Friday, March 21, 2008

Josh-in-the-Box: Too Little Bad Carbs in the Diet this Week?

Well, maybe it is a little incestuous the way our merry band of conspirators keep ripping each other off and posting the goods on our weblogs.

Between the Dumpster Divers, flacks, hacks, and "Truth-seekers" here at the WPBCHQ ... even the newly designated "YouTubers" ... we can't help ourselves! There is just so much cool stuff out there that we can't resist the temptation to share this insider swill with our devoted readers.

So, we post a post from our pal, fellow flack and erstwhile co-conspirator, Josh "I just wish I didn't have to go at 100 mph with my hair on fire all the time" Gillespie, over at Josh in the Box Blog. But in a shameless self-promotion, we posted the Josh-sters post on the truth-O-Meter, before we posted the Truth-O-Meter post here at the WP. Shameless hardly describes it, huh?

Back on Message. See the whole story here:

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Josh Gillespie said...

This blog and Gonzo's Truth-o-Meter blog can rip me off any time!