute on something that gets 50 MPG.

Note to my other beer-swilling biker-buddy weekend warriors: I am already spending way too much time tinkering on my mint '98 50th Anniversary edition "ACE" complete with the obligatory Vance & Hines (if they can't see you coming, at leat they'll hear you) drag pipes, and sporting a new chrome radiator cover and chrome shaft cover for this spring. The glare from all that chrome will be magnificent!

Although, my gas mileage isn't as good, it still beats anything on four wheels. Not to mention the sheer cool factor of the breeze 'tween your knees on the open road. Can't wait to ride with you, Farmer! Given the forecast for this week, it might be sooner than we think!

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Sir Hailstone said...

Now if we only had a "lane-splitting" law here in Indiana, so we can go in between the cars to get to the head of the queue at the stoplight.

Someday I'll have a cool job where I can afford a BMW R1200RT. Until then, everything else is just a toy.