Sunday, March 23, 2008

Pence Wins WP POTUS '12 Poll!

Gonz O. Defenestrater comes in a close Second !!!
Edges Jeb Bush, Sammy Sosa and Fern Lazengruber.

Burning Question among Insiders: Will Pence Tap G.O.D. for Veep?

US Rep. Mike Pence wins the first in the nation POTUS '12 preference poll. Pence wins 54% - 36% over Defenestrater with Bush coming in 3d at 9%.

Defenestrater told the WP: "While I am not expecting it, I will be waiting by the phone if the Veep call comes!"
He concluded by saying, "Thanks for voting ... and remember: I am for Change!" parroting his announcement speech theme from earlier.

Obviously, Mr. Pence was unavailable for comment. But, if he had been, we're sure he would have been good for a quote. He's a Congressman for cryin' out loud!

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