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REVISED and UPDATED: The "Truth-O-Meter" Vol. I, No. 2: When a Lie is Just a Lie, Part Deux

Truth-O-Meter: Vol. I, No. 2
"And the Truth shall set you free"

UPDATED 3/12/08

Fellow Truth-seekers, this is just beyond our ability to comprehend. We never did think much about the talent level of the Nameless Campaign's op-research and strategy folks, but this truly defies explanation.

Your humble dumpster divers here at WPBCHQ first pointed out the hypocrisy of these amateurs on 3/7/08. Now, for some stunningly stupid reason, the Nameless Campaign has pointed out there own ineptness for us ... blasting the Congressman for the very same trip that they begged for help to get on!

I kid you not. The following is copied direct from their website:

"From January 8-14, 2006, the Congressional Record shows that Dan Burton took an official trip to Costa Rica, Guatemala and Panama at taxpayer expense. While we don’t know exactly what he was doing there, the record shows that the entire trip cost over $13,500—quite a pretty penny for only a week-long stay. "

Umm, fellas, this is the very same trip that you also claimed to be travelling with the Lt. Governor on to forge economic ties with Guatemala ... remember the "Trade Mission" you lied about being an integral part of? (Just in case, you forgot, see the original post below ... we quoted your bio.) Remember meeting with the Congressman's staff to cabbage onto the trip so you could get a meeting with the Pollo Comprero Chicken folks in GTC ... the same Pollo Comprero Chicken folks that wouldn't return your calls until Burton set it up ... and that would be the same Burton that helped you get your passport renewal expedited so you could even make the trip?

Funny how little details like that seemed to have slipped by the hacks that posted this whopper.

The hypocrisy of this campaign is just astounding. These guys are telling so many lies that they clearly can't keep them all straight. Gee whiz, hip-sters, if integrity matters, why all the lies?

Fellow Flacks, were working on getting copies of the entire 40+ page Official 11(c) Report filed with then-Chairman Hyde. When we do, we'll scan it and put it up so you can see what actually happened on the trip.

For your convenience, we have the original post below in it's entirity. Stay tuned, Truth-seekers, as we apparently can count on these knuckleheads to continue to pour gas over themselves while puffing that Havanna Stoogie they picked up at Club Don Rodrigo ... trust me, we have photos.

Original POST 3/7/08:

In today's installment of the Truth-O-Meter, we explore another of the nameless campaign's attempts to find relevance and make themselves feel good about themselves because nobody else is.

Your intrepid and happy band of dumpster divers and hacks have come up with a real doozie this time. To be the one talking about integrity is almost too much for our normally open-minded brain-trust to conceive ... apparently, the nameless campaign's hypocrisy knows no bounds!

So, strap in, lower the shields, and prepare to blast off, fellow Truth-seekers! It's time to launch another edition of the Truth-O-Meter!

The Big Lie:

In 2006, he traveled with Lt. Governor Becky Skillman on a trade-mission to Guatemala, helping to forge economic development relationships between Indiana and Central America.”
Source: Nameless Campaign Website Biography

The Truth:

In 2005, John McGoff and some partners were trying to buy a 'Pollo Comprero' Chicken franchise from a Guatemalan company. They were not having any success and so asked Congressman Burton to help them. Congressman Burton and LTG Skillman were leading a CoDel to Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama – the first US delegation to Central America after passage of the CAFTA-DR trade legislation – and the Congressman agreed to help the McGoff group get a meeting with the Guatemalan company.

McGoff, and two of his partners flew down to Guatemala City, on their own outside of the official delegation to attend the meeting that Congressman Burton had set up for them. In fact, the Congressman took time out from the official schedule to go with the group to the meeting, along with the US Ambassador to Guatemala, to support their attempt!

The Facts:

Neither McGoff, nor his partners were ever a part of the official delegation, and did not travel outside of Guatemala City nor participate in any of the official meetings.

Additionally, the nameless campaign blasts the Congressman for trips "to Costa Rica ... [which] hasn't been the topic of any Congressional hearing or substantial legislation."

May we point out that the Central American Free Trade Agreement/Dominican Republic (CAFTA-DR) was a major piece of trade legislation on which dozens of hearings were held and Costa Rica was a large part of those hearings. One of the missions of the CoDel, was to reinforce the pact with the CRG and open bilateral trade opportunities between Indiana and these Central American partners. See the Trip report language below.

The Evidence:

Department of State

House Committee on Foreign Affairs

House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct

Indiana Department of Agriculture

Here’s the title page of the 11(c) Trip Report filed with the Committee Chairman, Henry Hyde … No mention of McGoff here?

Here’s the Delegation List from that same report … No mention of McGoff or his business partners here, either?

The Commentary:

And in a stunning development, this just in … We have learned that McGoff’s Passport had expired, so he asked Burton’s office to help him get an expedited passport renewal so he could make the jaunt down to GTC. Isn’t it interesting that the nameless campaign wants to take credit for something that they did not do and then distort the record when it helps them smear the guy who they turned to for help. That’s integrity?

I guess maybe the Congressman should be more selective in who he tries to help out in the future … No, that’s not his style, you see, he helps everyone who asks for it, whether they vote for him or not. That’s integrity.

Oh, BTW, the McGoff group failed to close the deal on the Chicken franchise. No forging of economic development relationships there, I guess.

Stay tuned, hip-sters ... there is sooooo much more to come!

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