Wednesday, March 12, 2008

From our Friends at "Josh In The Box", funny stuff ...

Democrats enthusiastic about Burton opponent.

I’ve been trying to avoid writing about this (why kick someone when they are down), but just can't resist any longer.

I suppose if you’re running against Dan Burton and your Republican Primary campaign fails to win over Republicans, you can always try reaching out to the Democrats. I've figured that moderate McGoff’s anti-gun, big-spending record would appeal to the left wing. And I wasn’t wrong. Democrats seem to be very enthusiastic about McGoff.

Check out these comments posted on a local liberal blog supportive of McGoff:
Please print his mailing address.
This Democrat will gladly send $20.08. Maybe more.

And this great one:
I'm a loyal Dem and I don't live in "the Burton district" (used to--district lines moved, I didn't).
But he's got my $20.08, and if he's got a bumper sticker, I'll put in on my car, since I sure drive through that district frequently...

Or this one:
This sort of comment (above) is exactly why this D will be sending in a donation to McGoff..
This doesn't include the now over a dozen posts the State Democrat Party has put up on their official/un-official blog cheering him on. I guess we should just feel better for him that at least somebody likes him. Too bad for him that they all are from the wrong party.

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