Friday, March 21, 2008

"I'm for Change!" - Gonz O. Bama Enters POTUS '08 Race

Excerpts from the announcement speech of Gonz O. Bama

My fellow Americans:

"I am for Change. I like Change. We should not fear Change. Change is Good. The time has come for Change. This should not be confused with the time to change the time, we did that already. No, it is time for the kind of Change that changes those things that should be changed.

"I want to make sure that Americans are not short-changed. That we are not forced to accept the Change that changes the things that do not need Change, but only that the change we get is actually the Change that we want and not the change that someone left in the vending machine because they were in a hurry or something. I want America to get the exact Change. No more of this loose Change that the establishment candidates keep talking about.

"A vote for me is a vote for Change, and for frozen blender cocktails. Thank you. Good night, and good luck."

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