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O.K., It's Time to Put the Kids to Bed

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Remember what it was like when you were a kid, where perhaps there was an evening that things seemed a little tense around the house? Soon enough, mom and dad announce that it's time to go to bed, but you are smart enough to realize that it's at least an hour before bedtime, as you are told mom and dad have something to discuss, something not intended for you to hear. In other words, you had your playtime that day, but now the adults have some serious issues to discuss or serious work to do, things too mature for your young ears.

To relate this to the upcoming Special Election next Tuesday, it's time that mature adults tell the Libertarian Party to go to bed, the adults have some mature issues to handle. Despite a 37 year history, the LP is way too immature to handle this serious business and it's time that we stop humoring them and tell them to go to bed.

Folks, let me clarify something. I am all for people creating whatever "political parties" (or in the case of the LP, "debating societies") that they so desire, and certainly folks should have the right to vote in whatever manner they see fit (assuming they are still alive, otherwise they are expected to vote Democrat). I am, in no way shape or form, advocating that anyone should be dictated to regarding their personal vote.

But don't you think that after a certain point, a party should have to actually earn your vote? And not through hollow and empty rhetoric (not that said empty rhetoric hasn't done Barry Obama a world of good) but through some sort of empirical evidence that they can actually do what they claim?

Witness the Libertarian Party, self-described as our nation's "largest third-party", which is a lot like saying I am the best looking 6'5" white male currently residing at my residence. In fact, they claim 200,000 members nationwide, which is less than the number of registered voters in the 7th District alone.

This "party of three percent" as I like to refer to them, has been in existence since 1971. Quick: name one elected Libertarian...

Still wating...

Let me know when you think of one, as, unlike noted political parties like The Constitution Party, The Progressive Party, and The Republican Moderate Party (no, I didn't make that last one up), the nation's "largest third party" can't even claim an elected official at the State Representative level. In fact, according to the blog of former State Chairman Mark Rutherford (who, I might add has more class than nearly anyone I've ever known. I'm proud to have had the opportunity to call Mark a friend at one time), here is a list of current officeholders in the state of Indiana:

* 1. Susan Bell, Town Judge, Hagerstown, Term Ends 12/31/11

* 2. Conley Tillson, Clay Township Advisory Board, Wayne County, Term Ends 12/31/10

* 3. Steve Coffman, Liberty Township Advisory Board, Henry County, Term Ends 12/31/10

* 4. Michael Sloan, Town Council, Pottawattamie Park, Term Ends 12/31/11

Folks, our founding fathers only needed 12 years to create a nation from scratch and write a new Constitution. The LP after 37 years has achieved one judge (in a town I've never heard of), two township advisory board seats and a member of the town council for the town in "Groundhog Day".

As far as maturity level goes, this is a party that actively roots against their own nation in order to achieve political power. Don't believe me? Check out:

"Perhaps the upheaval of a bankrupt America would do the trick to bring a 3rd party into power? See David Walker's resignation and the FDIC announcement this week."

That was written by noted local activist Melyssa Donaghy, and appears to welcome such a global calamity in order to generate votes for her crowd.

Or perhaps the words of party activist Sam Goldstein, a member of the LPIN State Steering Committee and the Campaign Manager for Sean Shepard (though in fairness, comparing Goldstein's efforts to that of Elrod's CM Kyle Kasting is a lot like comparing William Hung and Carrie Underwood as far as talent level and ability.) when he told me last week:

"The best thing that could happen would be that Socialist Andre Carson getting elected and he helps destroy this country, then perhaps people would vote the right way"
Of course, considering the fact that Goldstein himself led the back room cabal that ensured Melyssa Donaghy would not be the LP candidate in the upcoming Special Election, perhaps the self-styled "Party of Principle" lacks a bit of that as well.

Folks, listen; the LP has a number of good people who are actively involved that are smart, capable and certainly well-intentioned. You may recall that we on this humble little blog were quite impressed with the recent efforts of Tim Maguire in his race for the City-County Council last year.

But to think that one might actually consider wasting a vote on these people this Tuesday in an election of such importance actually boggles my mind. That anyone would even consider, for just a moment, electing Andre Carson to this seat (likely for life, I might add) by throwing your vote away for an LP candidate is a scary thought, and likely not one that many rational beings are having.

It's time for adults to handle their serious business without the children around. It's time for the LP to go to bed.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes, the truth hurts. Howard Phillips has more supporters than the "Libs" do ... perhaps it's time to rethink the prospects of continually cheering failure and actually do something that can make a difference?