Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Like the Rest of the Media, We are in Love with Obama.

Since the "Weather outside is frightful, and the fire's so delightful" ... let's fire up the blender and break out the fruit! (We might as well get ready for the election results a little early.)

I have noticed that my colleagues have been doing an awful lot of posts on Obama-mama-mia lately. Ten, in fact, and one of those was from me!

I think we have finally succumbed to all those recreational, er, experimental drugs that the CIA has been secretly slipping into the blender and injecting into the fruit in an effort to do mind control experiments on your humble Internet bloggers, political hacks, flacks, and assorted dumpster divers, in an evil, twisted, plot to silence us ... or at least get us shilling for their side.

[[[ Adam, can you make me one of those tin hats? Preferably in black (so the helicopters can't see me) and could you maybe make it with a feather, like Robin Hood. ]]]

So, I want to go on the record before the polls close in Ohio ... and the Sooper Two's Day Texas Two Step starts ... Hillary wins OH, TX, and RI tonight.

I will take whatever slings and arrows come my way from my colleagues and our throngs of devoted readers, but I just have this gut feeling that the Clinton Machine will pull this thing out of their "heiner" in the eleventh hour. In any event, it's going to be a huge night for the WP team. And we are ready... another lime, please.


Anonymous said...

Get real! Your psychic intuition needs some fine tuning. Obama is going all the way, and there's no stopping him. Clinton is toast, and so is McCain.

Gonzo Defenestrater said...

Never count out a Clinton. They are evil and will do anything to win.

Anonymous said...

Point taken. Can't believe she pulled it off. But I think Republicans will do anything to win too. Is that why they voted for Clinton in Ohio and Texas? Because if Republicans want to win the Presidency, better they run against Clinton than Obama? I don't think McCain would have a chance against Obama.