Friday, March 7, 2008

Moonbat Hunter and Digital Soil Tiller on Another Unfiltered Rant!

This is the stuff of blogging legend! Coming on the heels of our hard-hitting group live blog coverage of the "Sooper Two's Day" Primaries in OH, TX, RI and VT, (Read our O-standing coverage here: The Digital Farmer blog gives us post-debate coverage of the CD 07 "Great Debate" on Thursday night.

This "summary of the debate between State Rep. Jon Elrod (R), City-County Councilor Andre Carson (D), and Sean Shepard (L) televised Thursday night on WNDY-23 and hosted by WISH-TV moonbat political reporter Jim Shella and Carson apologist and WTLC-AM talk show host Amos Brown" is full of great commentary in the finest tradition of "Gonzo Journalism"... here's an excerpt:

Andre Carson - Hey Andre - did you forget to shave this morning? Got a little of that Monroe “Sweet Pea” Gray fuzz going there. Grandma was a bold and courageous leader (who did absolutely nothing in Washington). I hate Bush. Bash Bush. Bash Bush. Bash Bush. I will vote to cut and run. Bring our troops home now. I will protect social security by raising your taxes. He has now said “Bold and Courageous” three times. We must fix our broken education system (who broke it? THE TEACHERS UNION that’s who!). I grew up in Indianapolis (no duh - so did Jon Elrod), I understand the concerns of the 7th District. He specifically thanks the Black Student Union for putting on this debate.

You really should be more kind to poor Sean. It's not his fault that the LPMC is irrelevant and unable to organize a pity party much less a political one:

Sean Shepard - I’m not a Democrat nor a Republican. It’s all their fault.

I was wondering how many representatives of the CBC and DCCC/DNC, Big Labor, and the Code Pinkies were packing the room? Bet you a steak sandwich at Murphy's that the Carson camp had the questions ahead of time ...

Read the whole rant here:

Check out the Digital Soil Tiller here:


Sir Hailstone said...

"It's not his fault that the LPMC is irrelevant and unable to organize a pity party much less a political one"

The LPMC or for that matter the LPIN can hold their caucuses at a Steak and Shake. For the LPMC it just requires a single booth. For the LPIN it'll require putting two tables together.

Gonzo Defenestrater said...

Seriously, dude. Soory 'bout the whole off the meds thing ... but these rants are just great! How 'bout throwin' a bone over here once in a while with a cross-post!

Could they really get enough people to put two tables together?

Sir Hailstone said...

The problem with meds is you can't partake in alcohol with taking them.

Hmmm - a prescription for some mood pill, or a Jack & Coke? Ummmmmm... tough decision. Jack & Coke.

If all the Libertarians were to attend a LP state function then yes they would need two tables. I hear there's more than a couple LP's up in Allen Co. At least 3 or 4 anyway.