Tuesday, March 4, 2008

UPDATED, Yet Again: FNC Calls VT for Obama, McCain! Continuing Updates All Night! Check Back Often!

Fellow flacks,

Here, for the historical record, is the constantly updated group live blog for election night. Enjoy.

------------- 7 PM

You heard it here first, unless you were listening to FNC ... We're cutting more friut for the Blender.

Update 2: McCain in Vermont ...

Update 3: Martha looks great tonight, don't you think?

Gonzo Update: Dude, we need more Oranges! Who got the Oranges?

Contrarian Update: DeRosa is back with the Cubs and "feeling great" according to Cubs.com

Update 4: FNC: Exit polls show tight races in TX, OH & RI ... is is possible that Gonzo is right?

FTNC Update: I'll bet the Luidhardt's are wishing they were there rather than here at IDPI conference... I know I am. What a yawner downtown. Plus, they can't spell b-l-e-n-d-e-r in Washington.

Update 5: FNC ready to call Ohio in 3 minutes, based on exit polls ...

Contrarian Update: MSNBC, you snooze, you lose.

Update 6: FNC calls OH for McCain... well, duh.

Contrarian Update: Conservatives still hanging in there for Huck in OH ... very interesting, don't you think? But, Huck takes Evangelicals by just 5%!

Gonzo Update: Oranges? Anyone?

FTNC Update: Shepard Smith, the ultimate Frat Boy? Inquiring Mind wants to know.

Interesting aside ... NOT AN UPDATE: Karl Rove, "Can we call this the 'Strategery Room'?" on FNC ... (luv ya, Karl!)

Update 7: CNN finally calls OH for McCain ... is there any reason to even listen to them anymore?

Gonzo Update: CNN. Are you kidding me, are they still on cable?

Contrarian Update: What does it mean that the evangelicals are actually voting for McCain? Could McCain be winning them over? Can the GOP begin to get behind the McCain effort? Interesting.

Also, is it any wonder that there is already a court challenge in Cleveland and Columbus from the Obamamaniacs ... what does that mean for Gonzo's prediction? Polls to remain open in Sandusky until 9 p.m. I love this game!

FTNC Update: Will the MSM be a victim of it's own sycophancy? Will Hillary get the sympathy vote because of soft treatment by Broadcast Media of Obama?

ChrisFaulkner Update: this notion of GOP voters crossing over and voting for Hillary is a bad idea. Giggles aside, we have primaries for a reason.

Update 8: OH Judge orders 15 polling sites in Cleveland to remain open until 9 pm. Let the games begin!

Update 9: Cuyahoga County must be the center of the political universe right now.

Update 10: McCain to be at WH and RNC on 3/5. Is the "fat lady" tuning up? Ummm, Yes.

Gonzo Update: Hillary is going to win. It's Kizmet, or Karma, or something like that.

FTNC Update: Anybody heard anything about RI? Polls close in 27 minutes.

Gonzo Update: Strategerizing with Contrarian and WPBC on how to fix the ice maker.

ChrisFaulkner Update: keeping the polls open for another hour after 12 hours of voting, 2 weeks of early voting and 3 weeks of absentee voting is just plain stupid.

Gonzo Update: This is fun to watch ... Five minutes to TX closing ... Courts in Chaos in OH ... This is better than an election in Marion County.

Update 11: Rhode Island and Texas to McCain, He's over the top, and wins GOPer nod. How anti-climatic can it get?

Gonzo Update: Who cares about McCain. Molly is looking just stunning in that red leather jacket. I'm in desperate need of a refill.

FTNC Update: Gonzo, it's true. You are a freak of nature.

Update 12: FNC reports Huckster will concede tonight. Why not? When you're down 21 runs in the bottom of the ninth, you don't bring in the designated hitter.

Update 13: Huckster uses the baseball metaphor, and we didn't even get through to his campaign before he went on stage!

Contrarian Update: Should have used a Cubs metaphor. It wold have been more apropos.

Gonzo Update: Hillary wins RI according to Politico.com ... Can I just say ... Told you so!

KrisLuidhardt Update: Huckabee giving a remarkable speech. There is definitely a place for this charismatic communicator.

ChrisFaulkner Update: Very Classy Speech.

Update 14: McCain: Lame speech, but he's our Lame Speecher.

Update 15: Who appointed the Judge in Cuyahoga County? Bush 43, Clinton, Bush 41 or Reagan? What's the implication there?

Gonzo Update: We are out of limes. Who's making the Marsh run?

FTNC Update: MI & FL are looming larger and larger on the horizon. What will those crazy Dems do?

Gonzo Update: Hil up 57-41% over Obamamama ... I feel vindication in the air ... can you smell it?

Contrarian says: Gonzo, it's the buffalo wings you smell. Vindication is intangible. It has no odor, form, or presence. Relax.

Update 16: The FNC crew is getting punchy. They're having a real hard time trying to keep this interesting while we wait until the wee hours to get this thing over with.

Gonzo says: We need to get them a blender.

Gonzo Update: 10:56 PM, FNC says Hil wins OH. That's two. I'm feeling randy at 58% ... yeah, baby.

----------- 11 PM

Contrarian says: Oh god. He's going to be insufferable for the rest of the night.

FTNC says: Die, you gravy sucking pig.

ChrisFaulkner Update: So if she wins TX and OH did HRC pull a "McCain"?

Contrarian Update: Has anybody else noticed that the CNN alerts are coming about 10 minutes later than everybody else?

Gonzo Update: Does it scare you all that there are like a thousand AFSCME signs at the Hil-sters victory rally in Ohio? I'm thinkin' we are goin' all the way to the convention ... is this great or what? FTNC was right, MI and FL are going to change this whole thing, especially if the Hil-ster does a City of Brotherly love Smack-down ... PA's in play.

FTNC says: You're still a gravy sucking pig.

Contrarian says: Wake me when it's over.

Gonzo Update: May I point out the following post:
Need I say more?

WPBC Update: Well, she looks forward to "continuing the dialogue" with the Obamamama. That means we are going to have to listen to Gonzo for another seven weeks. The Dems are not the only one's who will need a trainload of aspirin.

FTNC says: Don't remind me.

Contrarian Update: Is it me? Or, does Obama look really pissed off right now?

FTNC says: "Eloquent but Empty", could he have described himself any better?

Gonzo Update: The wings are gone. We are out of limes, and I can't take any more of this speech. I haven't heard this many one liners since Henny Youngman.

Contrarian Update: Rove is brilliant, even at midnight.

Update 17: Absolutely nothing new to actually update. But we felt the need to do an update just to stay awake.

Update 18: Cinton up 50-48% in TX ... Still to close to call. Painful.

Update 19: FNC thinks they can call TX shortly.

FTNC Update: Check out http://www.hillaryclinton.com/ ... talk about trying to take advantage of an opportunity ... it's one giant "donate your money to me" form. Perhaps "give me your tired twenties, your huddled tens, and your lonely ones, yearning to be collected up by my fundraisers" might be a good inscription for the statute of Hillary? This gives new meaning to the phrase: "Strike while the iron's hot." This is one really well coordinated operation. This thing went up within minutes of the OH call.

Update 20: FNC projects that Clinton wins Texas, and we will not be able to live with Gonzo for the next seven weeks.

Gonzo Update: I shall be magnanimous in victory and not bend to the temptation to say, "I told you so."

FTNC Update: Good night, and good luck.

Contrarian says: Congratulations Gonzo. Even a blind squirrel occasionally finds a nut.

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