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The "Truth-O-Meter Vol. I, No. 3: The "NC" Apparently Discovers Cloning!

The "Truth-O-Meter" Vol. I, No.3

"And the Truth shall set you free"

Well hello again, fellow Truth-seekers, and welcome to yet another myth-busting adventure into the distortions, half truths, and outright fabrications foisted upon the unsuspecting masses by that nameless campaign seeking to soil themselves at every opportunity they can find.

Today's installment: Cloning! Yes, they must have found a way for someone to be in at least three places at the same time! And we have so much stuff on this topic that we have decided to address a few of them in one edition of the Truth-O-Meter for a couple of reasons. One, there are so many of these things that we aren't going to have enough time between now and Election Day to print them all, and two, it's just so darn much fun to point out the hypocrisy of this crowd that we can't resist the temptation.

So strap on your fellow Truth-seeker two-way digital communicator/wristwatch and don't forget your de-coder ring! It's time to debunk another in the long line of idiotic assertions of the campaign that wasn't!

The Lie (#1):

Wednesday, September 28 (2005)

"Missed the International Relations Committee's hearing on the agreement reached two weeks before that was supposed to provide a roadmap for reforming the United Nations ..."

Source: Their website.

(Now that's a real barn-burner of a topic. We've only been trying to reform the UN since I was in High School. But let's assume for the sake of this discussion it was important.)

The Truth:

Our Congressman was on the floor of the House of Representative during this time acting as "floor manager" for H.Res. 388, a bill, "expressing the sense of the House of Representatives regarding the July, 2005, measures of extreme repression on the part of the Cuban Government against members of Cuba's pro-democracy movement, calling for the immediate release of all political prisoners, the legalization of political parties and free elections in Cuba, urging the European Union to reexamine its policy toward Cuba, and calling on the representative of the United States to the 62d session of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights to ensure a resolution calling upon the Cuban regime to end its human rights violations, and for other purposes." (Keep in mind, the man's Chairman of the WHEM subcommittee, and last time I checked ... Cuba was in the Western Hemisphere.)

In addition to this item, other responsibilities of note on that day included the following:

A meeting with the Prime Minister of the Netherlands

Chairing a WHEM subcommittee hearing on "Democracy in Latin America"

Members Only Briefing on "The Global War on Terror"

(Source: Congressional Office Official Calendar. Amazingly, all you have to do is call the nice lady at the Congressman's office and ask her what was on the schedule for any given day in the past you want to ask about. Can you say, "Easy button?")

The Lie (#2):

Thursday, September 15 (2005)

"Missed the Government Reform Committee hearing on lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina ..."

The Truth:

At the same time the Government Reform Committee was meeting, so was the International Relations Committee. The HIRC was "marking up" three pieces of legislation. (... which we will see later in our journey seems to be an important thing to the NC crowd. the whole missing votes thing ...)

Oh, and there was that whole TECRO Agricultural Trade letter signing ceremony with Secretary Rice ... But hey, the nameless campaign wouldn't know about the importance of agricultural or trade opportunities in the 5th district.

The Lie (#3):

Wednesday, July 27 (2005)

"Missed the Government Reform Committee Hearing on the inconsistent standards for security at leased facilities between the Department of Defense and the rest of the federal government."

The Truth:

The Congressman was at the White House ... Meeting with the President.

Now, I am no expert, but I am pretty sure that when the POTUS wants to schedule a meeting, one would do it on his timeline.

Other notable items on schedule that day include:

Chairing a WHEM subcommittee on the "Latin American Diplomacy"

Meeting with the Honduran Special Envoy

The Lie (#4):

Wednesday, April 6 (2005)

"Missed the hearing of the Asia & the Pacific subcommittee of International Relations concerning the People's Republic of China's intentions with respect to Taiwan ..."

The Truth:

Chairing a WHEM Subcommittee hearing on the "Influence of China in the Western Hemisphere."

(Ooops, that one has got to have left a mark.)

In the interest of fairness, let me point out one thing that they did get right on their website. Shockingly, we did catch them accurately stating something:

"Friday, July 1 through Sunday, July 10 ... Congress on recess."
(I am no Parliamentarian but, shouldn't it be Congress in recess.)


So, we can infer (hey, they did!) the nameless campaign has in fact deciphered the genetic code on such a level that they can reproduce an exact duplicate human being ... astonishing, where's the National Enquirer when you need them? ... thereby allowing someone to be in more that one place at the exact same time! Shocking development, fellow Truth-seekers ... and you heard it here first!

More likely, this is just another example of their crass negative attacks. When all else has failed, you see, this is what they are reduced to. The problem with this type of "stunt politics" is that it soon eliminates any respect and credibility you might have had ... want proof? Can you say, "Bob Hildago Kern?"

Stay tuned, hip-sters, it gets better and better ... and we've enlisted some help in trying to get it all put together. Look for other tempting tidbits of tawdry truculence coming soon ...

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