Monday, March 10, 2008

Don't Let Your Dingle Dangle in the Dirt: Should "Spitz" Call it Quits?

Fellow Mudslingers, are we having fun yet?
Stunning. It took less than two hours for the calls to come ...

Peter King (R-NY-03): "Calls for Spitzer to Resign" (FNC)

GOP Gov's Assn: "Calls for Spitzer Resignation" (

Jeanine Piro (R-NY) Former Westchester Co. Pros.: "Spitzer Must Resign" (FNC)

Burning Question #1: Any Democrats wanna speakup? waiting ... waiting ...

HRC: No Comment. (She "feels badly for the Spitzer family" ... well, duh.)

Burning Question #2: For $4,300, she must be either just stunning ... or very, very limber? (Clearly, not very discreet.)

The Burning Question #3: Does anyone else think this is going to be good for business at the Mayflower?

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