Sunday, March 30, 2008

When misleading is just, well, misleading.

See what I mean when I tell you that shameless does not begin to describe the Nameless Campaign. In fact, we may just change the Nameless Campaign to the Shameless Campaign.

When asked by a reporter asked: "Do you think Burton has an integrity or ethics problem? Is that what your campaign is implying?" McGoff simply stated, No. But wait! Hasn't the campaign run around for the past year saying "Integrity Matters", infer that Our Congressman lacks integrity? Hasn't your campaign financed attack website tried to imply - actually, imply is being kind - that Our Congressman has ethics problems? You attack him all over the place for voting against all kinds of ethics reform stuff.

At least Our Congressman is consistent. He's voted against all of them because none of them address the real problem. If you really understand the ethics/campaign finance process, and you really want to clean it up, then the answer is full and complete transparency. Everybody reports everything within 48 hours. Joe Smith gives you $25, report it. gives you $5,000, report it. The lobby-shop of Dewey, Cheatham & Howe takes you to dinner at the Palm, report it. Your Committee Staff Director gets a trip to Atlantic City for a conference, report it. Trust me. There are enough media-types, and dumpster divers like us, to shed some light upon the darkness there. In this age of modern technology, it is as easy as an ATM machine to get this stuff out to the public. But I digress ... Back on topic.

Playing fast and loose with the rules is one thing if you're a huckster selling snake oil. Being truthful when you talk about Integrity is not in that zip code.

More importantly, as was pointed out in an email from one of our Devoted Readers,

"If you cannot tell the truth [or not distort it to imply or infer facts not in evidence - G.O.D.] as a candidate asking for my vote, what then makes me think that you would be any different if you got my vote?

That's the question that every voter needs to ask him or herself."

Well said. You can be sure that we here at the WPBCHQ will continue to dive into every dumpster, scour through the public record, and continually fight for Truth, Justice, and the American Cocktail Hour! Fear not, America! We never sleep.

We'll do our job, you do yours! Register... and Vote!

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