Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spitz Quitz!

The Luv-Guv to just fade away next Monday

Well, fellow Dumpster Divers, it's finally over. After days of media speculation and David Letterman Top Ten lists, it appears that Love Potion No. 9 doesn't have the appeal it once did.

Eliot's out. Patterson in ... and Shelly Silver doesn't have to move Articles of Impeachment against the Luv-Guv. Tedisco got his fifteen minutes. Shep Smith got to hang with his bud's in MS. Too Bad. I wish we'd get just a few more days to flog this whole Spitzer thing ... the one liners are just too much fun. (Sorta makes me miss Albany already.)
I hope Silda takes him for a minimum hundred mil ...

This whole thing is like a bad hangover ... but, in the morning, it will be over and all is right with the world.

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