Monday, March 3, 2008

Another addition to the "This is Just to Weird Even for Me" file

Now this is so over the top stupid, fellow hip-sters, that I can hardly contain myself long enough to post the comment. I am seriously laughing so hard that I am in danger of wetting myself! And I haven't peed on my pants since the binder at Faulkner's Super Tuesday Party!

Some Editor at CBS News, umm, well if you can call it news, must have had a couple extra martini's for lunch! (Clearly, cannot hold his or her liqour.)

Somebody fire up the blender and start cutting the fruit ... we're havin' a party!

I feel sorry for Tim but this is just too friggin' hysterical not to share with you. Talk about being asleep at the wheel!

Proof positive that the MSM is even more irrelevant than I assumed. I wonder if our local cage-liner picked this up and ran with it? I'll have to whip over there and check. That would be just the perfect Trifecta today, wouldn't it?

Enjoy, fellow dumpster divers! Let's Party!

Check the coverage from Hoosier Access ... everybody's got a piece of this one!

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